How much postage do I need for a 1.5 oz letter?

The amount of postage you need for a standard 1.5 oz letter depends on the destination. Here is a quick overview of the postage rates in the United States:

Postage for a 1.5 oz letter within the United States

For a standard 1.5 oz letter mailed within the United States, the current postage rate is $0.58. This is the cost for a 1 oz First Class Mail letter, and covers up to 3.5 oz, so a 1.5 oz domestic letter would require $0.58 in postage.

Postage for a 1.5 oz letter to Canada or Mexico

The postage rate for a 1.5 oz letter sent from the United States to Canada or Mexico is $1.30. This is the current cost of an international 1 oz First Class Mail letter to these destinations.

Postage for a 1.5 oz letter to other international destinations

For a 1.5 oz letter sent from the United States to overseas international destinations (besides Canada and Mexico), the postage rate is $1.40. This is the cost of a 1 oz First Class Mail International letter.

Using Forever stamps

You can use Forever stamps to mail a 1.5 oz domestic letter. Forever stamps are always equal to the current First Class Mail 1 oz rate. So for a 1.5 oz letter within the US, you would need one Forever stamp.

For international mail, you would need to check the current rates and use enough Forever stamps to match the price. For example, you would need 2 Forever stamps for a letter to Canada or Mexico, and 3 Forever stamps for other international destinations, based on current rates.

Paying exact postage

Instead of using Forever stamps, you can pay the exact postage due. This involves purchasing regular First Class Mail postage stamps to match the current rates.

For example, for a 1.5 oz domestic letter, you would need a $0.58 postage stamp. For international mail, you would need a $1.30 stamp for Canada/Mexico or five $0.30 international postage stamps to equal the $1.40 overseas rate.

Using a postage meter

If you have a lot of letters to mail, another option is to use a postage meter. This allows you to print the exact postage directly onto envelopes or labels rather than applying stamps. The meter automatically charges your account the correct rate based on the weight, destination, and mail class.

Mailing options

The standard letter rates above apply when you mail a regular envelope without extras. Here are some other mailing options that have different rates:

  • Large envelopes – If the weight is over 1 oz or dimensions are over 6.125 x 11.5 inches, large envelope rates apply.
  • Extra services – Options like certified mail, registered mail, return receipt, and priority mail have additional fees.
  • Package services – If thickness is over 0.25 inches, package service rates like First Class Package or Priority Mail may be cheaper.

Weight categories and rates

Here is a table summarizing the postage rates for different weight categories of standard mail within the United States:

Weight Postage Rate
0.5 oz or less $0.47
Over 0.5 oz to 1 oz $0.58
Over 1 oz to 2 oz $0.78
Over 2 oz to 3 oz $0.98
Over 3 oz to 3.5 oz $1.18

As shown, ounces are rounded up to the next whole ounce, and there are tiered rates for each weight category up to 3.5 oz. A 1.5 oz letter falls into the 1 oz category with a $0.58 rate.

Automatic postage dispensers

Another option for convenient postage is using an automatic postage dispenser machine at the post office. These allow you to quickly print the exact amount due for any letter or package without needing to have the exact stamps on hand. Simply insert cash (or a debit/credit card at some locations) and the machine prints a stamp with the current rate.

Online postage services

There are also online services like and Endicia that allow you to print postage directly from your printer. These integrate with the USPS to automatically calculate current rates and print stamps or shipping labels with the date and postage marked.

This can be a convenient option for printing postage from your home or office computer when mailing higher volumes without a dedicated postage meter.

USPS online postage purchase

You can skip going to the post office by purchasing stamps and shipping labels online through the USPS website or mobile app. Options include:

  • Buying and printing postage directly onto envelopes
  • Getting free USPS shipping labels emailed to you
  • Scheduling a USPS package pickup
  • Purchasing rolls of Forever Stamps

Payment can be made securely online with a credit/debit card or linked bank account.

Presorted and metered mail discounts

If you are mailing large volumes of letters, services like presorting and metered mail can possibly qualify you for USPS postage discounts of a few cents per piece. This requires mailing a minimum of 500 pieces at once through an approved presort vendor or with specialized equipment.

Nonprofit organization discounts

Authorized nonprofit groups can get reduced postage rates if mailing quantities meet minimum volume requirements. For example, minimums are 200 pieces for First Class Mail letters over 1 oz. The discounts can range from a few cents up to around 8 cents per piece compared to regular rates.


So in summary, here are the key points to keep in mind regarding postage for a standard 1.5 oz letter:

  • The domestic rate is $0.58
  • The international rate is $1.30 to Canada/Mexico or $1.40 to other countries
  • Forever stamps can be used for convenience
  • Exact postage rates can be paid with regular stamps
  • Postage meters, dispensers, and online services allow printing the exact amount due
  • Discounts may be available for high volume mailings

Following these postage options and rates will ensure your 1.5 oz letter is properly mailed with enough postage to its destination.

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