How many calories is in a cup of Curry Goat?

Curry goat is a popular Caribbean dish made with goat meat stewed in a curry sauce. It is a staple in many West Indian cuisines and is full of complex flavors from the blend of spices used to make the curry sauce. While delicious, many people wonder just how many calories are in a typical serving of curry goat. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the calorie and nutrient content of curry goat to get a better understanding of its nutritional value.

Understanding the Ingredients in Curry Goat

To determine the calories in curry goat, we must first look at what ingredients are used to make it. While recipes can vary, most curry goat dishes contain the following main ingredients:

  • Goat meat – This is the main ingredient and source of protein in the dish. Goat meat provides calories, protein, fat, and other nutrients.
  • Onions – Onions are commonly cooked with the goat meat to add flavor.
  • Garlic – Garlic is another aromatic ingredient used to season the dish.
  • Curry powder – Curry powder contains a blend of spices like turmeric, coriander, cumin, and chili peppers.
  • Vegetable oil – The goat meat and aromatics are typically cooked in vegetable oil, adding more calories and fat.
  • Stock – Goat meat is usually braised with broth or stock to keep it tender.
  • Tomatoes – Tomatoes add tanginess and richness to the curry sauce.
  • Potatoes – Many curry goat recipes also include potatoes.
  • Seasonings – More seasoning like thyme, allspice, scallions, and bay leaves enhance flavor.

These ingredients, along with the cooking method of stewing, impact the calories and nutrients in a serving of curry goat. So let’s take a closer look at each to get an understanding of their calorie contents.

Calories in the Main Ingredients

Here is a breakdown of the approximate calories per serving of the main ingredients in curry goat:

Ingredient Calories
Goat Meat (3 oz serving) 122
Onion (1/2 cup chopped) 32
Garlic (1 clove) 4
Curry Powder (1 Tbsp) 24
Vegetable Oil (1 Tbsp) 120
Chicken Stock (1 cup) 50
Tomatoes (1/2 cup chopped) 12
Potatoes (1/2 cup chopped) 45

As you can see, the goat meat and oil provide the bulk of the calories. The aromatics, curry powder, stock, tomatoes and potatoes contribute smaller amounts. But everything gets combined into the finished curry goat dish!

Nutrition Information of Goat Meat

Since goat meat makes up the majority of calories and nutrients in curry goat, let’s take a deeper dive into its nutritional value. Here are some key nutrients provided in a 3 ounce serving of goat meat (cooked) according to the USDA:

  • Calories: 122
  • Protein: 23g
  • Fat: 2.58g
  • Saturated Fat: 0.79g
  • Iron: 2.31mg – 13% DV
  • Zinc: 2.02mg – 18% DV
  • Selenium: 16.3mcg – 23% DV
  • Niacin: 4.303mg – 27% DV
  • Vitamin B6: 0.27mg – 13% DV
  • Phosphorus: 198mg – 20% DV

As you can see, goat meat provides a good amount of protein, important minerals like iron and selenium, B vitamins like niacin and vitamin B6, and the essential mineral phosphorus. All of these nutrients are then transferred and contained within the resulting curry goat dish.

Total Calorie Estimate for Curry Goat

Now that we’ve looked at the main ingredients and nutrition profile of goat meat, we can estimate the total calories in a typical curry goat dish:

  • Goat Meat – 3 oz: 122 calories
  • Onion – 1/2 cup: 32 calories
  • Garlic – 1 clove: 4 calories
  • Curry Powder – 1 Tbsp: 24 calories
  • Oil – 1 Tbsp: 120 calories
  • Stock – 1 cup: 50 calories
  • Tomatoes – 1/2 cup: 12 calories
  • Potatoes – 1/2 cup: 45 calories

Total estimated calories per serving: 409

This provides a rough estimate of around 400 calories in a one cup serving of curry goat made with common ingredients and amounts. The total can vary based on the exact recipe, types and amounts of produce used, cooking methods, and serving size.

Nutrition Benefits of Curry Goat

While curry goat is a moderately high calorie dish, it does provide some good nutrition, mainly from the goat meat. Here are some of the benefits of eating curry goat in moderation:

  • High-quality protein – Goat meat is a lean source of protein with less total fat and saturated fat compared to beef or chicken.
  • Iron – Goat meat contains heme iron which is more bioavailable than plant sources. This provides energy and cognitive benefits.
  • Zinc – Supports immune function and wound healing.
  • Selenium – A potent antioxidant that protects cells from damage and inflammation.
  • B vitamins – For converting food into energy.
  • Spice antioxidants – Curcumin in turmeric and capsaicin in chili peppers have antioxidant power.

Overall, incorporating curry goat as part of a healthy, balanced diet can provide protein, antioxidants, and important vitamins and minerals. Just be mindful of portion sizes!

How to Make Lower Calorie Curry Goat

For people looking to reduce the calories in their curry goat, there are a few simple modifications you can make:

  • Use leaner cuts of goat meat with less visible fat.
  • Trim excess fat off the goat meat before cooking.
  • Use less oil for cooking. Saute in 1 tsp instead of 1 Tbsp.
  • Increase lower calorie veggies like onions, tomatoes, peppers.
  • Use more broth/stock instead of oil for braising.
  • Skip or limit starchy tubers like potatoes or breadfruit.
  • Flavor with extra herbs and spices instead of salt.
  • Enjoy smaller portion sizes, 4oz of meat instead of 6oz.

With some simple ingredient tweaks and cooking adjustments, you can lighten up curry goat to create a healthier dish while still enjoying all the delicious flavors.


Curry goat is a medium to high calorie dish that generally provides around 400 calories per cup serving. This comes mainly from the goat meat, cooking oil, and starchy ingredients like potatoes. But it does deliver a good amount of protein, minerals like iron and zinc, and antioxidants from spices. Pay attention to portion sizes and cooking methods to keep calories in check. Making small adjustments like using leaner meat, reducing oil, and adding more veggies can lighten up the dish. Overall, curry goat can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet when eaten in moderation and balanced with other lighter meals.

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