How old is the oldest Ninja Kidz?

The Ninja Kidz are a popular group of young ninjas who star in their own YouTube channel filled with exciting ninja adventures and challenges. Their entertaining videos have amassed millions of views and gained them a huge following of fans across the world. With several main characters of varying ages, a common question asked by viewers is – how old is the oldest Ninja Kid?

Who are the Main Ninja Kidz Characters?

The core Ninja Kidz team consists of four main characters:

  • Ryder – Ryder is the leader of the Ninja Kidz and appears to be one of the oldest. He is brave, skillful and always watches out for the other kids.
  • Azuna – Azuna is the lone female member of the core Ninja Kidz. She is smart, disciplined and a very talented fighter.
  • RJ – RJ provides comic relief in the group. He’s goofy, loves food and often gets into silly situations.
  • Blayze – Blayze is the youngest member of the team. He looks up to the older kids and does his best to keep up with their skills.

In addition to these four, there are also extended team members who appear occasionally like Boomer, Zayd, Kai, Onyx and more. However, Ryder, Azuna, RJ and Blayze make up the central characters that star in most Ninja Kidz videos.

Clues About the Ninja Kidz Ages

The Ninja Kidz are intentionally mysterious about sharing their real ages. However, keen fans have picked up some clues that hint at how old the kids might be:

  • In one video, RJ makes a comment about Azuna being “double digits old.” This suggests Azuna is at least 10 years old.
  • In another video, Ryder teaches advanced martial arts skills. His level of knowledge indicates he is likely one of the older kids.
  • Blayze is sometimes referred to as the “little bro” and appears younger than the others. Fans estimate he may be around 5-7 years old.
  • RJ often acts goofy and childish, but seems mature enough to not be the youngest member.

While their exact ages are still unknown, these context clues provide hints to help determine who is oldest and youngest.

Analyzing Physical Appearance and Skills

Comparing the Ninja Kidz appearances and skills also provides information to estimate their ages:

Ninja Kid Physical Size Ninja Skills Level
Ryder Tall with adult-like proportions Advanced skills, teaches others
Azuna Medium height and build Highly skilled, room for improvement
RJ Medium height, youthful build Intermediate skills, makes mistakes
Blayze Small stature, childlike build Beginner skills, learns from others

This comparison suggests Ryder is likely the oldest given his height, build, and advanced skill level. Azuna is probably younger than Ryder but older than RJ based on her skills and physique. RJ seems younger than Azuna but older than Blayze based on his moderate skills and stature. Blayze’s small size and beginner skills make him appear to be the youngest.

Considering Emotional and Intellectual Maturity

The emotional and intellectual maturity displayed by each Ninja Kid can also indicate their relative ages:

  • Ryder acts very mature, calm and authoritative. He takes on a leadership role and makes wise choices.
  • Azuna is disciplined and focused but does show some moments of childlike excitement and silliness.
  • RJ is impulsive with a short attention span. He is easily amused by jokes and laughs at bathroom humor.
  • Blayze looks to the older kids for how to act and needs their guidance for decisions.

This analysis implies that Ryder is likely the mentally oldest given his serious maturity. Azuna seems to be in the middle with a mix of wisdom and childish excitement. RJ comes across as less mature with his impulsive decisions and bathroom humor jokes. Blayze appears youngest with his need for guidance from the older kids.

Fan Speculation and Theories

With the Ninja Kidz ages left ambiguous, fans have developed theories to speculate who is the oldest:

  • Some believe Ryder is around 15 years old based on his height, build, skills and maturity.
  • Many think Azuna is likely 12-13 years old given her balance of focus and playfulness.
  • RJ may be approximately 10-11 years old judging by his mischief and schooling jokes.
  • Popular opinion is that Blayze is around 6-8 years old based on his small size and beginner skills.

These speculated age ranges match the observed evidence of the Ninja Kidz appearances, abilities and behaviors. Without official confirmation, the fans currently think Ryder at around 15 years old is the oldest member of the core team.

Requests for Age Reveal

While playful speculation continues, Ninja Kidz fans are very curious to know the real ages:

  • Many fans comment requests on videos for the Ninja Kidz to finally reveal their exact ages.
  • Some wish the Ninja Kidz would do an interview addressing details like when each member’s birthday is.
  • Many express hopes for a Ninja Kidz Q&A video where they answer fan questions about their ages.
  • Some optimistic fans think clues may be given like the characters celebrating future birthdays.

Unfortunately, the Ninja Kidz have not provided any official confirmation yet. But devoted fans remain eager to someday learn the real ages of each kid, especially the current oldest member.

Importance of Keeping Ages Mysterious

While intriguing, there are likely good reasons for the Ninja Kidz to keep their ages vague:

  • The mystery adds to their ninja image of being stealthy, skillful, and secretive.
  • It helps kids envision themselves in the Ninja Kidz world without defined ages.
  • It allows the characters to display skills and maturity across a flexible age range.
  • The creators may want to avoid pressure of having the actors match specific ages.

By keeping their ages ambiguous, it gives the Ninja Kidz characters an engaging sense of wonder and imagination for the viewers.


Much like their ninja skills, the Ninja Kidz do an excellent job of keeping their exact ages out of public knowledge. Despite not having official age confirmation, clever fans have used available evidence to speculate that the oldest of the core Ninja Kidz appears to be Ryder at approximately 15 years old. While their ages remain a fun mystery for now, the Ninja Kidz continue to thrill and entertain their massive audience with exciting ninja adventures. Their videos let kids of all ages imagine joining in on the action-packed fun alongside their skilled idol ninjas.

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