How do you declutter a bedroom in one day?

Decluttering a bedroom in one day may seem daunting, but with some preparation and focus, it is very achievable. The key is having a plan of action and staying motivated to power through. By following the tips below, you can transform your bedroom from cluttered to calm within 24 hours.

Plan Ahead

The most important step is planning and organizing before you begin decluttering. This will help the process go smoothly and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed once you start. Here are some ways to plan effectively:

  • Schedule a full day when you can focus solely on decluttering.
  • Gather supplies such as garbage bags, boxes, and storage containers.
  • Decide which areas you want to tackle – closet, surfaces, under the bed, etc.
  • Set a timer for each area to stay on track.
  • Determine where you will donate or sell items.
  • Make arrangements for removing large items.

Having a system in place will maximize your time and efficiency. Decluttering is easiest when it is your main focus for the day.

Start with the Closet

Your closet is often the most cluttered spot in a bedroom, so begin your decluttering day by tackling it first. Here are some closet decluttering tips:

  • Take everything out of the closet and sort items into “keep,” “donate,” and “trash” piles.
  • Try on clothes and be ruthless about items that no longer fit or you never wear. Let go of these.
  • Only keep seasonal clothing that fits and is in good condition.
  • Discard or donate clothes you have not worn in over a year.
  • Use storage containers to organize accessories and maximize space.
  • Return out of season clothes to the closet neatly arranged and organized.

Decluttering your closet first will free up the most space and have an immediate visual impact on your bedroom. It also eliminates the most clutter in one area.

Clear Surfaces

Cluttered surfaces like dressers, nightstands, and desks also need to be tackled. Follow these tips for clearing bedroom surfaces:

  • Remove everything from surfaces and clean them.
  • Decide what items to keep vs. donate – be selective.
  • Store items in a way that makes them easy to put away, using trays, baskets, or dividers.
  • Only keep essential everyday items on surfaces, store others elsewhere.
  • Reduce number of accessories and decorative items to a minimum.
  • Group similar items, like perfumes or jewelry, neatly together.

Cord management is also important – use ties, clips, or raceways to hide cords. Minimizing clutter on surfaces drastically improves appearance and organization.

Make the Bed Area Work

Your bed area should promote rest and relaxation. To make it a clutter-free sanctuary:

  • Remove extra pillows and blankets you don’t use.
  • Store out of season bedding under the bed in labeled containers.
  • Consider collapsible fabric storage bins to hold items under your bed.
  • Use bedside caddies or shelves for books, remotes, and devices.
  • Minimize furniture – do you really need that chaise lounge?
  • Add space and harmony with houseplants or meaningful artwork.
  • Keep only essential items within arm’s reach, like alarm clock and lamp.

Evaluate furniture placement as well – is there room to remove or rearrange pieces? Multi-purpose pieces like storage ottomans maximize space.

Manage Photos and Knickknacks

Photo frames and decorative items like figurines are common bedroom clutter culprits. Keep these in check with these tips:

  • Edit photos and frames to only your very favorites.
  • Store extra photos/frames in albums or bins, not on display.
  • Limit decorative accents to a few meaningful pieces.
  • Use wall shelves or ledges to display items neatly.
  • Add baskets or trays to corral small items like candles or perfumes.
  • Rotate seasonal decorations – store off-season items until needed.

Be selective about what is visually enhancing your space and only keep items you really love. This prevents a cluttered look.

Under the Bed

The space under your bed is valuable real estate. Use it for additional storage that doesn’t clutter your room:

  • Store out of season clothing or linens under the bed in containers.
  • Use collapsible fabric bins to access items easily.
  • Add dividers to separate categories like shoes, gift wrap, etc.
  • Label all containers for quick identification.
  • Evaluate if large items like suitcases are needed – remove if not used.
  • Vacuum under the bed frequently to keep the area clean.

The space under the bed can hide clutter or provide organized storage. Use it intentionally to prevent forgotten clutter.

Paperwork and Electronics

Important paperwork and electronics also need sorting and storing. Keep these handy but out of sight with these ideas:

  • File away essential paperwork in a designated file sorter or drawer.
  • Scan documents you need digitally and shred unnecessary paper.
  • Store chargers, cords, and accessories in caddies or bins.
  • Use a media stand or console table with doors to hide electronics.
  • Minimize devices to what you actually use – remove extras.
  • Place a basket or tray on a shelf to hold items in use.

Properly storing paperwork and media removes visual clutter. Stay digital whenever possible for simplicity.

One Area at a Time

Decluttering an entire room in a day can be daunting. Make it manageable by focusing on one area at a time. Recommended order:

  1. Closet
  2. Surfaces
  3. Bed area
  4. Walls/floor space
  5. Under bed
  6. Electronics and paperwork

Setting a timer for each area keeps you focused. Take short breaks between sections to maintain motivation.

Motivation and Mindset

Decluttering an entire room effectively takes sustained focus and positivity. Keep yourself motivated with these tips:

  • Inspire yourself by looking at decluttered room photos.
  • Listen to upbeat music while you work.
  • Imagine how peaceful your space will feel when done.
  • Eat a healthy snack and stay hydrated.
  • Focus on one area at a time, not the whole room.
  • Take a short break if you start feeling overwhelmed.
  • Let go of items guilt-free – they’ll find new homes.

Changing your mindset is key – view decluttering as energizing, not draining! The results will keep you going.

Maintaining Your Space

Congratulations, you’ve decluttered your entire bedroom in a day! Now it’s time to implement routines to maintain this space:

  • Make your bed each morning to start the day fresh.
  • Put away clothing immediately after wearing – don’t let piles accumulate.
  • Do a quick straighten up each evening before bed.
  • Clean surfaces weekly to keep them free of dust.
  • Reassess your space monthly – declutter again if needed.
  • Create a donation box for easy removal of unneeded items.

With regular maintenance, your newly decluttered room will stay that way. Establishing new habits prevents buildup.


Decluttering an entire bedroom in a day is an ambitious task but completely achievable. Breaking the job down into discrete steps, creating a timeline, establishing the right mindset, and maintaining the space are keys to success. In just one day, you can transform an overcrowded, cluttered bedroom into a relaxing oasis. Just think how refreshed you’ll feel waking up in your new simplified, organized space!

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