How much is Sequoia Sunday brunch?

Sequoia is a popular restaurant in Washington DC known for its Sunday brunch. Brunch at Sequoia is a special experience, with delicious food, elegant ambience, and impeccable service. However, enjoying Sequoia’s brunch does come at a price. So how much exactly does it cost to attend Sequoia’s coveted Sunday brunch?

In short, the price for Sequoia’s Sunday brunch is $65 per person. This includes a rotating selection of starters, entrees, sides, and desserts from their brunch menu. Unlimited mimosas, bloody marys, and other beverages are available for an additional charge. With tax and tip, the total cost ends up being around $85 per person.

Sequoia offers one of the most expensive Sunday brunch experiences in DC. For the quality of food, service, and atmosphere that Sequoia provides, this premium price point is well worth it for a special occasion brunch. However, it is quite an expensive affair compared to Sunday brunches at other area restaurants.

Sequoia Sunday Brunch Overview

Sequoia offers Sunday brunch from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Reservations are strongly recommended well in advance, as brunch is extremely popular. The restaurant has a contemporary ambiance with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing ample natural light. Tables are nicely spaced to allow privacy during your brunch experience.

Upon arriving, you’ll be warmly welcomed and shown to your table. Your server will explain the brunch format and take your beverage order. Complimentary artisan bread and butter are provided as you peruse the menu.

The brunch follows an order format where you select starter, entree, side dishes, and dessert. The menu offerings change weekly but often include options like:

– Smoked salmon flatbread
– Burrata caprese salad
– Lobster bisque

– Lemon ricotta pancakes
– Braised short rib hash
– Poached eggs benedict

– Duck fat potatoes
– Sauteed green beans
– Maple bacon

– Sticky toffee pudding
– Seasonal creme brulee
– Chocolate hazelnut tart

Menu Pricing

The Sunday brunch at Sequoia is $65 per person. Here is a breakdown of what is included in that price:

– Starter course
– Entree course
– Unlimited side dishes
– Dessert course
– Regular non-alcoholic beverages like coffee, teas, juices, and sodas

Essentially, the $65 covers unlimited food from the brunch menu, excluding beverages like mimosas and bloody marys.

Beverage options and add-ons:

– Mimosas or bloody marys: $15, unlimited
– Bellinis or sparkling rose: $18, unlimited
– House wine: $12 per glass
– Specialty cocktails: $15+ per drink

So if you want to enjoy some mimosas or bloodys, expect to pay an additional $15 or so per person. Other beverages like cocktails and wine will also increase the final bill.

Total Cost Breakdown

Based on the $65 per person brunch price, plus customary tip and tax, the total cost per person for Sequoia’s Sunday brunch is:

– Brunch price: $65
– 20% tip: $13
– 10% tax: $7

**Total Cost Per Person: $85**

So for a table of 2 people, the total cost is approximately $170. For a larger group of say 6 people, you would be looking at a total bill of around $510.

While not exactly budget friendly, keep in mind the brunch is unlimited food and you are paying for the upscale atmosphere and service. Some find it worthwhile for a special occasion like Mother’s Day brunch or a birthday celebration. For the average weekend brunch, it may be too expensive for some.

How It Compares to Other D.C. Brunches

Compared to other upscale Sunday brunch spots in D.C., Sequoia is on the pricier side but not outrageously expensive. Here’s a look at how it compares:

Restaurant Sunday Brunch Price
Sequoia $85/person
Le Diplomate $65/person
Fiola Mare $85/person
Blue Duck Tavern $75/person

So you can see it’s in the same general range as other high-end D.C. brunch spots like Fiola Mare. Le Diplomate is a bit cheaper at $65/person, but doesn’t offer unlimited mimosas or bloody marys.

On the more budget-friendly side, places like Founding Farmers, Ted’s Bulletin, and Ambar’s brunch buffet all offer quality brunch under $50 per person.

So while not the priciest, Sequoia’s $85 Sunday brunch is certainly considered a luxury splurge in D.C. For a special occasion or to pamper yourself, it’s arguably worth the premium. But for a casual weekend brunch, there are plenty of yummy options at half the price.

Factors Accounting for the High Price

Why exactly does brunch at Sequoia come with such a hefty bill? Here are some of the main factors:

– High-quality ingredients – Sequoia uses only the freshest, seasonal, and often organic ingredients sourced from local farms and purveyors. This includes things like wild-caught fish, artisan cheeses, and produce at peak ripeness. Quality ingredients mean a higher food cost.

