How many calories is animal-style fries?

Animal-style fries from In-N-Out Burger are a fan favorite menu item. But many people wonder just how many calories are in these indulgent fries loaded with cheese, grilled onions, and secret sauce. In this comprehensive guide, we will analyze the calorie and nutrition information for animal-style fries to help you understand how they fit into a balanced diet.

What are Animal-Style Fries?

Animal-style fries are the signature seasoned fries from the popular California burger chain In-N-Out. The fries start with fresh potatoes that are sliced, seasoned, and fried to a golden crisp. What makes them “animal style” is the added toppings:

– Melted American cheese
– Grilled onions
– Spread sauce (In-N-Out’s secret signature sauce)

Adding these extras on top transforms regular fries into an indulgent, crave-worthy treat. The melted cheese smothers each fry, while the grilled onions add a savory depth of flavor. And the spread sauce ties it all together with its creamy, tangy, slightly sweet notes.

How Many Calories are in Animal-Style Fries?

According to In-N-Out’s website nutrition information, a full order of animal-style fries contains:

– 770 calories
– 380 calories from fat
– 42 grams of fat
– 14 grams of saturated fat
– 0 grams of trans fat
– 75 milligrams of cholesterol
– 1,680 milligrams of sodium
– 73 grams of carbohydrates
– 5 grams of fiber
– 5 grams of sugar
– 19 grams of protein

So in a full order of animal-style fries, there are 770 total calories. That’s a significant amount just for a side dish!

How Does that Compare to Regular Fries?

To understand how many extra calories the animal style adds, let’s compare it to a regular full order of fries from In-N-Out:

– Regular Fries: 370 calories, 130 calories from fat
– Animal-Style Fries: 770 calories, 380 calories from fat

Going animal-style nearly doubles the calories and fat! The regular fries have less than half the calories, fat, and sodium as animal-style.

This makes sense considering animal-style adds cheese, onions, and creamy sauce on top. All those extra toppings pack in more fat and sodium. The cheese in particular contributes significant calories.

Nutrition Info Per Serving

The full order of animal-style fries contains about 2-3 servings. Here is the nutrition info per serving:

– Calories per serving: 350-450
– Fat per serving: 18-24 grams
– Saturated fat per serving: 7-10 grams
– Carbs: 30-40 grams
– Protein: 8-10 grams

So if you split an order into 2-3 servings, you’re looking at 350-450 calories per person.

How Animal-Style Fries Fit Into a Healthy Diet

Now that you know there are about 350-770 calories in animal-style fries, how can you enjoy them as part of a balanced diet? Here are some tips:

Watch Portion Size

Stick to a single serving of 350-450 calories rather than the whole order. Split with a friend or take half home for later. This controls the calorie damage.

Balance With Nutritious Foods

Pair animal-style fries with healthier additions like a salad, veggies, or lean protein. Choosing nutritious fillings for your burger can also offset the fries.

Account for the Splurge in Your Daily Calories

Animal-style fries can fit into most healthy eating plans as an occasional treat. Just account for them by cutting back slightly on other foods that day.

Substitute Lower Calorie Side Dishes When Possible

On days you want to eat lighter, opt for a side salad instead of fries. Or get regular fries without the animal-style toppings.

Avoid Frequent Fast Food Meals

It’s fine to enjoy animal-style fries or other fast food occasionally. But making it a regular habit can lead to overeating and weight gain. Stick to home-cooked meals most days for better nutrition.

Burn Extra Calories With Activity

Balance out higher calorie foods by staying active. Go for a walk, bike ride, swim, or workout after eating animal-style fries to help burn some of those indulgent calories.

Nutrition Breakdown of Animal-Style Fries Ingredients

To better understand the calories and nutrition in animal-style fries, let’s examine each component:

French Fries

– Made from potatoes, a starchy vegetable with some nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, and fiber
– Frying adds a significant amount of fat and calories
– For comparison, a medium baked potato has about 160 calories vs. 370 calories in In-N-Out’s regular fries


– Adds protein and calcium, but high in saturated fat and calories
– Melted cheese increases fat absorption from the fries
– Just 1 oz. cheddar cheese has 115 calories and 9g fat


– Provide fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants
– Grilling adds some char for flavor but minimal extra fat/calories
– 1/2 cup raw onions is only about 30 calories

Spread Sauce

– Like most creamy sauces, it adds more fat, calories, and sodium
– Signature “secret sauce” likely includes mayo, ketchup, spices, etc.
– Just 2 Tbsp mayo is about 200 calories and 22g fat

So the bulk of calories comes from the base fries and cheese. The onions and sauce boost flavor and fat/calories moderately.

