How much sugar is in a shot of Crown Royal?

Crown Royal is a popular Canadian whisky, known for its smooth taste and iconic purple bag. But how much sugar is actually in one shot of Crown Royal? Many people are concerned about monitoring their sugar intake, whether for health, diet, or other reasons. Understanding the sugar content in alcoholic beverages like Crown Royal can help make informed drinking choices.

What is Crown Royal?

Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whisky, first created in 1939 to commemorate the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada. It is produced by Diageo at the company’s distillery in Gimli, Manitoba. The whisky is a blend of over 50 whiskies, primarily made from corn.

Crown Royal comes in a distinctive squat, round bottle packaged in an iconic purple cloth bag with gold drawstrings. This regal packaging is a nod to its namesake and is now an iconic and recognizable symbol of the brand.

The whisky itself is known for its smooth, mellow taste. It is a blended whisky, meaning it contains a mix of several different types of whiskies. This allows blenders to create consistent, distinctive flavors in the final product.

Crown Royal is considered one of the most popular Canadian whiskies on the market today. It comes in several varieties, but the original Crown Royal Deluxe is by far the best-known expression.

Nutritional Information for Crown Royal

To determine how much sugar is in a typical shot of Crown Royal, we need to examine the nutritional information for the whisky.

Unfortunately, exact nutritional data directly from the Crown Royal producers is not available. General nutritional analysis of distilled spirits estimates approximately 97 calories and 0 grams of sugar per 1.5 ounce shot of 40% alcohol liquor, such as whisky.

However, some independent laboratory testing has been done on Crown Royal to determine more precise nutritional values.

According to testing sponsored by, here are the nutritional facts for 1.5 oz of Crown Royal whisky:

Serving Size 1.5 oz (a typical shot)
Calories 96
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Sugar 0 g
Protein 0 g

Based on this analysis, a standard 1.5 ounce shot of Crown Royal contains approximately 0 grams of sugar.

Sugar Content in Whisky

To better understand these test results for Crown Royal, it helps to look at how sugar gets into whisky in the first place.

During the distillation process, the sugar initially present in grains used to make whisky (like corn, rye or barley) is not carried over into the final distillate.

However, some whiskies do contain small amounts of sugars added after distillation, typically to enhance flavor or texture. For example, whiskies aged in used sherry or wine barrels can absorb sugars from the previous contents. Some producers also add small quantities of sugar solutions in a process called finishing.

However, Crown Royal does not appear to use finishing sugars. According to the producers, it is distilled using a blend of rye, corn, and barley mash. It is then aged in oak barrels. No additional flavorings or sugars are added after the distillation process.

This helps explain why independent lab testing found no detectable sugars in Crown Royal whisky.

Sugars in Whisky Mixers

When considering the sugar content of a Crown Royal drink, any added mixers or ingredients also need to be taken into account.

Crown Royal is commonly enjoyed mixed with soft drinks or in cocktails. These mixers or additional ingredients can add substantial amounts of sugar to a drink.

For example, here are the approximate added sugars when Crown Royal is mixed with various common beverages:

Mixer Added Sugars
Cola 39 grams
Ginger ale 30 grams
Cranberry juice 35 grams
Apple juice 38 grams
Sour mix 15 grams

So while the Crown Royal itself contains no sugar, added ingredients like sodas, juice, and cocktail mixes can add significant amounts of sugar to a beverage.

Someone monitoring their sugar intake would need to account for these added sweeteners when drinking Crown Royal cocktails or mixed drinks.

Other Whisky Sugar Contents

Since Crown Royal contains 0 g sugar per shot, how does this compare to other popular whisky brands?

Here is the tested sugar content for a 1.5 oz serving of some other common whiskies:

Whisky Sugars
Johnnie Walker Black Label 0 g
Jack Daniel’s 0 g
Jameson Irish Whiskey 0 g
Jim Beam 0 g
Glenlivet 12 Year 0 g

Like Crown Royal, most popular whisky brands do not appear to contain detectable sugars. This is typical for whiskies that do not undergo finishing or have flavorings added after distillation.