– Skilled culinary team – Leading the Sequoia kitchen is an experienced executive chef and skilled team. The culinary staff prepares intricate dishes entirely from scratch. Their labor accounts for a significant portion of the brunch price.

– Upscale ambiance – From the sleek modern decor to the glassware and table settings, everything at Sequoia is upscale. The dining room’s refined aesthetics and attention to detail enhance the experience but also drive up costs.

– Full service – From the hosts to servers to bussers, Sequoia’s front-of-house staff provide polished full-service dining. The labor required to run seamless operations and flawless service adds to the overall expense.

– Lower volume – Unlike bustling brunch buffets, Sequoia offers a more curated, intimate brunch experience. Less seating and longer turns means less overall revenue to account for operational costs.

– Location – Being in the heart of Dupont Circle, one of D.C.’s most desirable and expensive neighborhoods, means higher rent for the restaurant. These real estate costs contribute to the elevated pricing.

Given all the above factors, Sequoia’s $65 brunch price tag starts to make more sense. You’re essentially paying for a luxury dining experience featuring gourmet food, attuned service, and exclusivity.

Is Sequoia Sunday Brunch Worth It?

Whether or not Sequoia’s Sunday brunch is “worth” the $85 per person price tag is ultimately subjective. For some diners, the sophisticated ambiance, stellar cuisine, and attentive service provide reasonable value. For others, it may simply be too costly.

Here are some pros and cons to help assess the value:


– Flavorful, high quality food made with premium seasonal ingredients
– Elegant, upscale atmosphere perfect for occasions
– Impeccable service in tranquil, unrushed setting
– Unlimited offerings allow you to indulge without restriction
– Includes specialty coffees, juices, and other non-alcoholic beverages


– Very expensive, especially for budget-conscious diners
– Price does not include alcoholic drinks
– Portions are not gigantic – focus is on quality over quantity
– Need to reserve well in advance
– Dress code rules out casual attire

For special occasions like Mother’s Day, anniversaries, or birthday indulgences, Sequoia’s brunch is likely well worth it to many. The price becomes part of the experience. However, it’s probably not where you’ll want to go for a casual weekend brunch.

At the end of the day, the value comes down to your own budget and priorities. If exquisite cuisine and upscale ambiance matter most, Sequoia is arguably worthwhile. If you simply want tasty brunch fare at an affordable price, it likely won’t provide enough value.

Tips for Saving Money at Sequoia Brunch

If you want to experience Sequoia’s heralded Sunday brunch but don’t want to spend nearly $100 per person, here are some money-saving tips:

– Go earlier. Opt for the first seating time of 11:30am when prices may be slightly lower.

– Skip the alcohol. Stick to juice, coffee, and soda rather than adding on mimosas or wine.

– Share dishes. You can order an extra starter or side to split – just request additional plates.

– Split dessert. One dessert can easily be shared by two people.

– Watch tax and tip. Calculate these ahead so you aren’t surprised by the totals. And don’t feel obligated to tip more than 20%.

– Use a discounted gift card. You can sometimes find Sequoia gift cards for less on restaurant deal sites.

– Dine early in the week. Brunch prices are sometimes lower earlier in the week compared to peak weekends.

– Look for deals. Check sites like Travelzoo for occasional Sequoia brunch discounts or coupons.

With strategic cost-cutting maneuvers, you may be able to reduce the per person brunch price by $10-15. While Sequoia’s brunch may always be on the pricier side, a few small tricks can help trim the total tab.

Sequoia Sunday Brunch Key Takeaways

– The standard brunch price is $65 per person. With customary tip and tax added, the total cost is around $85 per person.

– Unlimited gourmet food, upscale ambiance, and attentive service account for the hefty price tag.

– Compared to other luxury D.C. brunches, Sequoia is expensive but not outrageously so. More casual brunch spots can be found for nearly half the price.

– The value comes down to your personal budget and how much you value high-end ingredients and experiences for special occasions.

– With strategies like going early, avoiding alcohol, and sharing dishes, you may be able to trim $10-15 off the cost per person.

So in summary, expect to splurge around $85/person for Sequoia’s unforgettable Sunday brunch experience. For a no-holds-barred celebratory brunch, the premium price is justified. But if you’re just looking for solid brunch fare, you can certainly find lower-priced options around town. Understanding the typical cost and your own priorities will help decide if Sequoia offers sufficient value. Their brunch sets the bar high for a refined culinary experience in an elegant setting.

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