How much calories is Teriyaki Madness?

Teriyaki Madness is a popular fast casual Asian restaurant chain that specializes in made-to-order teriyaki bowls, rice bowls, noodle bowls, and chicken wings. When looking at the calorie counts for Teriyaki Madness menu items, there are a few key questions to consider:

What are the lowest calorie menu options at Teriyaki Madness?

Some of the lowest calorie menu items at Teriyaki Madness include:

  • Original Chicken Bowl with Brown Rice (440 calories)
  • Vegetable Bowl with Brown Rice (360 calories)
  • Spicy Chicken Bowl with Mixed Vegetables (500 calories)
  • Tonkotsu Ramen with Chicken (520 calories)
  • Miso Soup (90 calories)

Opting for brown rice, mixed veggies, and lean proteins like chicken can help keep the calorie count lower for Teriyaki Madness bowls and noodles. Sauces like the spicy teriyaki also add less calories than creamy or sweet sauces.

What are the highest calorie options at Teriyaki Madness?

Some of the highest calorie items on the Teriyaki Madness menu include:

  • Fatty Chicken Bowl with Regular Rice (1,030 calories)
  • Yum Yum Chicken Bowl with Regular Rice (990 calories)
  • Orange Chicken Bowl with Regular Rice (900 calories)
  • Chicken Katsu Bowl with Regular Rice (870 calories)
  • Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl (850 calories)

Menu items that are crispy, fried, or sauced with creamy or sweet teriyaki tend to be higher in calories. Opting for regular over brown rice also increases the calorie density significantly.

What makes a meal higher or lower in calories at Teriyaki Madness?

There are a few factors that impact the calorie count of Teriyaki Madness menu items:

  • Protein: Fattier proteins like fatty chicken are higher in calories than leaner options like grilled chicken breast.
  • Rice: Regular white rice adds over 200 more calories than nutrient-dense brown rice.
  • Sauce: Creamy and sweet sauces add more calories compared to lighter options like spicy teriyaki.
  • Cooking Method: Crispy fried items are higher in calories than grilled, steamed or sautéed options.
  • Vegetables: Bowls with more veggies are typically lower in calories than carb-heavy meals.

How many calories on average are in Teriyaki Madness meals?

The average calorie count of meals at Teriyaki Madness ranges from about 500-900 calories depending on the ingredients, cooking methods, portion sizes and additions like rice and veggies. Here is an overview:

  • Teriyaki Bowls: 500-850 calories
  • Rice Bowls: 600-900 calories
  • Noodle Bowls: 500-700 calories
  • Chicken Wings: 450-900 calories for 6-12 wings
  • Side Items: 90-290 calories

The calorie range gives flexibility for lower calorie meals around 500 calories or higher calorie meals approaching 1,000 calories depending on your preferences and appetite.

What are some tips for ordering lower calorie meals at Teriyaki Madness?

Some tips for reducing calories when ordering Teriyaki Madness include:

  • Opt for lean proteins like chicken breast or tofu
  • Choose brown rice over white rice
  • Load up on vegetables for added fiber and nutrients
  • Ask for light or low-calorie teriyaki sauces like spicy teriyaki
  • Avoid fried items and choose grilled instead
  • Order a side salad instead of rice or noodles
  • Split or share dishes to control portions

Can you create customized lower calorie bowls at Teriyaki Madness?

Yes, one great option at Teriyaki Madness is to customize your own bowl. This allows you to swap higher calorie ingredients for lower calorie options. Some ways to customize for lower calories include:

  • Choose grilled chicken, shrimp, or tofu as your protein
  • Opt for brown rice or a side salad instead of white rice
  • Load up with extra veggies like broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, etc.
  • Ask for light teriyaki or citrus ponzu sauce on the side
  • Skip higher calorie add-ons like avocado and mayo-based sauces

Building your own bowl with lean protein, lots of non-starchy veggies, and lighter sauces allows you to enjoy the flavors while keeping your meal around 500 calories.

What are some healthier side options at Teriyaki Madness?

Some of the lower calorie side dish options at Teriyaki Madness that can round out a meal include:

  • Steamed Rice (206 calories)
  • Steamed Veggies (60 calories)
  • Miso Soup (90 calories)
  • Side Salad with Vinaigrette (110 calories)
  • Seaweed Salad (50 calories)
  • Edamame Hummus with Cucumbers (210 calories)

Pairing a lean protein bowl with a side salad or steamed veggies instead of rice can add nutrients without too many extra calories.

What are the best options for low-carb meals at Teriyaki Madness?

For low-carb options, the best choices at Teriyaki Madness are:

  • Protein Bowl with Mixed Vegetables instead of rice
  • Noodle bowls made with shirataki noodles instead of rice noodles
  • Salmon Poke Bowl with salad greens instead of rice
  • Chicken wings with Buffalo or other low-carb sauce
  • Any bowl served over salad greens instead of rice

Asking for no rice and extra veggies in a bowl is a simple way to enjoy the flavors while keeping carbs and calories down.

What low-carb Teriyaki Madness menu items should be avoided?

Menu items that are higher in carbs and best avoided on a low-carb diet include:

  • Rice bowls
  • Regular noodle bowls with rice noodles
  • Crispy rice in bowls or sides
  • Potstickers
  • Sweet sauces like Yum Yum and Orange

Sticking with bowls served over greens, shirataki noodles, chicken wings, poke bowls, and low-carb sauces are the best approach for minimizing carbs.

What are some tips for eating healthy at Teriyaki Madness?

Tips for enjoying Teriyaki Madness as part of a healthy diet include:

  • Opt for grilled proteins like chicken, steak, shrimp or salmon
  • Load up on non-starchy veggies like broccoli, bell peppers, onions, etc.
  • Choose brown rice or salad instead of white rice for more nutrients
  • Ask for light teriyaki sauce or sauce on the side to control sodium
  • Avoid fried items, avocado, cheeses, mayo-based sauces
  • Enjoy miso soup or seaweed salad for an appetizer
  • Split or share dishes to control portions

With some simple substitutions and smart choices, you can enjoy the great-tasting food at Teriyaki Madness while still eating healthfully.

Nutrition Information for Popular Teriyaki Madness Menu Items

Here is a table summarizing the nutrition facts for some of Teriyaki Madness’ most popular menu items:

Menu Item Calories Carbs Protein Fat
Original Chicken Bowl 440 48g 30g 8g
Spicy Chicken Bowl 500 44g 32g 18g
Yum Yum Chicken Bowl 990 123g 25g 24g
Chicken Katsu Bowl 870 87g 34g 38g
Tonkotsu Ramen 520 65g 24g 11g

As shown, bowls like the Original Chicken provide a great balance of macronutrients for around 400-500 calories. Fried, crispy bowls or those with sweet sauces are significantly higher in carbs, fat and overall calories.


At Teriyaki Madness, it’s certainly possible to enjoy lower calorie and healthier meals by customizing bowls with lean proteins, lots of vegetables, brown rice or salad greens, and lighter sauces. Avoiding fried items, fatty proteins, white rice, and creamy/sweet sauces can keep calories in check. With balanced nutrition and appropriate portion sizes, Teriyaki Madness can be part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

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