How many calories are in one pump of classic Starbucks syrup?

Determining the calorie count of Starbucks syrups can be tricky, as the nutrition information is not always readily available. However, with some research and math, we can estimate the calories in a single pump of classic Starbucks syrup.

Types of Starbucks Syrups

Starbucks offers a wide variety of syrup flavors to customize drinks, including classic syrups like vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon dolce. They also have sauces like the mocha and white chocolate sauces used in latte drinks.

For this article, we’ll focus specifically on the classic syrups dispensed from the pumps at Starbucks bar stations. These are the syrups used to flavor coffee, espresso drinks, teas, and refreshers.

Nutrition Information on Starbucks Syrups

Starbucks does provide some nutrition information on their website for select syrup flavors like vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon dolce. However, the nutrition facts are given for the full serving size of 3 fluid ounces (90 ml).

A single pump of any Starbucks syrup dispenses much less than 3 ounces. Therefore, we can’t use the nutrition label directly to determine calories per pump.

Estimating Serving Size Per Pump

To estimate the amount dispensed per pump, some sources indicate that one full pump of any Starbucks syrup is approximately 0.5 ounces (15 ml).

There can be some variance from pump to pump based on factors like syrup viscosity and pump calibration. But 0.5 ounces (15 ml) per pump is a reasonable average estimate.

Calculating Calories Per Pump

Using the nutrition info for a full 3 ounce (90 ml) serving size of syrup, we can calculate the calories and other nutrients in 0.5 ounces (15 ml) dispensed from one pump:

Nutrition Info for 3 oz (90 ml) Starbucks Classic Vanilla Syrup Nutrition Info for 0.5 oz (15 ml) (1 pump)
Calories: 180 Calories: 30 (180 calories ÷ 6 pumps per 3 oz)
Total Fat: 0g Total Fat: 0g
Carbs: 45g Carbs: 7.5g (45g ÷ 6 pumps per 3 oz)
Sugars: 45g Sugars: 7.5g (45g ÷ 6 pumps per 3 oz)

Using this math, we can estimate that one full pump of the Starbucks classic vanilla syrup contains approximately 30 calories and 7.5g of sugar.

Calories in Other Classic Starbucks Syrups

While the exact calorie counts may vary slightly by syrup flavor, the classic Starbucks syrups have very similar nutrition profiles. So we can use the same calculation to estimate calories per pump for other flavors:

Syrup Calories (Per 3 oz Serving) Estimated Calories (Per Pump)
Vanilla 180 30
Caramel 190 32
Cinnamon Dolce 180 30
Hazelnut 180 30
Classic 200 33
Raspberry 180 30
Toffee nut 190 32
Peppermint 140 23

Amount of Syrup Pumped Varies by Drink

Keep in mind that the number of pumps of syrup added to drinks is not consistent. A small Starbucks coffee gets 3 pumps while a venti (20 oz) gets 7 pumps. So the calorie count of added syrup will vary quite a bit depending on drink size.

Here are some examples of pumps for popular Starbucks drinks:

Drink Syrup Pumps
Tall (12 oz) Latte 1
Grande (16 oz) Latte 2
Venti (20 oz) Latte 3
Tall (12 oz) Mocha 2
Grande (16 oz) Mocha 3
Venti (20 oz) Mocha 4
Tall (12 oz)Vanilla Latte 3
Grande (16 oz) Vanilla Latte 4
Venti (20 oz) Vanilla Latte 5

Exceptions for Sauces and Seasonal Syrups

It’s important to note that the calories per pump estimates in this article apply specifically to the classic Starbucks syrup flavors dispensed from the counter pumps.

Exceptions would include:

  • Specialty sauces like mocha, white chocolate, and pumpkin sauce that are used in limited drinks
  • Seasonal syrups like gingerbread and peppermint that are only available during certain times of the year
  • Regional or international syrups that may not be available chainwide

The nutrition info for these specialty syrups and sauces would need to be determined separately using the same method of calculating calories per pump based on nutrition info for a full serving size.

