How many followers on Instagram do you need to make $1000 per month?

Making money on Instagram has become an increasingly popular way for influencers and businesses to generate income. With over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, there is huge potential to monetize your account once you build a sizable following.

But how many followers do you actually need to start earning $1000 per month? The answer depends on several factors.

Ways to Monetize an Instagram Account

There are a few primary ways Instagram users make money from their accounts:

  • Sponsored posts – Getting paid by brands to promote their products or services in your posts and stories.
  • Affiliate marketing – Earning a commission when your followers purchase products you recommend.
  • Selling products – Selling your own physical or digital products directly to your followers.
  • Licensing content – Allowing brands to repost your content in exchange for a fee.

The amount of money you can make through each monetization method depends largely on your number of engaged followers. More followers equals higher potential earnings.

Follower Count Needed for Various Earnings Benchmarks

As a general guideline, here is the minimum number of followers generally needed to make the specified monthly earnings:

Monthly Earnings Goal Minimum Followers Needed
$100 1,000
$500 5,000
$1,000 10,000
$2,000 25,000
$5,000 100,000

As you can see, most Instagram experts estimate you need a minimum of 10,000 engaged followers to realistically start earning $1000 per month from your account.

How 10,000 Followers Can Earn $1000 Per Month

So let’s break down the math on how 10,000 followers can help you earn your first $1000 on Instagram.

The average engagement rate for an account with 10,000 followers is around 5%. That means if you have 10,000 followers, about 500 of them will like or comment on each post.

With 10,000 followers, you can likely charge around $50 for a sponsored post or story. If you secure 4 paid sponsorship deals at $50 each in a month, that’s already $200 earned.

To make the additional $800, you would need to earn $27 through affiliate links or product sales from each post you share (assuming you post daily). This is doable, especially if you have an engaged audience interested in buying the products you recommend.

Another option is licensing your content. At 10,000 followers, you can charge around $100 per photo or video that brands repost. Just 8 pieces of licensed content would help you meet that $1000 mark.

Tips to Earn More With Your Initial 10,000 Followers

Here are some tips to maximize your earnings once you’ve hit that crucial 10,000 follower threshold:

  • Niche down and be as targeted as possible with your content. A highly engaged, niche audience is worth far more than a broad, disengaged audience.
  • Post high-quality, visually appealing content consistently.
  • Interact with your audience in comments and stories.
  • Partner with brands that align closely with your niche and aesthetics.
  • Make sure to disclose #ads and #sponsored content clearly.
  • Consider an Instagram business account and utilize analytics to improve performance.

Growing Your Earnings as You Gain More Followers

While it’s possible to earn $1000 per month with 10,000 engaged followers, your earnings potential will grow exponentially as you continue increasing your follower count.

Here’s how your potential sponsored post earnings scale up as you gain more followers:

Followers Sponsored Post Price
50,000 $250
100,000 $500
500,000 $1000
1 million $2500
2 million $5000

And as you move into the millions of followers, you can start supplementing sponsored posts with 5 and 6-figure brand deals and partnership opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  • Most experts agree you need at least 10,000 engaged Instagram followers to start earning $1000 per month.
  • The key earnings sources at 10,000 followers are sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, selling products, and licensing content.
  • Be strategic with your niche, content quality, and audience engagement to maximize earnings.
  • Your income potential will continue growing as you gain more followers and have access to larger brand deals.

The Reality of Earning $1000 Per Month on Instagram

While the earning potential on Instagram is certainly exciting, it’s important to note that making $1000 per month takes significant effort and time – especially for the average user.

Influencers with 10,000+ followers often treat content creation like a full-time job, spending several hours per day taking photos/videos, planning content strategy, interacting with followers, pitching to brands, etc.

Very few people with just 10,000 followers are able to make $1000+ per month from occasional Instagram posts. It requires making Instagram content creation a central focus.

The Instagram money-making fantasy is real for top influencers. But for most casual users, monetizing an account takes immense work. Setting reasonable expectations from the start helps avoid disappointment down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of accounts typically earn the most money on Instagram?

Accounts in popular niches like lifestyle, travel, fitness, beauty, and fashion tend to have the highest earning potential. Food, parenting, and home decor accounts can also be quite lucrative.

Should I use an Instagram business account?

Yes, using an Instagram business account makes it easier to analyze key metrics and partner with brands. Switch your personal account to a business account once you’re ready to start monetizing.

How much should I charge for a sponsored Instagram post?

Industry averages are about $1 per follower per post. So an account with 50,000 followers could charge around $50 per sponsored post, while an account with 200,000 followers may charge $200.

What is an average Instagram engagement rate?

Engagement rate is the percentage of followers who like or comment on your posts. The current average engagement rate on Instagram is around 4%. Popular influencers often maintain engagement rates of 10% or higher.

How can I grow my Instagram follower count quickly?

Post great content frequently, use relevant hashtags, engage with others in your niche, run giveaways and contests, leverage Instagram stories, and optimize your profile. Patience and consistency are key.


Building a sizable and engaged following on Instagram takes significant time, effort, and strategy. But for influencers who put in the work, monetizing Instagram can become a viable source of income.

While the 10,000 follower benchmark is a good goal to aim for, focus on creating high-quality, niche-focused content above all else. If you can build an audience that genuinely loves your brand, the earnings will follow.

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