How much is a QP out of a pound?

A QP (quarter pound) is a common unit of measurement used to quantify cannabis. Specifically, a QP refers to a quarter pound, which is equal to 4 ounces or 113.4 grams. When purchasing cannabis in bulk quantities, knowing how much a QP is in relation to a pound can be helpful for calculating costs and amounts.

How Many Grams in a QP?

As mentioned above, a QP equals 113.4 grams. Here is the breakdown:

  • 1 pound = 16 ounces
  • 1 ounce = 28.35 grams
  • So a quarter pound is 4 ounces:
  • 4 ounces x 28.35 grams/ounce = 113.4 grams

Therefore, a QP contains exactly 113.4 grams of cannabis. Some other key measurements include:

  • 1 gram = 0.035 oz
  • 1 eighth (3.5g) = 0.125 oz
  • 1 quarter (7g) = 0.25 oz
  • 1 half ounce (14g) = 0.5 oz
  • 1 ounce (28g) = 1 oz

How Much is a QP?

The cost of a QP depends on many factors, most notably:

  • Strain – Popular/higher quality strains tend to cost more
  • Location – Prices vary by geographic region
  • Dispensary vs. private sale – Dispensary prices are often higher
  • Time of year – Prices fluctuate due to supply/demand

Given all those considerations, on average in the U.S. a QP costs between $600-$1000. Here’s a breakdown of typical QP prices:

Type Typical Price Range
Low-grade outdoor $600 – $700
Decent indoor $700 – $850
High-quality indoor $850 – $1000+

So you can expect to pay around $800-$900 for a QP of standard indoor cannabis from a dispensary. For reference, that breaks down to around $200-$225 per ounce. Prices are often lower when purchasing directly from growers or on the private market.

How Much is a QP of Weed?

A QP of weed refers specifically to a quarter pound of marijuana flower buds, which is the most commonly consumed part of the cannabis plant. As explained above, a QP contains 4 ounces or 113.4 grams of smokable flower.

The price range is similar to the general QP prices mentioned earlier. High-quality indoor strains of weed usually run $850-$1000+ per QP when purchased from a licensed dispensary. Street prices are generally $100-$200 cheaper per QP.

Here are some example strains and their typical QP prices:

Strain QP Price Range
Blue Dream $800 – $900
Girl Scout Cookies $850 – $950
Sour Diesel $800 – $900
OG Kush $900 – $1000

These prices are for high-quality indoor flower and can vary based on your location. Expect to pay a bit less for outdoor or greenhouse flower. The strain genetics and potency also impact the market price.

How Many Joints in a QP?

The number of joints you can roll from a QP depends on the size of your joints. Assuming a typical 0.5 gram joint, here is the math:

* There are 453.6 grams in 1 pound
* A QP is 4 ounces = 113.4 grams
* At 0.5 grams per joint, a QP will produce about 227 standard size joints

So if you’re rolling moderately sized 0.5 gram joints, you can expect to yield approximately 225-230 joints from a QP of weed. The number increases if you roll smaller joints or decreases if you roll bigger joints.

For example, here’s how many joints you would get from a QP based on joint size:

Joint Size # Joints per QP
0.25 gram “pinners” 454 joints
0.5 gram “standard” joint 227 joints
1 gram “fat” joint 113 joints

As you can see, the number of joints per QP ranges from 113 for big 1 gram joints up to over 450 for skinny 0.25 gram joints. So you can tweak the numbers depending on how you prefer to roll.

Comparing QP to Other Measurements

To understand the relative size of a QP, it helps to compare it to other common cannabis measurements:

Measurement Weight % of a QP
Gram 1g ~0.88%
Eighth (3.5g) 3.5g ~3.1%
Quarter (7g) 7g ~6.2%
Half Ounce 14g ~12.3%
Ounce 28g ~25%
QP 113.4g 100%

Some key takeaways:

  • A gram is less than 1% of a QP
  • An eighth is about 3% of a QP
  • A quarter is 6% of a QP
  • An ounce is 25% of a QP
  • So it takes 4 ounces to make up one QP

This gives you a sense of how the QP measures up to other common weights. Knowing these comparisons helps understand relative costs and amounts.

Legality of Purchasing a QP

The legality of purchasing a QP depends on your state’s cannabis laws:

  • In states where cannabis is fully legal for adult use, purchasing a QP is legal just like any other amount.
  • In medical-only states, you typically need to be a registered medical marijuana patient to legally buy a QP.
  • In states where cannabis remains fully illegal, purchasing a QP can potentially lead to criminal penalties.

