How many miles can a Prius get in a tank?

The Toyota Prius is one of the most fuel efficient hybrid cars on the market. Its combination of a gasoline engine and electric motor allow it to achieve impressive gas mileage. But just how far can you expect to drive on a single tank of gas in a Prius? Let’s take a closer look at real-world Prius gas mileage and driving range.

What Is the Official EPA Mileage Rating for the Prius?

According to, the official EPA mileage ratings for the different Prius models are:

  • 2020 Toyota Prius: 58 MPG combined (54 city/50 highway)
  • 2020 Toyota Prius LE: 58 MPG combined (54 city/50 highway)
  • 2020 Toyota Prius XLE: 58 MPG combined (54 city/50 highway)
  • 2020 Toyota Prius Limited: 58 MPG combined (54 city/50 highway)

These ratings are determined by the EPA under controlled laboratory conditions. Real-world driving results will vary.

How Big Is the Gas Tank in a Toyota Prius?

Most Prius models have a 11.3 gallon fuel tank. However, the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid has a smaller 8.8 gallon tank since it can also run on electric power stored in its battery pack.

How Far Can a Prius Drive on a Full Tank?

Based on the combined 58 MPG rating and 11.3 gallon tank, a Prius can drive approximately:

  • 558 miles on a full tank of gas (11.3 gallons x 58 MPG = 656 miles)

Of course, your actual driving range will vary based on your real-world MPG. Driving conditions, climate, speed, and other factors will affect mileage and reduce the number of miles you can go before refueling.

What Kind of Gas Mileage Do Prius Owners Get?

Many Prius owners report getting 50-60 MPG in combined city/highway driving. With a realistic 60 MPG average, you could expect to drive around:

  • 678 miles per tank (11.3 gallons x 60 MPG = 678 miles)

Some Prius owners even manage to get 80+ MPG with hypermiling techniques. At that rate, over 900 miles per tank is possible!

How Far Can a Prius Drive on Electricity Alone?

The regular Prius cannot drive solely on electricity – its electric motor works together with the gas engine. However, the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid model has an EPA-rated 25 mile electric only driving range when fully charged. This allows you to drive around town using no gasoline at all.

How Does Driving Style Affect Prius Gas Mileage?

Your driving habits have a major impact on Prius fuel efficiency. Here are some tips to maximize gas mileage:

  • Accelerate gently – rushing away from stops will burn extra gas.
  • Maintain steady speeds – rapid acceleration and braking hurts MPG.
  • Obey speed limits – higher speeds increase wind resistance.
  • Avoid idling – turn off your engine if stopped for more than 30 seconds.
  • Reduce cargo weight – extra mass reduces economy.
  • Keep tires properly inflated – low pressure causes drag.
  • Use cruise control on highways.
  • Limit use of A/C and heat.
  • Stay within regular maintenance schedule.

Aggressive driving can reduce a Prius’ fuel economy by 20% or more. Smooth, conservative driving makes a big difference.

How Does the Toyota Prius Get Such Good Gas Mileage?

Toyota’s Prius hybrid system is engineered for maximum fuel efficiency through:

  • Regenerative Braking – Kinetic energy is recaptured when braking to recharge the battery.
  • Electric Motor – The electric motor provides power assistance to the gas engine and can move the car without any gasoline.
  • Auto Start/Stop – The gas engine shuts off automatically when idling to prevent waste.
  • Eco Mode – Adjusts throttle response and climate control to maximize economy.
  • Lightweight Materials – Aluminum, high-strength steel, and plastics reduce weight.
  • Low Rolling Resistance Tires – Special tires minimize drag for better efficiency.
  • Sleek Aerodynamics – A low 0.25 drag coefficient cuts through the wind.

Together, these engineering advances enable the Prius to make the most out of every drop of gasoline.

How Does Temperature Impact Prius Gas Mileage?

Extreme cold or hot weather can reduce the Prius’ fuel economy. Colder temperatures cause the gasoline engine to run more frequently to warm the cabin. Hot weather forces increased use of air conditioning, putting more load on the engine. You can maximize gas mileage by limiting use of climate controls.

Does the Prius Really Get Over 50 MPG in Real-World Driving?

Yes, most Prius drivers report achieving EPA estimates of 50-60 MPG in mixed driving or better. In favorable conditions, exceeding 65 MPG is not uncommon. But gas mileage can dip below 50 MPG with adverse weather, short trips, and aggressive driving.

What Are the Best Tips for Maximizing Prius Gas Mileage?

Here are some top recommendations for getting the most miles out of a tank in your Prius:

  • Accelerate and brake gradually
  • Obey posted speed limits
  • Use cruise control whenever possible
  • Plan routes to minimize stop-and-go traffic
  • Combine multiple errands into one trip
  • Remove unneeded cargo and extras weight
  • Make sure tire pressure meets specifications
  • Stay on top of routine maintenance
  • Disable rear climate controls if not needed
  • Park in the shade to keep car cool

Drivers who learn to drive conservatively and avoid aggression can stretch each tank to the limit. Taking it easy is the key to big savings at the pump.

How Does the Prius Compare to Other Hybrids’ Gas Mileage?

Hybrid Model Combined MPG
Toyota Prius 56
Honda Insight 52
Hyundai Ioniq 58
Kia Niro 52
Toyota Camry Hybrid 52

The Prius leads among mainstream hybrid sedans. Only the Ioniq and Prius Prime plug-in beat it. But real-world results depend on local conditions and individual driving habits.

How Much Money Can You Save by Driving a Prius?

With gas prices averaging around $3.50 per gallon, and driving 15,000 miles per year at 50 MPG, you could save approximately:

  • $750 per year compared to a 25 MPG car
  • $1,125 per year compared to a 20 MPG car

Over a 5-year ownership period, the fuel savings advantage of a Prius over less efficient cars adds up to thousands of dollars. The Prius’ lower maintenance costs also help offset its higher purchase price.

Should I Buy a Prius to Save Money on Gas?

A Prius makes sense if you’re looking for the most fuel-efficient hybrid option. Its impressive gas mileage translates into big savings, especially with high annual mileage. However, it carries a price premium over compact economy cars unless gas prices are very high. Consider your driving needs carefully when choosing between high-MPG hybrids and cheaper gas-only models.


Real-world Prius gas mileage lives up to its EPA ratings, with most drivers achieving 50-60 MPG in mixed use. Capable of over 600 miles per tank, the Prius is a fuel-sipping champ. With smart driving habits, owners can stretch each fill up to the limit. No other mainstream hybrid can match the Prius for value at the pump.

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