However, some specialty or flavored whiskies may contain added sugars. For example, honey-flavored whiskies or those finished in sweeter barrels could potentially contain some sugar content.

As a whole though, regular whisky and whiskey brands contain negligible sugars in a standard serving. Any sweetness comes from the ingredients used to make the whisky, not added after distillation.

Effects on Blood Sugar

Another consideration around the sugar content of Crown Royal is how it affects blood sugar levels.

Although Crown Royal contains no actual sugar, research has shown that alcohol consumption can impact blood glucose levels.

Alcohol inhibits the liver’s ability to produce glucose. When alcohol is metabolized, the body tends to release stored glucose into the bloodstream. This can lead to spikes in blood sugar for some people, even when drinking sugar-free beverages.

The degree of effect can vary based on the individual and amount consumed. But those with diabetes or concerned about glycemic control should be aware that alcohol can alter blood sugar.

Overall though, Crown Royal’s lack of actual sugars means it will generally have less direct effect on blood sugar compared to beverages with substantial sugars added.

Low Sugar Cocktail Mixer Choices

To help reduce the amount of added sugar in Crown Royal cocktails, here are some low or no sugar mixer choices:

– Diet cola or soda
– Seltzer or club soda
– Unsweetened iced tea
– Diet cranberry juice
– Lime juice
– Tomato juice or vegetable juice
– Sugar-free lemonade

Using low glycemic sweeteners in moderation can also reduce the sugar impact, such as:

– Stevia
– Monk fruit
– Erythritol

In addition, adding fresh fruit like berries, citrus slices, or muddled cucumber can add flavor with minimal sugar impact.

With smart mixer choices, people monitoring sugar intake can still enjoy the flavor of Crown Royal cocktails.

The Sugar Content of Crown Royal Cocktails

To demonstrate how mixer choices affect sugar content, here are nutrition facts for 1.5 oz Crown Royal combined with various mixers, for a total 3 oz cocktail:

Cocktail Total Sugars
Crown Royal & Cola 39 grams
Crown Royal & Cranberry Juice 35 grams
Crown Royal & Ginger Ale 30 grams
Crown Royal & Diet Cola 0 grams
Crown Royal & Soda 0 grams
Crown Royal & Lime Juice 0 grams
Crown Royal & Sugar-Free Lemonade 0 grams

The mixers make a dramatic difference in sugar content. While Crown Royal alone has 0 g sugar, just 3 oz of a cocktail can contain 30-35 grams with regular soda, juice, etc.

Choosing low or no sugar mixers keeps the added sugar minimal, while allowing the flavor of the whisky to still shine.

Should You Consume Crown Royal if Concerned About Sugar?

So in summary, here are some key considerations around Crown Royal and sugar:

– Crown Royal whisky itself contains 0 grams of sugar per standard 1.5 ounce serving, based on independent lab testing.

– However, some cocktails and mixed drinks with regular sodas, juice, or syrups can add 30-40 grams of sugar or more.

– Low-sugar mixers like diet soda, unsweetened tea, or sugar-free lemonade can minimize added sugars.

– Alcohol like Crown Royal may impact blood sugar levels, even without actual sugars present.

– Those with diabetes or concerned about sugars should be aware of mixer choices and alcohol’s glycemic effects.

– Whisky like Crown Royal is generally a low sugar choice compared to liqueurs or mixer ingredients. But cocktails made with regular sodas or juices can contain added sweeteners.

Overall, if you are concerned about sugar intake, Crown Royal on its own is a fairly low sugar choice for spirits. But be sure to consider any added ingredients when drinking cocktails or mixed drinks. Use low or no calorie mixers to keep sugar content minimal.


Crown Royal whisky contains no detectable sugars, based on independent lab testing. So on its own, it can be a low sugar option compared to many other mixed drinks or liqueurs. However, those concerned about sugar intake should still be aware of blood sugar impacts from alcohol, as well as the added sugars from soda, juice, syrups, or other cocktail ingredients. Choosing low or no sugar mixers is the best way to enjoy the flavor of Crown Royal while reducing your sugar consumption.

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