So it’s important to know your local laws before trying to buy a quarter pound of cannabis.

Transporting that much across state lines also remains a federal offense and can potentially lead to trafficking charges, even when traveling between two legal states.

Overall it’s safest to buy QPs in-state from a licensed dispensary once you’ve checked your local possession laws. This helps ensure you stay compliant with state cannabis regulations.

Storing a QP Properly

When storing substantial amounts of cannabis like a QP, proper preservation is crucial for maintaining quality over time. Here are some tips for storing a QP:

– Use air-tight glass jars or other sealed containers to lock out air and moisture. Plastic bags alone won’t cut it.

– Store in a cool, dark place around 60-70°F like a cupboard or closet. Avoid very hot or cold conditions.

– Consider using humidity control packs (Boveda, Integra Boost, etc) to maintain ideal humidity around 60%.

– Break up the QP into smaller divided jars instead of one big one for improved preservation.

– Burp jars occasionally by opening them up to refresh the air inside.

– Keep an eye out for any mold or mildew, especially if humidity isn’t controlled.

– Avoid touching or handling buds directly to minimize damage to trichomes.

– Keep away from children, pets, or anyone who shouldn’t have unauthorized access.

Proper curing and storage keeps cannabis in peak condition over months or longer. With the right supplies and some care, a QP can maintain quality from harvest to consumption.

Uses for a QP of Cannabis

What can you do with a full quarter pound of cannabis? Here are some of the most popular options:

Smoke it – A QP yields around 225+ joints. That’s plenty of weed for personal smoking, or sharing in social settings over weeks/months. Pace yourself though – weed that old can lose potency.

Extract oils – A QP has enough material to produce high CBD oils, THC oils, concentrates and other extracts if you have the proper equipment. Extracts tend to preserve potency over time.

Make edibles – Butter, oils, snacks, baked goods – a QP gives you tons of flower to infuse into just about any edible creation you want. Make them yourself or give them as gifts.

Host parties/gatherings – Know a lot of stoners? Having a QP on hand lets you host parties and smoke outs without running out. Just don’t drive while high.

Supplement your income – In illegal states, some people buy QPs then break them down into smaller amounts to sell for profit, although this is risky.

Long term personal reserves – Buy a QP and ration it out over weeks or months to avoid constantly re-upping on smaller amounts. Convenient and affordable.

There are limitless options when you have ample cannabis on hand. Just don’t overdo it – pace yourself with that much weed at your disposal!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about quarters pounds of cannabis:

Is a QP a lot of weed?

Relative to personal use, yes a QP is a large amount, equivalent to 16 ounces or 454 grams. For context, an ounce is enough for moderate to heavy use for most people for 1-2 months. So a QP can supply over 6+ months for a single heavy user, and over a year for more moderate consumption. However for bulk purchases, a QP is just one step above a single pound and is still considered mid-level bulk weight.

How much is a QP in my state?

QP prices range from $600-$1000+ depending on quality, location, supply/demand, and other factors. Be sure to check current market rates in your specific city, and whether purchasing that amount is legal and permitted under your state cannabis laws.

Can I fly with a QP of weed?

No, the TSA prohibits flying with any amount of cannabis even between two legal states. Transporting a QP across state lines via plane, train, or automobile remains a federal offense and is not advised.

How long will a QP last?

With proper storage, curing and handling, the cannabis flower in a QP can retain peak freshness and potency for 6 months or longer. The shelf life depends largely on storage conditions. Kept in cool, dark air-tight containers with stabilized humidity, a QP can stay fresh for a year or more before starting to degrade.

Is buying a QP cheaper than smaller amounts?

Yes, cannabis generally gets cheaper per ounce the more you buy in bulk. Typical bulk discounts:
– Single Ounces: $200-$300/each
– Half Pounds (8 oz): $5,000-$6,000 ($625-$750/oz)
– Pounds (16 oz): $9,000-$11,000 ($560-$690/oz)
– QPs offer a happy medium, with typical per ounce prices around $180-$250 depending on quality.


In summary, a quarter pound (QP) contains 4 ounces or 113.4 grams of cannabis. QP prices typically range from $600-$1000 based on quality, location and other factors. With proper storage methods, the cannabis in a QP can stay fresh for 6 months or longer. When purchased legally within your state, a QP gives you ample cannabis for personal use, processing into extracts and edibles, or even supplementing your income if you choose to sell it. Be sure to research your local laws, as transporting across state lines remains illegal at the federal level. And always consume responsibly!

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