How many calories is a Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell?

The Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell is a popular menu item that people often enjoy as a tasty treat. However, with calories and nutrition being an important consideration for many consumers, a common question is “How many calories are in a Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell?” This article will provide a thorough overview of the Mexican Pizza’s nutritional information, specifically focusing on the calorie content. We’ll examine the total calories in a regular Mexican Pizza, as well as break down the calories by individual ingredients. For reference, we’ll also look at how the calorie count compares to other menu items at Taco Bell. Whether you’re counting calories or just curious about what’s going into your food, read on for the full scoop on the calorie count of a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza.

Overview of the Mexican Pizza

Before diving into the specific calorie counts, let’s first recap what exactly is in a Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell. The Mexican Pizza consists of two crispy flour shells layered with seasoned beef, refried beans, tomatoes, and melted three cheese blend. The pizza is topped with more tomatoes and melted three cheese blend. It’s then served with a side of pizza sauce for dipping or drizzling on top.

The ingredients in the Mexican Pizza provide a medley of Tex-Mex flavors and textures. The crispy flour tortilla shells sandwich the savory taco meat, creamy beans, diced tomatoes, and gooey melted cheese. Customers can choose to add other toppings like jalapeños for some spice. The pizza sauce offered on the side allows you to add even more zesty tomato flavor if desired. Now let’s break down the calorie content in each of these Mexican Pizza components.

Total Calories in a Regular Mexican Pizza

According to the Taco Bell website, a regular Mexican Pizza contains 760 calories. This is the total calorie count for one Mexican Pizza made with seasoned beef, without any customizations or substitutions.

Here is a quick rundown of the calorie count:

  • Regular Mexican Pizza: 760 calories

The 760 calories provides a good benchmark for the calorie amount in a standard Mexican Pizza. But to get a more detailed view, we’ll need to look at the calories in the individual ingredients.

Calories by Ingredients

While the total calories give a good overview, examining the calorie counts for each component of the Mexican Pizza gives more insight into where the calories are coming from. Here is a breakdown of the calories by main ingredients:

Two Flour Tortilla Shells

The two crispy flour tortilla shells that form the “crust” account for a significant portion of the Mexican Pizza’s calories.

  • 1 Flour Tortilla Shell = 310 calories
  • 2 Flour Tortilla Shells = 620 calories total

With two tortilla shells in each pizza, the shells alone contribute 620 calories to the overall 760 calorie count.

Seasoned Beef

The taco meat layered on the pizza also contains a high amount of calories:

  • Seasoned beef = 100 calories

So the protein portion of seasoned beef adds another 100 calories.

Refried Beans

The refried beans account for:

  • Refried beans = 20 calories

This represents a lower calorie ingredient in the pizza.

Diced Tomatoes

The diced tomato pieces add:

  • Diced tomatoes = 10 calories

Again, the tomatoes represent a lower-calorie topping.

Three Cheese Blend

Finally, the three cheese blend used in two layers contributes:

  • Three cheese blend = 10 calories

Total Calories from Ingredients

Adding up the calories from each of the main ingredients:

  • 2 Flour Tortilla Shells: 620 calories
  • Seasoned Beef: 100 calories
  • Refried Beans: 20 calories
  • Diced Tomatoes: 10 calories
  • Three Cheese Blend: 10 calories
  • Total: 760 calories

So the 760 calories for the full Mexican Pizza is accounted for by the calories in its main components. As we can see, the flour tortilla shells contribute the bulk of calories, followed by the taco meat. The additional toppings add smaller amounts of calories.

Calories Compared to Other Taco Bell Items

To put the Mexican Pizza’s 760 calories into perspective, let’s see how it compares to some other popular items on the Taco Bell menu:

Menu Item Calories
Mexican Pizza 760
Soft Taco (Seasoned Beef) 170
Burrito Supreme 370
Nachos BellGrande 730
Crunchwrap Supreme 520

As we can see, while the Mexican Pizza is on the higher calorie end compared to other items, it has fewer calories than some other menu options like the Nachos BellGrande. The Soft Taco and Burrito Supreme represent lower calorie alternatives. So the Mexican Pizza fits somewhere in the middle of the calorie range for Taco Bell offerings.

Ways to Reduce Calories in the Mexican Pizza

For customers looking for ways to lighten up the Mexican Pizza, there are some simple options:

  • Switch to chicken: Substitute seasoned chicken for the seasoned beef to eliminate about 100 calories.
  • Skip the beans: Omitting the refried bean layer will subtract approximately 20 calories.
  • Go lighter on cheese: Request less cheese or no extra cheese to cut some calories.
  • Pick lower-calorie toppings: Load up on tomato, lettuce, salsa instead of higher-calorie options.

Making a few simple tweaks like these can help reduce the overall calorie content in a Mexican Pizza for anyone watching their calorie intake.


So in summary, a regular Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell contains a total of 760 calories. The two flour tortillas that form the pizza base make up the majority of calories at 620, followed by the seasoned beef at 100 calories. Refried beans, tomatoes, and cheese add smaller amounts. At 760 calories, the Mexican Pizza contains a moderate amount of calories compared to other Taco Bell menu selections. Customers can use strategies like choosing chicken or removing beans and cheese to reduce calorie content. Hopefully this breakdown gives you all the details on calories to help you enjoy your Mexican Pizza!

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