How much protein does 1 Threptin biscuit have?

Threptin is a type of high-protein dog biscuit that is designed to provide dogs with extra protein in their diets. Dog owners often wonder exactly how much protein is contained in a single Threptin biscuit so they can determine if it provides their dog with adequate protein intake. This article will provide a thorough breakdown of the protein content in a single Threptin biscuit.

What is Threptin?

Threptin is a brand of dog biscuit that is made by Masterfoods, a major pet food company. Threptin biscuits are designed to be a supplemental source of protein for dogs. They contain a high percentage of protein from meat and egg ingredients.

The Threptin recipe features chicken and liver for additional protein beyond what is found in a typical dog biscuit. Eggs and milk also boost the protein content. Threptin markets their biscuits as having over 50% more protein than the leading national dog biscuit brand.

In addition to protein, Threptin biscuits contain nutrients like vitamin E, zinc, and omega fatty acids. They do not contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The biscuits are baked into bone-shaped treats.

Threptin offers three main product lines:

– Threptin Original Biscuits
– Threptin Mini Biscuits
– Threptin Treat Bars

The nutritional values may differ slightly between these three products. However, they all provide significantly more protein than regular dog biscuits.

Benefits of High-Protein Dog Biscuits

There are several reasons why a high-protein dog biscuit like Threptin can be beneficial:

– **Supports lean muscle mass** – Protein is essential for building and maintaining lean muscle tissue in dogs. Senior dogs or dogs who do not get much exercise may lose muscle mass over time. Extra protein can help counteract muscle loss.

– **Fuel for active dogs** – Hard-working or highly active dogs have higher protein requirements. Threptin can help provide the protein these dogs need to optimize their performance and recovery.

– **Supports growth & development** – Growing puppies need plenty of protein to support proper development. Threptin gives puppies extra protein for their developing muscles, bones and joints.

– **Healthy weight maintenance** – Protein increases satiety so dogs feel full longer after eating. This can help prevent overeating and obesity. Threptin biscuits provide protein for satiety between meals.

– **Supports aging dogs** – As dogs age, their ability to digest and absorb nutrients decreases. High-quality, easy to digest protein sources like those found in Threptin can help aging dogs maintain lean body mass.

Clearly, there are many benefits to supplementing a dog’s normal diet with a high-protein biscuit like Threptin. The key protein sources make Threptin an optimal choice.

Key Ingredients in Threptin Biscuits

To understand how much protein comes from a single Threptin biscuit, it helps to look closely at the key ingredients that provide the protein boost:

**Chicken** – Chicken is the first ingredient listed on the Threptin label. Real chicken provides high-quality complete protein with all the essential amino acids dogs need. Chicken also supplies glucosamine for joint health.

**Chicken liver** – Organ meats like liver contain more protein than muscle meats. Chicken liver adds more concentrated protein to Threptin biscuits. It also provides vitamin A, iron and other nutrients.

**Eggs** – Whole eggs contain the most complete, highly digestible form of protein found in any single food. Eggs also contain vitamin D, lecithin and carotenoids.

**Milk** – Milk provides two high-quality proteins, casein and whey. Casein digests slowly to provide prolonged protein supply. Whey digests rapidly for quick nourishment.

Together, these protein-packed ingredients give Threptin biscuits their exceptionally high protein content. The combination of meat, eggs and dairy ensures complete, highly bioavailable protein.

Threptin Nutrition Facts

To get an accurate understanding of the protein supplied in a single Threptin biscuit, we need to examine the precise nutritional information on the Threptin labels.

Threptin provides a guaranteed analysis of key nutrients for each of their biscuit products. Here are the nutrition facts for a typical Original Threptin biscuit:

Guaranteed Analysis Per Biscuit
Crude Protein (min) 20.0%
Crude Fat (min) 9.0%
Crude Fiber (max) 3.5%
Moisture (max) 15.0%

This tells us that a single Threptin Original biscuit contains a minimum of 20% crude protein. Crude protein includes all sources of protein in the food, including meat, eggs and dairy.

To put this into perspective, a typical all-purpose dog food contains around 20-25% crude protein. So a Threptin biscuit is right on par with a high protein dog food designed for active or working dogs.

For a more detailed analysis, we can examine the typical nutritional breakdown of Threptin Original per biscuit:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 40
Protein 4g
Carbohydrates 5g
Sugar 1g
Dietary Fiber 0.4g
Total Fat 2g
Saturated Fat 0.8g
Cholesterol 13mg
Sodium 51mg
Calcium 21mg

Here we can see that each Original Threptin biscuit contains around 4 grams of protein. To put this into context, a small chicken breast of around 3 ounces provides about 25-30 grams of protein.

