How many screws in a 5 pound box of drywall screws?

When undertaking a drywall or wallboarding project, one of the most fundamental questions is “How many screws will I need?” Knowing the approximate screw count in a standard box can help with planning and budgeting.

Quick Answers

Here are some quick answers to the key questions around screws per 5 lb box:

  • A 5 lb box contains around 1000-1300 drywall screws on average
  • This is around 200-260 screws per 1 lb
  • A single drywall sheet takes around 35-55 screws for installation
  • So a 5 lb box can cover around 20-35 standard 4×8 ft drywall sheets

Average Screw Count by Weight

First, let’s look at the average screw count you can expect to find in boxes of varying weights:

Box Weight Approx. Screw Count
1 lb 200-260 screws
5 lb 1000-1300 screws
25 lb 5000-6500 screws

As you can see, the general range is 200-260 screws per pound. So in a standard 5 lb box, you can expect around 1000-1300 screws inside.

Factors Affecting Total Screw Count

However, the exact screw count can vary based on a few factors:

  • Screw size – Smaller gauge, thinner screws take up less space per pound
  • Screw length – Shorter screw lengths fit more screws per pound vs longer screws
  • Screw type – Specialized screws may be heavier and reduce the count per pound
  • Brand/quality – Budget screws tend to have higher counts per pound

But for standard drywall screw boxes from major brands, you can expect around 200-260 screws inside per pound marked on the packaging.

Screws Needed Per Drywall Sheet

Another useful reference point is screws needed per drywall sheet. This can help estimate how many sheets a single screw box will cover.

On average, a single 4×8 ft drywall panel requires:

  • 35-55 screws for wall installation
  • 45-70 screws for ceiling installation

The range depends on stud spacing and board thickness. Thicker 5/8 in drywall and tighter 16 in on center stud spacing will be on the higher end.

Screws Per Sheet by Location

Installation Type Screws Per Sheet
Wall – 16 in OC studs 55 screws
Wall – 24 in OC studs 40 screws
Ceiling – 16 in OC joists 70 screws
Ceiling – 24 in OC joists 50 screws

As shown above, a typical drywall sheet uses 35-70 screws depending on the exact installation type and framing spacing.

Estimated Drywall Sheets Per Screw Box

Based on the average screw count per box and average screws needed per sheet, we can estimate the number of drywall sheets a single box can cover.

Taking a typical 5 lb box with around 1300 screws at the high end, here is the approximate drywall sheet coverage:

  • Wall installation – 25-35 sheets per 5 lb box
  • Ceiling installation – 20-25 sheets per 5 lb box

For wall mounting on studs spaced 16-24 in apart, a single 5 lb screw box will usually cover 25-35 standard 4×8 ft drywall sheets.

For ceiling mounting, the estimate is around 20-25 sheets covered per 5 lb box based on typical joist spacing.

Estimated Drywall Sheets Per Box

Box Weight Wall Sheets Ceiling Sheets
1 lb 5-7 4-5
5 lb 25-35 20-25
25 lb 125-175 100-125

These are rough estimates, but provide a good reference point for planning screw box needs by sheet coverage.

Cost of Screws Per Pound

When budgeting a drywall project, the cost per pound of screws is also useful to factor in.

On average, drywall screws cost:

  • $8 – $15 per 1 lb box
  • $35 – $55 per 5 lb box
  • $160 – $220 per 25 lb box

Buying in bulk 25 lb boxes provides the most cost savings per pound. But 1 lb boxes allow more flexibility if estimating needs and waste.

Screw Cost per Pound

Box Size Typical Price Range Cost per Pound
1 lb $8 – $15 $8 – $15
5 lb $35 – $55 $7 – $11
25 lb $160 – $220 $6.50 – $9

Buying larger bulk boxes reduces the per pound costs. But smaller boxes provide more flexibility in estimating needs.


To summarize the key estimates:

  • A 5 lb box of drywall screws contains around 1000-1300 screws
  • This works out to around 200-260 screws per pound
  • Wall mounting takes around 35-55 screws per 4×8 sheet
  • Ceiling mounting takes around 45-70 screws per sheet
  • So a 5 lb box covers about 25-35 wall sheets or 20-25 ceiling sheets
  • Cost per pound ranges from $6.50-$15 depending on box size

Knowing these general drywall screw estimates can help with planning and budgeting your project. But always confirm with screw box labeling rather than relying solely on these approximate reference points.

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