How much calories on average is a homemade sugar cookie?

Homemade sugar cookies are a classic treat that many people enjoy baking and eating, especially around the holidays. But like most baked goods, sugar cookies can pack a decent amount of calories. So how many calories are actually in a homemade sugar cookie on average? The answer depends on a few key factors.


The ingredients used to make sugar cookies can greatly impact the calorie content. Basic sugar cookie recipes call for things like:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Butter or oil
  • Eggs
  • Baking powder and/or baking soda
  • Vanilla extract
  • Salt

Flour, sugar, butter/oil, and eggs are typically the main calorie sources. Using more of these ingredients, especially butter, sugar, and eggs which are high in fat and carbohydrates, will increase the calories per cookie. The specific types of ingredients also matter. For example, using butter instead of oil adds more saturated fat and calories. Granulated white sugar has more calories per gram than brown sugar. And all-purpose flour has slightly more calories than cake or pastry flour.

Cookie Size

The size of the cookies also affects calorie content. Larger cookies mean more dough per cookie, increasing the calories. Standard sugar cookie recipes make cookies that are 2-3 inches across. Smaller cookies with a diameter of 1.5 inches or so will have fewer calories than a 3-inch cookie, since less dough is used per piece.


Homemade sugar cookies can also have mix-ins added like chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, coconut, dried fruit, etc. These all add extra calories on top of the base cookie dough. So chocolate chip cookies, for example, will be higher in calories than a plain sugar cookie thanks to the chocolate. The more add-ins used, the more calories are added.

Calories in Basic Sugar Cookie Dough

To determine calories for sugar cookies, you first need to know the calorie content of the basic sugar cookie dough itself without any add-ins. This provides a baseline number that additional ingredients can build upon.

Here is the nutrition information for a basic sugar cookie dough made with common ingredients and their standard amounts:

Ingredient Amount Calories
All-purpose flour 2.25 cups 855
Unsalted butter 1 cup 771
Granulated sugar 1 cup 386
Large egg 1 egg 72
Vanilla extract 1 tsp 12
Total: 2096

For a batch of basic sugar cookie dough with these typical ingredients and quantities, the total calories comes out to 2096 calories.

Calories Per Sugar Cookie

To get the calories for a single sugar cookie, you need to divide the total cookie dough calories by the number of cookies made.

A sugar cookie dough recipe that yields 24 cookies would have about 87 calories per cookie (2096 calories ÷ 24 cookies).

If the batch makes 48 cookies, then each cookie would have about 44 calories (2096 calories ÷ 48 cookies).

So the calorie count comes out to:

  • 87 calories per sugar cookie if the batch makes 24 cookies
  • 44 calories per sugar cookie if the batch makes 48 cookies

This provides a rough estimate of 44-87 calories per basic homemade sugar cookie depending on cookie size.

Here are some examples of common cookie yields and the corresponding calories per cookie:

Number of Cookies Calories per Cookie
12 large cookies 175 calories
24 standard cookies 87 calories
36 small cookies 58 calories
48 tiny cookies 44 calories

As shown, the calories per cookie decreases as the batch yield increases and the cookie size shrinks.

Calories with Add-Ins

The calories per sugar cookie will increase with any additional ingredients stirred into the dough.

Here are some common add-ins and how many calories they add per cookie based on a batch of 24 cookies:

Add-In Calories Added
Chocolate chips, 1/4 cup +97 calories
Raisins, 1/4 cup +32 calories
Shredded coconut, 1/4 cup +56 calories
Chopped nuts, 1/4 cup +89 calories
Sprinkles, 2 Tbsp +50 calories

So chocolate chip cookies would have around 184 calories per cookie (87 base dough calories + 97 additional chocolate chips calories).

Coconut sugar cookies would have 143 calories (87 base dough calories + 56 additional shredded coconut calories).

And so on for any other add-ins. Just tally up the base dough calories plus whatever mix-ins you add.

Icing or Decorations

Calorie counts will also increase if the sugar cookies are iced or decorated with additional sugary foods.

Here are some examples of how much icing or decorations can add:

  • Basic powdered sugar icing – Adds around 20 calories per cookie
  • Buttercream frosting – Adds 55-75 calories per cookie
  • Colored icing – Adds around 35 calories per cookie
  • Rolled in sprinkles – Adds 15 calories per cookie
  • Sandwich cookie with icing – Doubles icing calories, so 40-150 extra calories

Rolling edges in sprinkles or coarse sugar only contributes nominal calories, since very little is used. But full frosting, icing, and filling can double the total calories per decorated sugar cookie.

