How much is 1000 Clubcard points worth?

Clubcard points are the loyalty currency earned by Tesco shoppers in the UK. The scheme allows customers to collect 1 point for every £1 spent in Tesco stores (online and in-store) and Tesco fuel stations. Customers can also earn points through Tesco Bank and Tesco Mobile, as well as Brand Partners like Esso and Avis. Points can then be redeemed for money off Tesco shopping, or for rewards like discounts on days out and travel. But just how much are these coveted points actually worth?

The basics of Clubcard points

First, let’s cover the basics of how the Clubcard scheme works:

  • You earn 1 point per £1 spent in Tesco stores, fuel stations, online, and with selected Tesco partners
  • Each point is worth 1p when redeemed for money off your Tesco shop
  • Points expire after 2 years if not used
  • You can collect points through a Clubcard, a Clubcard credit card, or the Tesco app
  • Once you have points, you have three options for using them:
    • Spend in Tesco stores – 150 points = £1.50 off your shop
    • Boost their value with Tesco’s Reward Partners – swap 50 points for £1.50 off a family cinema ticket for example
    • Convert to Avios air miles with British Airways Executive Club

So in short, every point collected is worth at least 1p to spend in Tesco stores. But the scheme also allows you to make your points worth more if you exchange them for Reward Partner perks like discounts on holidays, days out or restaurant dining.

What is 1000 Clubcard points worth for Tesco shopping?

If you use your Clubcard points for money off your Tesco shopping, the standard rate is:

  • 150 points = £1.50 off your Tesco shop

So on this basis, 1000 Clubcard points is worth:

  • 1000 divided by 150 = 6.666
  • Rounded up = £7 off your Tesco shopping

An example

To illustrate:

  • You have a total spend of £100 in your Tesco online shop
  • You choose to redeem 1000 Clubcard points when you checkout
  • 1000 points takes £7 off your shop
  • So you would pay £100 – £7 = £93

In this scenario, by redeeming 1000 points you have saved yourself £7 off the cost of your shopping.

What is 1000 Clubcard points worth with Reward Partners?

If instead of spending your points directly with Tesco, you exchange them for Reward Partner codes, you can potentially get even more value from your points.

The conversion rate varies depending on the partner. But some typical examples include:

Partner Points Needed Reward Approx Value
Cineworld 150 2D ticket £7.90
Pizza Express 120 £10 off when you spend £30 £10
Red Letter Days 370 £10 off a £100 spend on experiences £10
Merlin Entertainments 300 Free child entry £29.50

With partner rewards, less points are needed to get the same monetary value. For example:

  • 150 points = £1.50 to spend in Tesco
  • But 150 points = 1 x cinema ticket worth approx £7.90

So your points can be worth up to 5 times more when you exchange them this way. Based on the table above, here’s what 1000 Clubcard points could get you:

  • 1000 points = Up to £10 off at Pizza Express
  • 1000 points = 1 free child ticket worth £29.50 at a Merlin attraction
  • 1000 points = Around £79 worth of Cineworld tickets

An example

Say you redeem 1000 points for a Merlin Attractions reward code. This gets you 1 free child entry worth approx £29.50.

If you were paying cash, a child ticket would cost you £29.50. But by using 1000 Clubcard points, you get it for free, saving yourself £29.50.

What is 1000 Clubcard points worth for Avios?

The third main way to use Clubcard points is converting them into Avios air miles with British Airways Executive Club.

The conversion rate is:

  • 200 Clubcard points = 400 Avios

So for 1000 Clubcard points you would get:

  • 1000 / 200 = 5 lots of 200 Clubcard points
  • 5 x 400 Avios = 2000 Avios

An example

If you transferred 1000 Clubcard points to Avios, you would earn 2000 Avios in your British Airways Executive Club account.

These Avios could be used to redeem a flight or flight upgrade. As an example, 2000 Avios would get you half way towards a one-way reward flight from London to Amsterdam which starts from 4000 Avios plus taxes and fees.

What is the best way to use 1000 Clubcard points?

So in summary, here’s the approximate value of 1000 Clubcard points depending on how you use them:

  • Tesco spending: £7 off your shop
  • Reward Partners: Up to £29.50 off rewards like days out and dining
  • Avios: 2000 Avios miles

Exchanging for Reward Partner codes often gives the most monetary value. But Avios work well for frequent travelers who can put the air miles towards flights or upgrades. Spending directly on your Tesco shopping gives the lowest monetary return, but is convenient instant savings on your groceries.

The best option for you depends on your shopping and lifestyle habits. For maximum savings:

  • Use points for groceries if you do a weekly shop at Tesco
  • Boost value through Reward Partners if you enjoy treats like dining out and days out
  • Convert to Avios if you travel regularly with British Airways

Top tips

To get the most from your 1000 Clubcard points:

  • Pick rewards that match your lifestyle – eg family days out, weekend breaks, restaurants you visit often
  • Avoid letting points expire – use or transfer them within 2 years
  • Make a note of expiry dates and set reminders to use your points
  • Look for extra point codes – online retailers sometimes offer bonus points


While 1000 Clubcard points is worth a fixed £7 off your Tesco shop, you can get up to 4 times more value by exchanging for Reward Partner perks like Cineworld tickets or Pizza Express discounts. Converting to Avios also gives a good return for regular travelers. Pick the option that best suits your shopping and lifestyle needs to get the maximum savings from your hard-earned points.

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