How many carbs are in the keto smoothie at Smoothie King?

Smoothie King offers a variety of low-carb and keto-friendly smoothies for customers looking to limit their carb intake. One of their most popular keto smoothies is the Slim-N-Trim Keto Smoothie. This smoothie is designed to be low in net carbs while still providing a good amount of fat to help keep you feeling full and energetic while in ketosis.

What is the Slim-N-Trim Keto Smoothie?

The Slim-N-Trim Keto Smoothie is a blend of almond milk, avocado, strawberries, banana, and whey protein. It contains 12g of net carbs according to Smoothie King’s nutrition information. Here is an overview of the smoothie:

  • Almond Milk – Unsweetened almond milk contains only 1g net carb per cup, making it keto-friendly.
  • Avocado – Avocados are low in carbs and high in healthy fats, perfect for the keto diet.
  • Strawberries – Berries are relatively low in sugar and carbs compared to other fruits.
  • Banana – While higher in carbs than other keto ingredients, a small amount of banana provides potassium and fiber.
  • Whey Protein – Whey protein powder contains minimal carbs and helps increase the protein content.

By using low-carb ingredients like almond milk and avocado as the base, Smoothie King is able to keep the net carbs lower than a typical fruit smoothie. The strawberries and banana provide fiber, vitamins, and sweetness, but only contribute a few grams of net carbs each.

Calculating the Net Carbs in the Keto Smoothie

To determine the exact number of net carbs in the Slim-N-Trim Keto Smoothie, we need to look at the total carb count and then subtract fiber and sugar alcohols to get the net carbs. Here is a breakdown of the nutrition facts for a small size (20 oz) Slim-N-Trim Keto Smoothie from Smoothie King:

Nutrition Facts Amount
Total Carbohydrates 18g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugar Alcohols 2g

To calculate net carbs:

Total Carbs: 18g

– Dietary Fiber: 4g

– Sugar Alcohols: 2g

= Net Carbs: 12g

So in a small Slim-N-Trim Keto Smoothie from Smoothie King, there are 12g net carbs.

Tips for Ordering a Low-Carb Smoothie from Smoothie King

If you want to make your Smoothie King smoothie even lower in carbs, here are some tips:

  • Ask for unsweetened almond milk instead of low-fat milk, which contains more carbs
  • Substitute heavy cream for yogurt to add richness while keeping carbs low
  • Skip the banana or ask for just a slice to cut back on carbs
  • Double up on avocado for more healthy fats
  • Add keto-approved supplements like collagen, MCT oil, or spinach for nutrients
  • Order the smaller smoothie size to help control portions and carbs
  • Avoid added sugars from syrups, juices, or sweeteners

Smoothie King also offers several other keto smoothie options beyond the Slim-N-Trim. Choosing one of their lower-carb smoothies and customizing it with extra low-carb ingredients can help you stay in ketosis while still enjoying a tasty treat.

The Importance of Limiting Carbs on a Keto Diet

On a ketogenic or “keto” diet, limiting your daily net carb intake is crucial. Keto diets typically recommend getting only about 5-10% of your total daily calories from carbohydrates.

This dramatic reduction in carbohydrates puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When in ketosis, your body becomes highly efficient at burning fat for energy instead of carbs. Ketosis occurs when blood ketone levels are elevated, which is typically at about 50g of total carbs per day or less.

Here are a few reasons why restricting carbs and maintaining ketosis is so important on a keto diet:

  • Weight loss – Lower carb intake forces your body to burn fat rather than glucose for fuel.
  • Appetite control – Ketosis helps reduce hunger hormones and appetite.
  • Blood sugar control – Ketosis can improve insulin sensitivity and stabilize blood sugar.
  • Increased energy – Your body adapts to using ketones for long, stable energy.
  • Mental focus – Many report improved focus and concentration in ketosis.

Even though keto smoothies contain more natural carbs than plain water, they can still be worked into a well-formulated low-carb diet. A 12g net carb smoothie like the Smoothie King keto smoothie won’t immediately kick you out of ketosis if you account for it in your daily meal plan and keep your total carbs low.

