How many calories in a Joe and the Juice sandwich?

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The number of calories in a Joe and the Juice sandwich can vary depending on the specific type of sandwich and size. However, most sandwiches at Joe and the Juice range from around 300-700 calories. Factors like bread, fillings, sauces and add-ons impact the calories. Their tuna, chicken or veggie sandwiches tend to be on the lower calorie end, while sandwiches with ingredients like avocado, bacon or cheese tend to be higher in calories. The nutritional information is provided on the Joe and the Juice website to help calculate calories for your order.

Calculating Calories in Joe and the Juice Sandwiches

Joe and the Juice provides detailed nutritional information for their sandwiches on their website, making it easy to determine the calories. Here are some tips for calculating the calories in your Joe and the Juice sandwich order:

  • Check the sandwich section of their menu to see calorie ranges – Menu sandwiches range from around 300-700 calories depending on size and ingredients.
  • Select your specific sandwich and size – The calories can vary greatly depending on ingredients. For example, a tuna sandwich may have 300 calories while a Caprese sandwich has over 600 calories.
  • Factor in extras and customizations – Adding avocado, bacon, extra cheese or sauce will increase the calories. Removing an ingredient like cheese can lower it.
  • Refer to the website’s nutritional data – The most accurate way is to find your exact sandwich on their nutritional data page and tally the calories.
  • Ask in-store – Employees can check calories for you if you tell them your complete order.

Double check calories every time you order as ingredients may change. Sandwich sizes like mini, regular or mega impact calories too.

Calories in Popular Joe and the Juice Sandwiches

Here are the approximate calories for some of Joe and the Juice’s most popular sandwiches:

Tuna Sandwich

  • Mini Tuna: 300 calories
  • Regular Tuna: 480 calories
  • Mega Tuna: 640 calories

Chicken Club Sandwich

  • Mini Chicken Club: 430 calories
  • Regular Chicken Club: 620 calories
  • Mega Chicken Club: 780 calories

Caprese Sandwich

  • Mini Caprese: 450 calories
  • Regular Caprese: 630 calories
  • Mega Caprese: 790 calories

Veggie Sandwich

  • Mini Veggie: 320 calories
  • Regular Veggie: 500 calories
  • Mega Veggie: 660 calories

As you can see, the mega size can add around 300 extra calories compared to the mini size. Ingredients like chicken, bacon and cheese also boost the calories.

Lowest Calorie Joe and the Juice Sandwich Options

If you’re looking for lower calorie options at Joe and the Juice, here are some of the lightest sandwiches to consider:

  • Mini Tuna Sandwich (300 calories)
  • Mini Veggie Sandwich (320 calories)
  • Mini Chicken Sandwich (330 calories)
  • Mini Turkey Sandwich (340 calories)
  • Mini Falafel Sandwich (350 calories)

Sticking to the mini size, vegetable-based and lower fat fillings are the best way to create a lighter sandwich at Joe and the Juice.

Highest Calorie Joe and the Juice Sandwich Options

On the opposite end, here are some of the highest calorie sandwiches at Joe and the Juice if you have a bigger appetite:

  • Mega Late Night Steak Sandwich (1150 calories)
  • Mega Caprese Sandwich (790 calories)
  • Mega Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich (780 calories)
  • Mega Chicken Club Sandwich (780 calories)
  • Mega Chicken Parmesan Sandwich (760 calories)

The mega size, along with ingredients like steak, bacon, cheese and ranch sauce shoot the calories upwards. Modifying the sandwiches to regular size or removing extra cheese and sauces would lower the calories.

Comparing Joe and the Juice Sandwich Calories to Other Restaurants

To get an idea of how Joe and the Juice sandwiches compare calorie-wise to other popular restaurants, here is a table with some examples:

Restaurant Sandwich Calories
Joe and the Juice Regular Caprese Sandwich 630
Subway 6″ Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 480
Panera Sierra Turkey Sandwich 670
Starbucks Roasted Ham & Swiss Panini 450

As you can see, Joe and the Juice sandwiches are generally comparable to or slightly higher than other popular sandwich chains. The ingredient quality and preparation style impacts calories, so it varies by restaurant. Checking calorie counts and customizing orders is always recommended for any sandwich shop.

Tips for Creating a Lower Calorie Joe and the Juice Sandwich

If you want to enjoy a Joe and the Juice sandwich but watch your calorie intake, here are some tips:

  • Choose mini or regular size
  • Pick vegetable-based fillings like falafel, tuna or veggie
  • Skip extras like avocado, bacon, extra cheese
  • Order on light bread or a wrap instead of focaccia
  • Ask for less sauce or sauce on the side
  • Create your own lower calorie custom sandwich
  • Balance with lower calorie drink like unsweetened iced tea
  • Share a mega sandwich with a friend

With some simple customizations and choices, you can enjoy your favorite Joe and the Juice sandwich and meet your calorie goals. Knowing the nutrition facts is key.


Calculating calories in a Joe and the Juice sandwich ultimately comes down to customizing your order, choosing sandwich sizes and fillings wisely, and utilizing their detailed nutritional information. Sandwiches at Joe and the Juice range from 300-700 calories on average depending on these factors. Choosing a mini veggie or tuna sandwich without extras is your best bet for a lower calorie option. Mega sized sandwiches with ingredients like steak, bacon and cheese pack the most calories. Being mindful when ordering and balancing your sandwich with lower calorie side items and drinks can help you eat healthfully and enjoy your meal. With a bit of planning, you can satisfy your sandwich craving while meeting your daily calorie needs.

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