How many carbs are in Mikes Black cherry?

Mikes Hard Lemonade is a popular malt beverage produced by Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. One of their most popular flavors is Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade. For people watching their carbohydrate intake or following a low-carb diet, knowing the carb content of these flavored malt beverages can be helpful. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the carb count in Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade.

What is Mike’s Hard Lemonade?

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is a line of flavored malt beverages first introduced in 1999. They have a lemonade flavor and come in a variety of fruit flavors like black cherry, mango, and green apple. The original Mike’s Hard Lemonade has 5% alcohol by volume. The company was founded by Mark Anthony Brands, who set out to make a ready-to-drink adult beverage with natural flavors and refreshing taste. The Mike’s Hard Lemonade products are made from a malt base brewed with lemon juice and flavorings. Over the years, the Mike’s Hard brand has expanded to include other product lines like Mike’s Harder malt beverages with higher ABV. The black cherry lemonade flavor is one of their original and most popular flavors.

Nutritional Information for Mike’s Hard Black Cherry

Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade contains the following nutrition facts per 12 fluid ounce serving:

  • Calories: 228
  • Carbohydrates: 38 grams
  • Sugars: 38 grams
  • Protein: 0 grams

As you can see, a 12 ounce serving contains 38 grams of carbohydrates. Given that the daily recommended intake of carbohydrates is 130 grams for most adults, one bottle would provide about 30% of your daily carb needs. The carbs in Mike’s Hard Lemonade come from added sugars used to sweeten and flavor the malt beverage.

Factors that Affect Carb Content

While the nutrition information states there are 38 grams of carbs per serving, there are some factors that can alter the actual carbohydrate content:

1. Serving Size

The nutritional information is based on a 12 ounce serving size. However, Mike’s Hard Lemonade is often sold in larger packages or multi-packs containing 16-24 fluid ounces. Consuming a larger serving size would increase the amount of carbs and calories.

2. Dilution

Some people enjoy Mike’s Hard Lemonade diluted with plain water or club soda. Adding water or soda water decreases the overall carb concentration per volume. However, you would still consume the same total carbs if drinking the full bottle – just in a larger diluted volume.

3. Different Flavors

While the black cherry variety has 38g of carbs per 12oz serving, other flavors may differ slightly. Checking the nutrition labels for the specific variety is the best way to know the precise carb count. Limited edition or seasonal flavors may have slightly more or less carbs than the classic black cherry.

4. Individual Variation

There can also be slight variations between different production batches and bottling runs. Factors in the brewing and bottling process can create small differences in the final nutritional analysis. Reading the label on the specific bottle is ideal.

Carb Count for Different Serving Sizes

Here is a breakdown of the approximate total carbohydrate content in Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade for different serving sizes:

12 ounce serving

– 38 grams of carbs

16 ounce serving (one pint)

– Approximately 50 grams of carbs

24 ounce serving

– Approximately 76 grams of carbs

Variety pack with four 12oz bottles

– Each 12oz bottle has 38 grams carbs
– Total for four 12oz bottles = 152 grams of carbs

As you can see, the total carb intake rises significantly the more you drink. Consuming multiple bottles or large serving sizes can add up in carbohydrate content quickly.

Comparing Carbs in Mike’s vs Other Malt Beverages

Mike’s Hard Lemonade has a similar carbohydrate profile to other flavored malt beverages on the market. Here is how it compares:

Beverage (12oz serving) Total Carbs
Mike’s Black Cherry 38 grams
Smirnoff Ice Black Cherry 36 grams
Bud Light Strawberry Lemonade 32 grams
White Claw Black Cherry 3 grams

Mike’s Hard Lemonade generally has more carbs per serving compared to light beers but less than most regular beers. Light lagers like Bud Light have around 5-10 grams of carbs per 12oz serving. Craft beers often range from 15-30 grams depending on the style.

The main way Mike’s Hard Lemonade differs is in its significantly higher carb and sugar content than popular hard seltzers like White Claw. The combination of malt base and added fruit flavorings adds substantial carbohydrates.

Tips for Drinking Mike’s on a Low-Carb Diet

For people trying to watch their carbohydrate intake, here are some tips for enjoying Mike’s Hard Lemonade in moderation:

1. Pay attention to serving sizes

Stick to one 12oz bottle or can to control your portions and carb intake. Avoid supersized 24oz cans or having multiple drinks.

2. Alternate with low-carb beverages

Balance out drinks like Mike’s Hard Lemonade with low carb options like sparkling water, light beer, or a low-carb cocktail.

3. Dilute with club soda or water

Adding club soda or still water can water down the drink and decrease the overall carb density.

4. Account for carb totals in your daily intake

Be mindful of your total daily carbohydrate goal and budget for a Mike’s Hard Lemonade by reducing other carbs throughout the day.

5. Select lower carb flavors

Some Mike’s flavors such as pineapple or grapefruit may be slightly lower in carbs than black cherry. Check labels to compare.

The Carb Bottom Line

Overall, Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade contains about 38 grams of carbohydrates per 12-ounce bottle, based on the nutritional information provided by the manufacturer. Consuming larger serving sizes or multiple bottles can quickly increase total carb and calorie intake. While not a low-carb beverage, Mike’s Hard Lemonade can still be enjoyed occasionally by carb-conscious drinkers using moderation and portion control. Diluting with soda water or alternating with low-carb drink options are also effective strategies. Being an informed consumer and planning carb intake wisely makes it possible to still enjoy the refreshing flavor of Mike’s Hard Lemonade on a low-carb diet.

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