Typical Keto Macronutrient Ratio

On a standard ketogenic diet, it’s recommended to get about:

  • 70-80% of calories from fat
  • 15-25% of calories from protein
  • 5-10% of calories from net carbs

This macronutrient ratio helps optimize ketosis and provides a balanced intake of fat for energy, protein to maintain muscle mass, and some carbs from fibrous vegetables.

When drinking a 12g net carb smoothie like Smoothie King’s keto smoothie, it accounts for a good portion of your daily allotted carbs. It’s important to account for it in your meal planning and balance it out with very low carb foods for the rest of the day.

Sample Meal Plan with a Keto Smoothie

Here is an example of how a keto smoothie could fit into a low-carb day of eating:


  • Keto smoothie – 12g net carbs
  • Hardboiled egg – 0g net carbs


  • Salad with chicken, avocado, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar – 5g net carbs


  • Grass-fed steak
  • Asparagus roasted in olive oil
  • Side salad with olive oil dressing


  • Handful of macadamia nuts – 2g net carbs
  • Cheese sticks – 0g net carbs
  • Celery sticks with nut butter – 4g net carbs

Total net carbs for the day = 23g

As you can see, the 12g of net carbs from the smoothie at breakfast still allows for other low-carb foods throughout the day. This sample menu provides all the key keto macros, including plenty of healthy fats and protein, while keeping total carbs under 25g.

Keto Smoothie Alternatives at Smoothie King

While the Slim-N-Trim is Smoothie King’s primary keto smoothie, they have options to build your own lower-carb smoothie as well.

Some ingredients you can use to make a custom keto smoothie include:

  • Unsweetened almond or coconut milk
  • Avocado
  • Nut butter
  • Ground flax or chia seeds
  • Collagen protein powder
  • Cacao powder
  • Spinach, kale or mixed greens
  • Heavy cream
  • Berries
  • Greek yogurt

Using almond milk, avocado, nut butter, and/or greens as your smoothie base gives you room for adding berries, yogurt, or seeds while keeping the net carbs around 15g or lower for a 20oz smoothie.

You can also request no sweeteners or added sugars. Avoid using bananas, juices, sugars, syrups or other high-carb mix-ins to end up with a smoother, creamy low-carb smoothie.

Keto-Friendly Smoothies from Other Chains

In addition to Smoothie King, many other popular smoothie shops now offer lower-carb options for keto dieters, such as:

  • Jamba Juice – Keto Matcha Smoothie with coconut milk, collagen, matcha green tea, and strawberries.
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe – Island Green Smoothie with spinach, kale, avocado, mango, and whey protein.
  • Planet Smoothie – Keto Karma Smoothie with almond milk, strawberries, fat-free yogurt, and whey protein.

Checking the nutrition facts online before ordering can help you find the best keto smoothies with about 15g net carbs or less per 16-24oz serving. Many shops also let you further customize by adding and removing ingredients.

Potential Downsides of Keto Smoothies

While smoothies can be fit into a keto diet in moderation, there are a few potential downsides to be aware of:

  • Lower protein and fat compared to whole food meals
  • High glycemic load from blending fruit versus eating whole
  • Less satisfying than solid food
  • Potential for blood sugar spikes if carbs are too high
  • Higher calorie density can lead to excessive intake

To counter these risks, opt for smoothies made with healthy fats and protein sources like nut butter, chia, flax, collagen powder, or yogurt. Keep portions under 24oz, and avoid adding too many sweet fruits. Enjoy smoothies along with solid meals, not as meal replacements.

Bottom Line on Smoothie King Keto Smoothies

When sticking to a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet, being mindful of your carb intake from all foods and beverages is important. While fruit and yogurt-based smoothies are traditionally higher in carbs, many shops like Smoothie King now offer keto-friendly options.

The Slim-N-Trim Keto Smoothie from Smoothie King contains 12g net carbs in a small 20oz serving. This fits into a typical 50-30g daily keto carb allowance, though it takes up a significant portion. Enjoying this smoothie in moderation along with other very low carb foods can allow you to stick to ketosis while still enjoying a sweet, creamy treat.

Be sure to account for that 12g of carbs in your daily totals. Opt for keto-approved custom add-ins like MCT oil or avocado to increase fat. And consider making your own smoothies at home too using the lowest carb ingredients possible.

With some mindful planning and careful carb counting, Smoothie King’s pre-made or customized keto smoothies can fit into your ketogenic diet.

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