How much sugar is in an Absolut Berry Vodkarita?

The Absolut Berry Vodkarita is a popular vodka-based cocktail made with Absolut Berri Acai vodka, triple sec, sweet and sour mix, and cranberry juice. This sweet, berry-flavored drink is often served in a martini glass with a sugared rim. But with the sweet triple sec, sour mix, and cranberry juice, just how much sugar does the average Absolut Berry Vodkarita contain?

What’s in an Absolut Berry Vodkarita?

A standard Absolut Berry Vodkarita contains the following ingredients:

  • 1 1/2 oz Absolut Berri Acai vodka
  • 1/2 oz triple sec
  • 1 1/2 oz sweet and sour mix
  • Cranberry juice
  • Lime wedge for garnish
  • Sugared rim (optional)

The ratios may vary slightly between recipes, but this gives a general idea of the main ingredients and proportions. The berry-flavored Absolut Berri Acai vodka provides the base spirit. Triple sec adds a hint of orange and a sweet, syrupy texture. Pre-made sweet and sour mix contains lemon and/or lime juice plus sugar syrup. Cranberry juice provides a tart, berry flavor. The lime wedge garnish adds a fresh citrus flair, and frosting the rim with sugar contributes more sweetness.

Sugar Content of Key Ingredients

To determine how much sugar is in an Absolut Berry Vodkarita, we need to look at the sugar content of each ingredient:

Absolut Berri Acai Vodka

  • 0 g sugar per 1.5 oz serving

As a straight spirit, Absolut Berri Acai vodka contains no sugar or carbohydrates.

Triple Sec

  • Approx. 15 g sugar per 0.5 oz serving

Triple sec is an orange-flavored liqueur that gets much of its sweetness from added sugar. Different brands have varying sugar contents. On average, a half ounce of triple sec contains around 15 grams of sugar.

Sweet and Sour Mix

  • Approx. 25 g sugar per 1.5 oz serving

Bottled sweet and sour mix is a blend of lemon and/or lime juice plus simple syrup, which is made from sugar dissolved in water. Exact nutrition info varies by brand, but an average 1.5 ounce serving can have around 25 grams of sugar.

Cranberry Juice

  • Approx. 30 g sugar per 6 oz serving

The amount of cranberry juice added to an Absolut Berry Vodkarita can vary based on personal taste. A 6 ounce glass, which is a common serving size, contains around 30 grams of sugar.

Sugared Rim

  • Approx. 1-3 g sugar coating the rim

If the rim of the glass is coated in sugar before the drink is poured, this adds minimal extra sugar, likely 1-3 grams depending on the size of the glass.

Total Sugar Per Serving

Putting this all together, here’s a breakdown of the approximate total sugar content in a single Absolut Berry Vodkarita:

Ingredient Amount Sugar per Serving
Absolut Berri Acai Vodka 1.5 oz 0 g
Triple Sec 0.5 oz 15 g
Sweet and Sour Mix 1.5 oz 25 g
Cranberry Juice 6 oz 30 g
Sugared Rim Coating 1-3 g
Total 71-73 g

Based on typical serving sizes and sugar content of the ingredients, a single Absolut Berry Vodkarita can contain around 71-73 grams of sugar. This is equivalent to nearly 18 teaspoons of added sugar!

Daily Recommended Sugar Intake

To put that amount into perspective, the American Heart Association recommends the following daily sugar intake:

  • Men: No more than 36 grams or 9 teaspoons
  • Women: No more than 25 grams or 6 teaspoons

Thus, a single Absolut Berry Vodkarita exceeds the recommended daily sugar intake, packing nearly a day’s worth of sugar in one cocktail.

Sugar Content of Other Popular Cocktails

How does the Absolut Berry Vodkarita compare to other common cocktails in terms of sugar content? Here’s a look at the approximate total sugar in some other popular mixed drinks:

Cocktail Total Sugar (grams)
Piña Colada 54
Moscow Mule 42
Absolut Berry Vodkarita 71-73
Margarita 38
Mojito 30
Gin and Tonic 15
Old Fashioned 8

The Absolut Berry Vodkarita has significantly more sugar than many other common cocktails. The only drink with more sugar is the Piña Colada. So if you’re watching your sugar intake, the Vodkarita may be one to avoid.

Lower Sugar Options

If you want to enjoy an Absolut Berry Vodkarita but cut down on the sugar, here are some tips:

  • Use sugar-free sweet and sour mix or make your own with fresh citrus juice
  • Choose light cranberry juice or add extra water
  • Skip the sugared rim
  • Add extra vodka and less triple sec and juice
  • Use a lower-sugar alternative like agave nectar in place of simple syrup in the sour mix

With some simple ingredient swaps and ratio adjustments, you can easily modify the standard Vodkarita recipe to be a little lighter on the sugar and calories.

The Bottom Line

A single Absolut Berry Vodkarita can contain a whopping 71-73 grams of sugar, which exceeds the recommended daily intake for men and women. All that added sugar comes from the triple sec, sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice, and sugared rim. If you’re concerned about your sugar consumption, be mindful of how much you’re drinking in sweet cocktails like the Vodkarita. But you can also modify the recipe with lower-sugar ingredients to reduce the overall sugar content while still enjoying the bright berry flavors.

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