How many calories in a piece of See’s Candy?

Quick Answer

The number of calories in a piece of See’s Candy varies depending on the specific candy variety. On average, a single piece of See’s Candy contains around 110-170 calories. Some of the most popular See’s candies like the Maple Walnut, Milk Butterchew, and Dark Chocolate Bordeaux contain 150-170 calories per piece. See’s lower calorie options like the Milk Chocolate Lollypop and Dark Cocoa Truffle have around 110-130 calories per piece.

Calories in Different Types of See’s Candies

Here is an overview of the calorie content in some of See’s most popular candy varieties:


Candy Type Calories (per piece)
Maple Walnut 170
Milk Butterchew 160
Dark Chocolate Bordeaux 150
Scotchmallow 140
Peanut Brittle 130
Dark Cocoa Truffle 120
Milk Chocolate Lollypop 110

The classic chocolates like Maple Walnut, Milk Butterchew, and Dark Chocolate Bordeaux contain the most calories at around 150-170 per piece. This is because these candies feature a thicker coating of chocolate compared to other varieties. The Scotchmallow, Peanut Brittle, and truffle options are slightly lower in calories at 130-140 each. The lightest chocolate options are the Milk Chocolate Lollypop and Dark Cocoa Truffle at 110-120 calories per piece.

Fruit Flavored Candies

Candy Type Calories (per piece)
Milk Pecan Buddies 140
Dark Pecan Buddies 130
Milk Molasses Chips 130
Dark Molasses Chips 120
Milk Bordeaux 120
Dark Bordeaux 110

The fruit flavored candies like Pecan Buddies, Molasses Chips, and Bordeaux contain 110-140 calories per piece. The options coated in milk chocolate tend to be slightly higher in calories than the dark chocolate coatings. For example, the Milk Pecan Buddies have 140 calories each while the Dark Pecan Buddies have 130.

Nut Based Candies

Candy Type Calories (per piece)
Cashew Brittle 140
Peppermint Stick 130
Peanut Brittle Bite 120
Almond Nut Bark 120
Pinenut Delight 110

Candies with a nut base like Cashew Brittle, Peanut Brittle Bites, and Almond Nut Bark provide 120-140 calories per piece. Options mixed with mint like the Peppermint Stick tend to be slightly lower at around 130 calories each.

Non-Chocolate Candies

Candy Type Calories (per piece)
Raspberry Cream 140
Lemon Cream 130
Fruit Slice 110
Cinnamon Imperial 100

For non-chocolate options like the fruit and cream candies, the calorie content ranges from 100-140 per piece. The Raspberry and Lemon Creams are the highest at 140 and 130 with the lighter Fruit Slice and Cinnamon Imperial at 110 and 100 calories each.

Factors Affecting Calories in See’s Candies

There are a few key factors that determine the calorie content in different See’s candy varieties:

Type of Chocolate

– Dark chocolate has a richer, denser consistency than milk chocolate. It also contains less sugar and more cocoa solids. This makes it slightly lower in calories with around 150 calories per 1 oz compared to 170 calories in 1 oz of milk chocolate.

– White chocolate does not contain cocoa solids like dark and milk chocolate. It is higher in sugar and fat making it the most calorie dense at 185 calories per 1 oz.

Amount of Chocolate Coating

– Thicker chocolate coatings like those on Maple Walnuts and Milk Butterchews result in more calories than thinner coatings on items like Chocolate Lollypops.

– Truffles and creams with less chocolate coating are lower in calories than chocolate nut barks and clusters.

Additions & Fillings

– Nuts, caramel, marshmallow, and cream fillings increase the calorie content of chocolates. Nut varieties tend to have around 130-170 calories.

– Fruit flavored fillings like raspberry or lemon cream are lower in calories than other fillings at around 130 calories per piece.

– Chocolates with little or no filling like the Bordeaux and plain dark chocolate truffles are lower in calories.

Preparation Method

– Hand-dipped and molded chocolates require more chocolate than nut barks and clusters prepared with drizzled chocolate.

– Chocolates made with a creamy ganache filling tend to be lower in calories than chocolates with a butter cream base.

Calorie Ranges for See’s Chocolates

Here is an overview of the typical calorie ranges for different types of See’s chocolates:

See’s Chocolate Variety Calories Per Piece
Fruits and nuts 160-180
Barks and clusters 130-150
Truffles 110-140
Molded chocolates 140-170
Creams and chews 130-160
Brittles 120-140
Toffees and caramels 140-170

The chocolate covered fruits, nuts, and molded chocolates are at the higher end with 160-180 calories per piece. Barks, clusters, brittles, and truffles range from 110-150 calories. Chews, creams, and toffees fall in the middle at 130-160 calories per piece.

Tips for Enjoying See’s Candies Guilt-Free

Here are some tips to enjoy your favorite See’s candies while keeping calories in check:

Stick to small serving sizes

– Aim for just 1-2 pieces to keep your treat under 200 calories. Avoid mindless snacking directly from the box.

Select lower calorie options

– Choose fruit flavors, truffles, or chocolate lollypops over higher calorie nut barks and chews.

Split treats with others

– Share a candy box with friends or family so you can enjoy a taste without overindulging.

Balance with other foods

– Pair your candy with fresh fruit, veggies, or a lean protein to make it part of a balanced eating plan.

Practice portion control

– Pre-portion candies into small baggies or containers instead of keeping the whole box within easy reach.

Savor every bite

– Eat slowly and mindfully so you feel satisfied with less. Make your treat last and enjoy every flavorful bite.


See’s Candies offers a huge selection of chocolate and candy varieties ranging from 100-180 calories per piece. While these sweets should still be enjoyed in moderation, selecting lighter options like fruit flavors, lollypops, and truffles can help you indulge your sweet tooth while controlling calorie intake. Additionally, sticking to small serving sizes of just 1-2 pieces and focusing on mindful eating can keep See’s Candies as part of a balanced lifestyle. So go ahead and reward yourself with a tasty treat, just be sure to employ these tips to avoid going overboard on the calories. With some mindfulness and moderation, See’s Candies can be part of a healthy approach to eating.

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