How Many Pumps of Syrup in Iced Coffee

One of Starbucks most popular drinks that heavily utilizes syrup pumps is their line of iced coffees. The number of syrup pumps in iced coffees varies by size:

Iced Coffee Syrup Pumps
Tall (12 oz) 3
Grande (16 oz) 4
Venti (24 oz) 6

So a venti iced coffee made with the classic syrup would have around 6 pumps x 30 calories per pump = 180 calories just from the added syrup.

Syrup vs. Sauce at Starbucks

At Starbucks, syrups and sauces refer to two different types of flavors added to drinks:

  • Syrups – Sweet concentrated liquid flavors added to customize coffees, espresso drinks, teas, and refreshers. Dispensed from pumps at the condiment bar.
  • Sauces – Denser flavorings like mocha and white chocolate used specifically in espresso and drip coffee drinks. Added by baristas during drink preparation.

While sauces are used less widely than syrups at Starbucks, they can still add calories, sugar, and fat when added to drinks. Be sure to check nutrition info if ordering a specialty sauce.

Adding Multiple Syrups to Drinks

Customers can also request drinks made with multiple syrups, for example a vanilla caramel latte. In this case, the total calories from syrup would be the number of pumps of each flavor added together.

If getting a grande (16 oz) vanilla caramel latte with 2 pumps of vanilla and 2 pumps of caramel, the total added syrup calories would be:

  • 2 pumps vanilla: 2 x 30 calories = 60 calories
  • 2 pumps caramel: 2 x 32 calories = 64 calories
  • Total: 60 + 64 = 124 calories

The standard recipes call for 2 syrup pumps in a grande latte, but some customers ask for additional pumps of flavor, which adds more calories per drink.

Lightly Sweetened Versions

Starbucks also offers lightly sweetened versions of drinks with less pumps of syrup, including:

  • Skinny vanilla latte
  • Skinny mocha
  • Light caramel macchiato
  • Light frappuccinos

Ordering these “skinny” or “light” versions with less syrup can reduce the calories and sugar in your drinks.

Sugar-Free Syrup Options

For an even lower calorie and lower sugar option, Starbucks offers sugar-free syrup flavors including:

  • Sugar free vanilla
  • Sugar free cinnamon dolce
  • Sugar free caramel
  • Sugar free hazelnut
  • Sugar free peppermint (seasonal)

The sugar-free syrups have only 5 calories per pump, providing a way to flavor drinks while adding minimal calories and sugar.

Pump-Free Flavor Options

Going without flavored syrups or sauces altogether is one of the best ways to control calories when ordering Starbucks drinks. You can opt for shots of espresso or regular brewed coffee prepared without any additional flavorings.

Other pump-free options include:

  • Iced coffee or cold brew with just milk or cream
  • Americano misto – espresso with steamed milk
  • Tea or Refreshers without liquid cane sugar syrup
  • Flavored coffee beans or grounds (e.g. seasonal blends)

Checking Calories When Ordering

To get the best sense of how many calories your customized Starbucks drink contains with flavorings and other additions, your best bet is to use their mobile app when ordering.

The Starbucks app allows you to customize your drink exactly as you want it, then shows you the up-to-date calorie and nutrition totals for that specific preparation.


While syrup nutrition facts aren’t published directly by Starbucks, we can estimate that one full pump of their classic syrup contains around 30 calories and 7.5g of sugar.

The amount of syrup added varies widely by drink type and size, from just 1 pump in a tall latte up to 7 pumps in a venti coffee. So calories add up quickly if ordering larger drinks with multiple syrups.

To limit added sugars and calories from syrups, try sugar-free or pumpkin spice) the Teavana teas, and the Evolution Fresh cold-pressed juices. On the food side, opt for items like the protein boxes, oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, or egg white bites over pastries and breakfast sandwiches.

With some informed choices, you can still enjoy Starbucks drinks and treats as part of a balanced diet.

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