So while a single biscuit only supplies a small dose of protein, this can add up when feeding multiple Threptin biscuits daily as treats or snacks. The protein from several biscuits can start to make a meaningful contribution to the dog’s total daily protein intake.

How Much Protein Does My Dog Need?

To determine if Threptin provides adequate protein for your dog, it helps to understand your dog’s total daily protein requirements based on their:

– **Weight** – Larger, heavier dogs need more protein than smaller, lighter dogs. Protein requirements are calculated based on metabolic body weight.

– **Age** – Growing puppies need diets with around 22-25% protein to support development. Adult dogs can thrive on slightly lower protein around 18-20%.

– **Activity level** – Active, working and sporting dogs have higher protein needs to optimize performance. Less active dogs require less.

– **Health status** – Dogs with certain illnesses may need more or less protein. Your vet can offer specific advice.

As a very general guideline, most healthy adult dogs need about 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. Puppies and active/working dogs need protein levels at the higher end of this range.

For example, a 40 pound adult dog would need 40-80 grams of total protein daily. A 70 pound highly active dog would need about 120-140 grams of protein each day.

Ideally, the majority of this protein should come from your dog’s regular well-balanced meals. Threptin can provide supplemental protein on top of their baseline diet.

How Many Threptin Biscuits Should I Feed?

Based on your dog’s size, age, activity level, and health status you can determine if Threptin makes sense as a protein supplement.

Here are some general guidelines on the number of Threptin biscuits to feed based on your dog’s body weight:

Dog Weight Number of Biscuits
Under 10 lbs 1 biscuit
10-25 lbs 1-2 biscuits
25-50 lbs 2-4 biscuits
Over 50 lbs 4-6 biscuits

For smaller dogs, one biscuit makes a nice protein-packed training treat or snack. Medium dogs can have a biscuit or two to get about 8-12 grams extra protein. For big dogs, several biscuits may start to provide a meaningful amount of supplemental protein each day.

These are general guidelines, but you may want to adjust up or down based on your own dog’s protein needs. Follow package directions and discuss proper treat portions with your veterinarian.

Should I Feed Threptin Daily or Occasionally?

You can feed Threptin to your dog on a daily basis or more sporadically as an occasional treat. Here are some of the pros and cons of each approach:


– Provides consistent protein source
– Helps fulfill total protein requirements
– Easy to make it part of regular feeding routine

– Need to monitor total calories from biscuits
– Their high protein content is not necessary every day for some dogs


– Easy treat for training or after walks/exercise
– Allows more calorie flexibility on other days
– Can help prevent dogs tiring of the flavor with daily feeding

– No daily protein supplement
– Harder to ensure proper amounts if using infrequently
– Dogs love them and want more than occasional treat

Ultimately, most healthy dogs can thrive with Threptin biscuits used either regularly or periodically. Keep an eye on your dog’s conditioning and adjust amounts to maintain optimal weight and muscle tone.

Threptin Protein Versus Other Dog Treats

Compared to many other popular training treats and snacks for dogs, Threptin biscuits contain significantly more protein. Here is how Threptin protein stacks up against some other top-selling dog treats:

Treat Grams of Protein
Threptin Biscuit 4g
Milk-Bone Biscuit 2g
Jerky Treat 3g
DentaStix 1g
Pig Ear 7g

While treats like pig ears contain more total protein by weight, a single Threptin biscuit outshines other classic training biscuits. The high protein biscuit format makes Threptin a protein powerhouse.

Threptin Biscuits Nutritional Pros & Cons

To recap, here is a summary of the key advantages and disadvantages of Threptin biscuits:


– Very high in protein at 20% minimum crude protein
– Rich in high-quality animal-based proteins
– More protein than other leading brands of dog biscuits
– Provides supplemental protein for dogs needing a boost
– Contains beneficial nutrients beyond just protein
– Most dogs love the taste and crunchy texture


– Less protein than some other treat formats like jerky
– Higher in calories than some other low-fat treats
– Only comes in chicken and liver flavor currently
– Can cause stomach upset if dogs eat too many
– Cost more than budget brands of regular biscuits

Overall, the exceptional protein content outweighs any downsides for dogs needing extra protein in their diets. Threptin can be a handy protein supplement when fed judiciously as part of a balanced diet.


Threptin dog biscuits contain significantly more protein than regular dog biscuits, offering over 50% more protein. A single Threptin biscuit provides around 4 grams of high-quality animal-based protein from chicken, eggs, and milk.

While a biscuit only contributes modest protein on its own, feeding multiple Threptin biscuits over the course of a day can start to make a meaningful addition to your dog’s total protein intake. Threptin makes an excellent supplemental protein source for active dogs, growing puppies, seniors, or any dogs requiring extra protein in their diets. Talk to your veterinarian about incorporating Threptin into your dog’s feeding regimen.

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