How much calories is in a In N Out Burger?

In N Out Burgers are a popular fast food chain known for their simple menu of burgers, fries, and shakes. But how many calories are actually in one of their famous burgers? In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the calorie counts of In N Out’s most popular menu items to help you make informed choices when dining there.

Calories in an In N Out Hamburger

The basic In N Out hamburger contains the following:

  • Bun
  • Spread (likely a tangy thousand island-style sauce)
  • Onion
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Burger patty

According to the In N Out nutrition information page, a regular hamburger contains 240 calories. This consists of:

  • Bun: 150 calories
  • Spread: 50 calories
  • Onion: 5 calories
  • Lettuce: 5 calories
  • Tomato: 5 calories
  • Burger patty: 25 calories

So the plain hamburger patty itself is only 25 calories. The bun accounts for over half the calories at 150. The spread also adds a significant 50 calories. The vegetables – onion, lettuce, and tomato – add minimal calories to the burger.

Calories in In N Out Burger Patty

As mentioned above, the burger patty itself contains only 25 calories. This is for the junior 2 oz patty. In N Out burger patties are relatively low in calories because they are thin patties made of 100% ground beef with no fillers or extra fat added.

The calories will differ slightly depending on patty size:

  • Junior 2 oz patty: 25 calories
  • Single 3 oz patty: 40 calories
  • Double-Double 6 oz patties: 80 calories

Calories in In N Out Bun

In N Out uses a simple bun made with flour, yeast, and water. The standard bun accounts for 150 calories of the burger. This comes from the carbohydrates in the flour.

For comparison, here are the calories for the different bun options:

  • Standard bun: 150 calories
  • Protein style (lettuce wrap): 20 calories
  • Low carb lettuce wrap: 5 calories

Ordering a burger protein style or low carb with a lettuce wrap instead of the bun can significantly reduce the calorie count of your meal.

Calories in an In N Out Cheeseburger

Adding cheese to your In N Out burger impacts the calories. A cheeseburger contains:

  • Bun: 150 calories
  • Spread: 50 calories
  • Onion: 5 calories
  • Lettuce: 5 calories
  • Tomato: 5 calories
  • Cheese: 50 calories
  • Burger patty: 25 calories

The total calories in a regular cheeseburger is 290. So adding cheese adds 50 calories to the burger.

Type of Cheese

In N Out uses American cheese on their burgers. A single slice of American cheese contributes about 50 calories to the burger. Other cheese choices would have a different calorie count, such as:

  • Cheddar: 115 calories
  • Swiss: 105 calories
  • Pepper Jack: 110 calories

Amount of Cheese

The amount of cheese also impacts the calories:

  • Single slice: 50 calories
  • Double slice (double-double): 100 calories

Ordering extra cheese adds extra calories. A double-double with two cheese slices contains 340 calories total.

Calories in In N Out Fries

In addition to burgers, In N Out is also famous for its fresh cut french fries. In N Out fries are made from fresh potatoes sliced in store and fried in sunflower oil. The calories in fries will differ based on size:

  • Kids size fries: 230 calories
  • Small fries: 340 calories
  • Medium fries: 400 calories
  • Large fries: 500 calories
  • Extra large fries: 580 calories

A standard order of small fries contains 340 calories. Medium and large sizes add more calories as you get more fries. The kids size with 230 calories is the lowest calorie fry option.

Nutrition Facts

Here are some key nutrition facts for In N Out fries:

  • Total fat: 19g
  • Saturated fat: 3.5g
  • Trans fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 44g
  • Fiber: 5g
  • Sugar: 0g
  • Protein: 5g
  • Sodium: 250mg

The fries get most of their calories from carbohydrates and fat. They also contain fiber, protein, and fat. The sodium content is relatively low compared to other fast food fries.

Preparation Methods

In N Out fries are cooked in sunflower oil. Fries from other fast food chains may use other oils higher in saturated fat like palm, soybean, or hydrogenated vegetable oil. This contributes to In N Out fries being lower in calories than competitors.

Additionally, In N Out fries contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, or added MSG which can all add hidden calories.

Calories in In N Out Milkshakes

In N Out is famous for its hand-spun milkshakes made from real ice cream. The calorie count differs based on milkshake size:

  • 8 oz mini shake: 330 calories
  • 12 oz small shake: 440 calories
  • 16 oz medium shake: 550 calories
  • 20 oz large shake: 660 calories

A small 12 oz vanilla shake contains 440 calories. Milkshakes range from 330 to 660 calories depending on size.

Milkshake Flavor

The three milkshake flavors at In N Out are:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry

All flavors contain similar calorie counts. For example, a 12 oz small shake in all three flavors contains 440 calories. Flavor does not significantly affect calories.

Cream vs. Ice Cream

Most fast food chains use a thick milkshake syrup and soft serve ice cream in their shakes. However, In N Out milkshakes are made from real ice cream. This makes them higher in fat and calories compared to places using soft serve.

12 oz small shake calories:

  • In N Out (ice cream): 440 calories
  • McDonalds (soft serve): 300 calories

The real ice cream contributes to the higher calorie count in In N Out shakes.

Low Calorie In N Out Ordering Tips

Here are some tips for ordering lower calorie items at In N Out:

  • Order burgers protein style or low carb with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun
  • Get burgers made with extra vegetables and limit cheese and spread
  • Order the kids size fries or share a small fries
  • Choose a mini or small shake instead of a larger shake
  • Order diet soda instead of a milkshake for zero calories
  • Avoid adding extra salt, oil, or high calorie toppings to foods

Being mindful of portions and unnecessary added calories from cheese, sauce, shakes, and fries can help reduce the total calorie content of your In N Out meal.

In N Out Burger Calorie Chart

Here is a quick reference chart summarizing the calories for In N Out’s most popular menu items:

Menu Item Calories
Hamburger 240
Cheeseburger 290
Double-Double 440
Fries (kids) 230
Fries (small) 340
Milkshake (mini) 330
Milkshake (small) 440

This covers the most common In N Out menu items. As you can see, calories range from 240 for a plain hamburger up to 440 for a double-double burger. Fries add 230 to 340 calories depending on size. A small shake will cost you 440 calories.


When dining at In N Out Burger, calories can quickly add up in burgers loaded with cheese and sauce, and sides of fries and shakes. A basic hamburger contains 240 calories, while more indulgent options like a double-double with fries and a shake can top 1,000 calories.

To keep your meal relatively low in calories when eating at In N Out:

  • Opt for hamburgers and skip the cheese, spread, and bun
  • Choose the kids size fries or share a small order
  • Avoid adding a high calorie shake to your order

Being mindful about customizing your order and limiting extras like cheese and fries can help control your calorie intake when enjoying In N Out’s famous burgers.

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