How much is 2 pumps of syrup at Starbucks?

Starbucks offers a wide variety of delicious drinks that can be customized to each customer’s preferences. One of the most common customizations is adding extra pumps of syrup to drinks. But how much extra does adding pumps of syrup cost at Starbucks?

Quick Answers

The quick answer is that adding 2 extra pumps of any syrup to a Starbucks drink costs $0.60 – $0.80 depending on the size of the drink. The breakdown is:

  • 2 extra pumps in a Tall drink (12 oz) – $0.60
  • 2 extra pumps in a Grande drink (16 oz) – $0.70
  • 2 extra pumps in a Venti drink (20 oz) – $0.80

So no matter what syrup you choose – vanilla, caramel, pumpkin spice, etc – 2 extra pumps will cost an additional $0.60 to $0.80 on top of the base price of the drink.

Standard Number of Syrup Pumps at Starbucks

To understand how much extra pumps of syrup cost, it’s important to know the standard number of pumps that come in Starbucks drinks. The regular number of syrup pumps included in Starbucks drinks varies by size:

  • Tall (12 oz) – 3 pumps
  • Grande (16 oz) – 4 pumps
  • Venti (20 oz) – 5 pumps

Any pumps of syrup added beyond the standard amount are considered extra and incur an additional charge.

Cost of Extra Syrup Pumps

Starbucks charges $0.60 – $0.80 for every 2 extra pumps of syrup added to a drink. Here is the breakdown by size:

Drink Size Cost for 2 Extra Pumps
Tall (12 oz) $0.60
Grande (16 oz) $0.70
Venti (20 oz) $0.80

The amount of syrup actually in 2 pumps varies slightly by the type of syrup, but is typically around 1 – 1.5 fluid ounces. No matter the syrup type, 2 extra pumps comes with a $0.60 – $0.80 charge.

Exceptions and Things to Note

There are a few exceptions and things to note about Starbucks’ pricing for extra syrup pumps:

  • Adding dairy alternatives like soy milk or almond milk incur additional charges.
  • Add-ons like extra espresso shots or protein powders also cost extra.
  • Not all stores/regions follow the exact same pricing model. Prices may vary a bit in different locations.
  • Occasional promotions may offer discounts or free customizations on syrup pumps.
  • Flavored syrups (vanilla, caramel, etc.) cost the same as sauce syrups (mocha, white mocha, etc.).

But at most company-operated Starbucks locations in the US, 2 extra pumps of any syrup carries a $0.60 – $0.80 charge depending on the drink size.

Ordering Drinks With Extra Syrup Pumps

When ordering drinks with extra syrup at Starbucks, there are a couple ways to request it:

  • Specify the total number of pumps you want. For example: “I’d like a Venti Iced Coffee with 7 pumps of vanilla syrup.” This method is clearest.
  • Ask for extra pumps of syrup. For example: “Can I get 2 extra pumps of caramel syrup in my drink?”

Being specific with the total number of pumps leaves no room for confusion. Starbucks baristas are accustomed to customizations like extra syrup, so the process is very straightforward.

Reasons Customers Add Extra Syrup

There are several reasons customers commonly request extra pumps of syrup at Starbucks:

  • Sweetness Preference – The extra syrup makes drinks sweeter for those who like an extra sugar kick.
  • Flavor Preference – More syrup amps up the flavoring and makes the drink taste more strongly of caramel, mocha, vanilla, etc.
  • Milk or Ice Dilution – In drinks with a lot of milk or ice, extra syrup helps cut through the dilution.
  • Customization – Some customers simply enjoy customizing their drinks to their personal preferences.

Adding extra pumps of syrup is an easy way to tailor a drink to your tastebuds or compensate for dilution from ice and milk.

Nutrition Information for Extra Syrup

For anyone watching their sugar intake, it’s helpful to know the nutrition information when adding extra syrup pumps. In general, each pump of any Starbucks syrup contains around 4 grams of sugar. So 2 extra pumps would add about 8 grams of sugar to a drink.

For example, here’s the nutrition info for a Grande Caffe Vanilla Latte with 2 extra pumps:

Grande Caffe Vanilla Latte With 2 Extra Pumps
Calories: 180 Calories: 220
Sugar: 25g Sugar: 33g

As you can see, those 2 extra syrup pumps add 60 calories and 8g of sugar. So consuming drinks with extra syrup may substantially increase sugar and calorie intake.

Saving Money on Extra Syrup

For customers looking to save money on specialty drinks with extra syrup, here are some tips:

  • Order the smallest size drink possible. Extra syrup costs less in a Tall versus a Venti.
  • Go for regular syrup instead of sauce syrups, which are often more expensive.
  • Opt for lower-cost syrup flavors like vanilla versus caramel or hazelnut.
  • Use rebates and promotions when available to discount extra syrup charges.
  • Split a larger-size drink with extra syrup between multiple people.
  • Make coffee drinks at home and customize with your own syrups.

With some creativity and customization restraint, there are ways to satisfy a sweet tooth while keeping the cost of high-syrup drinks minimal.

Responses to Common Questions

Here are some responses to address additional common questions customers may have about extra syrup at Starbucks:

Does extra syrup change the flavor of the drink?

Yes, adding extra pumps of syrup will amplify the flavor and make it taste more pronounced. For example, an extra 2 pumps of hazelnut will result in a stronger hazelnut flavor.

Can you add different syrups together in one drink?

Absolutely! Feel free to customize by mixing and matching different syrups in one drink, like vanilla and caramel, or even three syrups together.

What’s the maximum number of syrup pumps I can add?

While Starbucks doesn’t enforce a strict maximum, baristas typically recommend no more than 12 total pumps for a very large Venti drink. Beyond that, the drink becomes overwhelmingly syrupy.

Does extra syrup change the color of the drink?

It can in some cases. For example, extra mocha or caramel syrup may make the drink darker in color, while extra vanilla or white mocha may make it lighter.

The Bottom Line

Adding an extra indulgence to your Starbucks drink is possible for just $0.60 – $0.80 for 2 extra pumps of any syrup flavor. Keep in mind that this increases the sugar and calories. But for coffee lovers who like to customize their drink to their perfect sweetness and flavor preferences, the ability to add extra syrup is a nice option!

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