How many carbs does sugar free syrup have?

Sugar free syrup is a popular alternative to regular syrup for people looking to limit their sugar and carb intake. Sugar free syrups are made with non-nutritive sweeteners instead of sugar, allowing you to get the sweet syrupy taste without all the calories and carbs. But how many carbs are actually in sugar free syrup? Here’s a quick overview of the carb count for some popular sugar free syrup brands.

Quick Answer

Most sugar free syrups contain 0-1 grams of net carbs per serving. The specific carb count can vary slightly by brand. For example:
– Torani sugar free syrups contain 0g net carbs
– Jordan’s Skinny Syrups contain 0g net carbs
– Walden Farms pancake syrup has 0g net carbs
– Log Cabin sugar free syrup has <1g net carbs So in general, sugar free syrup is an excellent low carb option for pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, and more, with negligible impact on your daily carb intake.

Net Carbs vs Total Carbs

When looking at the carb content of sugar free syrup, it’s important to pay attention to the net carbs, not just the total carbs.

Net carbs are calculated by subtracting the fiber and sugar alcohols from the total carbs. Fiber and sugar alcohols are indigestible, so they don’t impact blood sugar.

Total carbs includes all carbs without accounting for fiber and sugar alcohols.

For the most accuracy, always look at the net carbs on a nutrition label, as this reflects the carbs that actually affect your body.

Carb Counts by Brand

Here is a more detailed look at the carb counts for some of the most popular sugar free syrup brands:

Torani Sugar Free Syrup

– Serving size: 2 Tbsp (30ml)
– Total carbs: 1g
– Fiber: 0g
– Sugar alcohols: 1g
– **Net carbs: 0g**

Torani makes some of the most widely available sugar free syrups. All of their sugar free varieties, including maple, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and more, contain 0 net carbs per serving.

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups

– Serving size: 2 Tbsp (30ml)
– Total carbs: 1g
– Fiber: 0g
– Sugar alcohols: 1g
– **Net carbs: 0g**

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups offers many keto-friendly sugar free flavors like maple pecan, chocolate coconut, and pumpkin spice, all with 0 net carbs per 2 Tbsp serving.

Walden Farms Pancake Syrup

– Serving size: 1/4 cup (60ml)
– Total carbs: 0g
– Fiber: 0g
– Sugar alcohols: 0g
– **Net carbs: 0g**

Walden Farms is known for their zero calorie, zero carb products. Their sugar free maple flavored pancake syrup contains no carbs or calories.

Log Cabin Sugar Free Syrup

– Serving size: 2 Tbsp (30ml)
– Total carbs: 1g
– Fiber: 0g
– Sugar alcohols: 0g
– **Net carbs: <1g** Log Cabin's sugar free syrup has just 1g of total carbs and 0g fiber or sugar alcohols, so the net carbs come out to just under 1g per serving.

Carbs in Popular Sugar Free Syrup Brands

Brand Serving Size Total Carbs Fiber Sugar Alcohols Net Carbs
Torani 2 Tbsp 1g 0g 1g 0g
Jordan’s Skinny Syrups 2 Tbsp 1g 0g 1g 0g
Walden Farms 1/4 cup 0g 0g 0g 0g
Log Cabin 2 Tbsp 1g 0g 0g <1g

Using Sugar Free Syrup on a Low Carb Diet

The minimal amount of carbs in sugar free syrup makes it easy to incorporate into a low carb or keto diet.

Here are some tips for using sugar free syrup on a low carb eating plan:

– Drizzle it over keto pancakes or waffles made with low carb flours and sweeteners.
– Mix it into Greek yogurt or cottage cheese for a protein packed breakfast.
– Use it as a topping for low carb chia pudding or overnight oats.
– Stir it into oatmeal or chia seed pudding to add sweetness.
– Mix with almond milk for a delicious zero carb “milkshake”.
– Use as a topping for keto desserts like mug cakes.
– Drizzle over berries or keto ice cream for an easy dessert.

When buying sugar free syrup, be sure to read the nutrition labels and buy brands with 0-1g net carbs per serving for the lowest carb option. Measure carefully, as the carbs can add up quickly if you overdo the portion size.

Potential Downsides of Sugar Free Syrup

While sugar free syrup is very low in carbs, there are a few potential downsides to be aware of:

Blood Sugar Spikes – Some sugar free sweeteners like maltitol can cause blood sugar spikes in sensitive individuals, even though they are technically 0 net carbs.

Digestive Issues – The sugar alcohol sweeteners can cause digestive problems like bloating and diarrhea when consumed in excess.

Aftertaste – Some people detect an unpleasant artificial aftertaste with sugar free syrups.

Highly Processed – Sugar free syrups are highly processed products with artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

To help mitigate these issues, consume sugar free syrup in moderation as part of an overall healthy low carb diet. Try switching between different sweeteners or using 100% maple syrup in very small portions to mix things up.

Healthier Alternatives to Sugar Free Syrup

If you prefer to avoid sugar free syrup, here are some healthier alternatives:

Small amounts of pure maple syrup – 1 Tbsp of real maple syrup has about 4g net carbs.

Fruit sauce – Make your own sauce out of blended berries or other low glycemic fruits.

Stevia-sweetened syrup – Look for brands made with natural stevia instead of artificial sweeteners.

Sugar free maple flavoring – These offer maple taste without sweeteners.

Cinnamon – Sprinkle on cinnamon for natural sweetness without any carbs.

Sliced fruit – Top pancakes or waffles with fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries.

The Bottom Line

Quick Summary

Most sugar free syrups have either 0g or 1g of net carbs per serving. Brands like Torani, Jordan’s Skinny Syrups, Walden Farms, and Log Cabin make great keto-friendly sugar free syrup options.

Use sugar free syrup sparingly to avoid digestive issues. For a more natural approach, use small amounts of pure maple syrup, fruit, or cinnamon instead.

When closely measured and monitored, sugar free syrup can be included as an occasional treat in a healthy low carb or ketogenic diet. It provides a nice sweet flavor for pancakes and waffles with minimal impact on your net carb intake.

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