How Fries Are Prepared Impacts Calories

Not all fries are created equal when it comes to calories and fat. How they are prepared makes a difference:


– Adds significant calories and fat as the potatoes absorb hot oil
– Air frying uses less oil for a lower calorie alternative

Portion Size

– Larger portions = more calories, smaller portions = less calories
– Order a small or kids size for fewer calories

Cooking Method

– Fries tend to be higher in fat/calories than baked potatoes or roasted potatoes
– Small baked potatoes have about 160 calories vs. 370 in regular fries


– More toppings like cheese, bacon, sauce = more calories
– Plain fries have fewer calories than loaded fries

So you can tweak the preparation method, portion size, and toppings to make fries slightly less indulgent. But any way you slice them, fries are still a high calorie side dish.

Healthier Alternatives to Animal Style Fries

If you love the taste of animal-style fries but want a lighter option, here are some healthier alternatives to consider:

Baked Potato Fries

– Cut potatoes into fry shapes, toss in a little oil, and bake
– Saves calories from frying, but still gets that fry crunch
– Top with lighter cheese like parmesan and green onions

Cauliflower Fries

– Removes the starchy potato and uses vitamin-rich cauliflower
– Toss cauliflower florets in oil and bake into “fries”
– Top with just a sprinkle of cheese

Sweet Potato Fries

– More fiber and nutrients than white potato fries
– Bake instead of fry to reduce fat
– Drizzle with Greek yogurt sauce instead of spread sauce

Zucchini Fries

– Slice zucchini into fry shapes, bread lightly, and bake
– Cheese optional for topping

These options give you the fry experience with more nutrients and fewer calories. Prepare them baked instead of fried at home to save calories without sacrificing crunch.

Tips for Ordering at In-N-Out

You can still enjoy In-N-Out’s famous animal-style fries and burgers. Just follow these tips for lighter choices when ordering:

Pick a Smaller Size Fries

Opt for a kids size fries or ask for fries “light” to get a smaller portion. This cuts calories while still letting you sample their signature fries.

Share Fries With a Friend

Split one order of fries between two people. You each get some fries but consume fewer calories overall.

Order Fries Without Animal Style

Get the regular fries to save on calories, fat, and sodium compared to the animal style version.

Substitute a Side Salad

Choose a side salad instead of fries on some visits. In-N-Out offers low fat cottage cheese and a variety of fresh salads.

Build a “Protein Style” Burger

Protein style wraps the burger in lettuce instead of a bun. This saves carbs and calories for a lighter meal.

Opt for Mustard Instead of Spread

Ask for mustard instead of the spread sauce on your burger. Mustard has nearly zero calories.

Drink Water or Diet Soda

Skip the milkshakes and sugary soda. Stick to water or diet drinks to avoid excess sugar and calories.

Concluding Thoughts on Animal Style Fries

Animal-style fries from In-N-Out are an indulgent twist on classic french fries, adding extra fat, calories, and sodium from the melted cheese, grilled onions, and creamy sauce. A full order contains about 770 calories and 42 grams of fat. Per serving, you’re looking at roughly 350-450 calories when you split it.

While not the most nutritious choice, enjoying these loaded fries occasionally can be part of a balanced diet. Just watch your portion sizes, balance with healthier foods, stay active, and keep most of your meals focused on wholesome nutrition. Or you can give baked potato fries or baked vegetable “fries” a try for a healthier homemade version.

Overall, being mindful about your meal choices and preparation methods can allow you to work fun foods like animal-style fries into your eating plan once in a while. Learning the calorie count is the first step towards enjoying treats in moderation and fueling your body with plenty of nutrient-dense foods for good health.

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