How many carbs are in the Tour of Italy at Olive Garden?

The Tour of Italy at Olive Garden is one of their most popular pasta dishes. With its mix of three different pastas, creamy Alfredo sauce, and variety of proteins, it provides a hearty meal full of carbs. For those watching their carb intake, knowing how many carbs are in the Tour of Italy is important.

Quick Answer

The total carbs in Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy depends on the specific ingredients and portion size. A regular full order ranges from around 90-130g of net carbs. With a lower calorie Lite version or a lunch portion, you can expect around 60-100g of net carbs.

Breaking Down the Main Carb Sources

When looking at the nutritional information for the Tour of Italy, there are three main sources of carbs:

  • Pasta – The dish includes fettuccine, penne, and cheese ravioli pastas. A regular full portion contains around 3-4oz of each pasta. Since pasta is almost entirely carbs from starch, these contribute a significant amount of carbs.
  • Alfredo Sauce – The creamy Alfredo sauce adds flavor and calories. It’s made from butter, cream, parmesan cheese, and thickening agents. The small amount of dairy and cheese provides some additional carbs.
  • Breadsticks – Olive Garden serves their entrées with 2 breadsticks. Each breadstick contains around 15g net carbs from white flour.

The protein options (chicken, shrimp, meatballs) do not significantly impact the total carbs. Any vegetables or garnishes also provide minimal extra carbs. So the pasta, sauce, and breadsticks make up the vast majority of carbs in the dish.

Carb Count for Regular Full Portion

Looking at Olive Garden’s nutrition information, here are the approximate carb counts for a full regular portion of Tour of Italy:

  • Pasta – 90-110g net carbs
  • Alfredo Sauce – 10-15g net carbs
  • Breadsticks – 30g net carbs (2 breadsticks)

In total for the entire dish:

Around 130-155g net carbs

The exact amount will depend on the specific portion sizes and ingredients used in each kitchen. But in general, expect a full regular portion of Tour of Italy to contain around 90-130g of net digestible carbs.

Carb Content in Lower Calorie Options

Olive Garden does offer some lower calorie and lower carb options for the Tour of Italy:

  • Lunch portion – Comes with smaller 3oz portions of each pasta instead of 4oz. Saves about 30g carbs.
  • Lite Lunch Portion – Uses lower carb Veggie Trio pasta instead of Fettuccine to save 40g carbs compared to regular.
  • Lite Dinner Portion – Uses Veggie Trio pasta and skips the breadsticks. Saves around 60g net carbs compared to regular.

With these options, you can reduce the total net carbs down to around:

  • Lunch Portion – 100-120g net carbs
  • Lite Lunch – 80-100g net carbs
  • Lite Dinner – 60-90g net carbs

Net Carbs vs Total Carbs

It’s important to pay attention to the net carbs, not just the total carbs. Net carbs account for fiber and sugar alcohols that are subtracted from the total carb count:

  • Total carbs – All carbs from all sources
  • Fiber – Indigestible carbs subtracted
  • Sugar alcohols – Partially digestible carbs subtracted
  • Net carbs = Total carbs – fiber – sugar alcohols

The pasta and breadsticks contain mostly digestible starch as carbs. But the Alfredo sauce contains some fiber and sugar alcohols that make the net carbs around 10g lower than the total carbs per serving.

Carb Counting for Diets Like Keto

For low carb diets like Keto, the Tour of Italy contains too many net carbs for just one meal. Even a light lunch portion would exceed the 20-50g daily net carbs on Keto. Some options include:

  • Ordering a lower carb entree like grilled chicken and salad
  • Splitting the Tour of Italy with someone else
  • Only eating half and taking the rest home
  • Removing the breadsticks and limiting pasta portions

With modifications, it’s possible to enjoy Olive Garden while still keeping net carbs low enough to remain in ketosis. You may just need to adjust portion sizes, skip sides like breadsticks, and limit higher carb sauces and pastas.

Comparing Carbs in Other Olive Garden Pastas

Dish Net Carbs
Fettuccine Alfredo 90-120g
Lasagna Classico 80-100g
Chicken Alfredo 70-90g
Seafood Alfredo 65-95g

Most creamy pasta dishes at Olive Garden provide at least 60-90g net carbs or more for a regular full portion. The mixes with chicken or seafood tend to be slightly lower carb than the cheese-based pastas.

Tips for Reducing Carbs at Olive Garden

Here are some suggestions for lowering the carbs when dining at Olive Garden:

  • Order a lunch portion of pasta or split a dinner portion
  • Skip the breadsticks and salad dressing (or use light dressing)
  • Choose meat, chicken, or seafood pasta dishes instead of cheese/cream based
  • Sub a side salad instead of fries or potatoes
  • Request extra veggies as a substitution for pasta
  • Ask for sauces on the side and use sparingly

With a few adjustments like these, you can still enjoy your favorite Olive Garden meals while keeping your carb counts in check.


The Tour of Italy at Olive Garden contains around 90-130g net carbs for a regular full portion, depending on the exact serving sizes and ingredients used. Ordering it as a lunch portion or Lite version can reduce the carbs down to 60-100g. While high in carbs, the dish can potentially be incorporated into a low carb diet by splitting portions or making substitutions.

When dining at Olive Garden, be sure to check the nutrition information and pay attention to net carbs instead of just totals. With smart menu choices and portion control, you can still enjoy your favorite Italian dishes while maintaining any dietary carbohydrate goals.

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