Calorie Range

Taking ingredients, size, add-ins and decorations into account, a general calorie range for homemade sugar cookies is:

  • Small plain cookie with no add-ins: 25-50 calories
  • Average plain cookie: 44-87 calories
  • Cookie with add-ins: 80-250 calories
  • Fully decorated cookie: 150-200+ calories

Plain sugar cookies without any extras added will be at the lower end of the calorie scale. But loaded cookies with add-ins and tons of icing or decorations can range up to 200+ calories each.

As a comparison, most pre-packaged store-bought sugar cookies contain 100-140 calories per cookie on average. So homemade cookies may be less or more, depending on what’s added in.

How to Reduce Calories in Sugar Cookies

If you’re looking to lighten up your sugar cookie recipe, there are a few easy ways to reduce the calories:

  • Use less butter and replace some with unsweetened applesauce to cut out fat.
  • Substitute granulated sugar with a lower calorie sweetener like erythritol or stevia.
  • Swap all-purpose flour for a lower calorie alternative like almond or coconut flour.
  • Reduce or eliminate egg yolks and just use egg whites.
  • Cut back on cookie size to reduce dough per cookie.
  • Leave cookies plain or minimally decorated.
  • Choose lower calorie mix-ins like dried fruit or omit add-ins entirely.

Experiment with the ingredients and amounts to bring the calories down while keeping cookies tasty. You can easily shave off calories and make relatively healthy sugar cookies, even down to 30-50 calories each.

Calorie Ranges for Common Sugar Cookie Variations

Beyond traditional sugar cookies, there are endless variations you can make. Here are estimated calorie ranges for some popular sugar cookie recipes:

Thumbprint Cookies

  • Plain: 50-100 calories
  • With jam: 65-115 calories


  • Plain: 80-110 calories
  • With cinnamon sugar coating: 100-140 calories

Sandwich cookies

  • With buttercream filling: 150-220 calories
  • With fruit jam filling: 110-170 calories

Iced and decorated

  • With buttercream frosting and sprinkles: 180-260 calories
  • With colored icing and chocolate drizzle: 150-220 calories

Holiday shapes

  • Plain shortbread tree, heart, etc: 60-140 calories
  • Decorated cookie: 150-250+ calories

The variety of sugar cookies out there means calorie counts will vary. But in general, most sugar cookie variations end up in the range of 60-250 calories per cookie depending on size and added ingredients.

Healthier Sugar Cookie Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to lighten up sugar cookies, here are some ideas for healthier recipes:

– Oatmeal sugar cookies – Replace some flour with oats to add fiber and whole grains.

– Fruit sugar cookies – Add dried fruit like raisins, cranberries or apricots which contributes natural sweetness.

– Spice sugar cookies – Add warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger instead of so much sugar.

– Vegetable oil cookies – Use canola oil or melted coconut oil instead of butter to reduce saturated fat.

– Greek yogurt cookies – Substitute some fat with protein-rich Greek yogurt.

– Whole wheat cookies – Use part whole wheat flour for extra nutrition.

– Vegan sugar cookies – Make them dairy-free by using plant-based milk and butter.

– Edgeless lace cookies – Cut out the middle to eliminate most of the dough and calories.

– Mini cookies – Keep portions small by making tiny cookie bites.

With some creative substitutions and variations, you can still enjoy tasty sugar cookie flavors while making them a bit better for you.


Homemade sugar cookies can range widely in calories, from around 25-50 calories for very small, plain cookies up to 250+ calories for large, loaded cookies. The average calorie count lands around 44-87 calories for a standard sized sugar cookie without many add-ins or frosting.

Factors like ingredients, cookie size, and mix-ins impact the calories in sugar cookies more than the specific recipe. Choosing less butter and sugar, keeping cookies small, and limiting add-ins are the best ways to decrease calories.

While sugar cookies aren’t necessarily a “diet food”, there are plenty of ways to lighten them up if you want to indulge with less guilt and fewer calories. Overall, enjoying homemade sugar cookies in moderation can be part of a balanced diet along with more nutritious foods.

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