How many calories in a Jimmy John’s Italian Night Club?

The Jimmy John’s Italian Night Club sandwich is a popular menu item at the sandwich chain Jimmy John’s. It’s made with salami, capicola, and provolone cheese on an 8-inch French bread loaf. Many customers enjoy this sandwich for its bold Italian flavors and satisfying stacked meat combination. However, some health-conscious customers wonder about the calorie content of this seemingly indulgent sandwich choice. Knowing the calorie count can help customers make informed decisions about what and how much to eat based on their individual nutritional needs and goals. This article will provide a detailed breakdown of the calories in a Jimmy John’s Italian Night Club sandwich so readers understand exactly what they’re consuming when they order this menu item.

Calories in the Bread

The base of the Italian Night Club sandwich is an 8-inch French bread loaf. On the Jimmy John’s nutrition information page, they list the calories for this loaf of bread as 230 calories. This accounts for a significant percentage of the calories for the entire sandwich. The loaf is a hearty portion of bread, providing substance as well as a canvas for the flavorful fillings. Those looking to reduce their calorie intake may consider ordering the Italian Night Club as a lettuce wrap, which eliminates the bread calories. Jimmy John’s also offers slim and little slim versions of their French bread, which have slightly fewer calories at 200 and 180 calories respectively. Overall, the standard 8-inch French bread accounts for about a quarter to a third of the total calories in an Italian Night Club sandwich.

Calories in the Meat

In addition to the bread, an abundance of meat makes up the filling of the Italian Night Club. It contains both salami and capicola cured meats. According to Jimmy John’s nutrition information, a serving of their salami contains 70 calories, while the capicola contains 60 calories. Together, these two meats account for 130 calories. The Italian Night Club is stuffed with 4 slices each of salami and capicola, totaling 8 slices of meat. At 4 servings each of salami and capicola, that equates to 520 calories just for the meat alone. This makes the stacked meat combination the highest calorie ingredient in the sandwich. Customers aiming to lower the calorie count may consider ordering fewer slices of meat or subsisting a lower calorie protein option.

Calories in the Cheese

The Italian Night Club also contains provolone cheese. Jimmy John’s uses 2 slices of provolone on their Italian Night Club sandwich. Each slice contains 80 calories, totaling 160 calories of provolone cheese in the sandwich. Provolone is a higher fat cheese, which contributes to its higher calorie content. Customers seeking a lower calorie option could request a different cheese, such as Swiss with 50 calories per slice, or omit the cheese entirely.

Calories in the Vegetables

In addition to the bread, meat and cheese, the Italian Night Club contains vegetables to add freshness and texture. Jimmy John’s uses lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and Italian dressing on this sandwich. Here is the calorie breakdown for the vegetable toppings:

– Lettuce – 5 calories
– Tomato – 10 calories
– Onion – 15 calories
– Mayo – 100 calories
– Italian dressing – 140 calories

Together, these vegetable toppings add approximately 270 calories to the sandwich’s total calorie count. The mayo and Italian dressing account for most of these calories due to their higher fat contents. Ordering the sandwich without mayo or dressing could significantly reduce the calorie content for customers looking for the lightest options.

Total Calories in a Jimmy John’s Italian Night Club

Adding up the calories from each component gives us the total calorie count for a Jimmy John’s Italian Night Club:

– Bread: 230 calories
– Meats: 520 calories
– Cheese: 160 calories
– Vegetables: 270 calories

Total: 1,180 calories

A regular Italian Night Club from Jimmy John’s contains approximately 1,180 calories. This number may vary slightly depending on the exact amount of ingredients and toppings. The bread, meats and cheese make up the bulk of the calories, with vegetables contributing a smaller amount.

Strategies for Reducing Calories

While 1,180 calories may seem high for a single sandwich, there are ways customers can reduce the calorie count of an Italian Night Club if they want a lighter option:

– Order on slim or little slim bread – Saves 30-50 calories
– Get double meat minus 2 slices – Saves ~100 calories
– Substitute provolone for Swiss cheese – Saves ~100 calories
– Remove mayo and/or Italian dressing – Saves ~240 calories
– Add extra vegetables instead of cheese or meat
– Order as a lettuce wrap instead of bread – Saves 230 calories

Making these simple substitutions and modifications when ordering can lead to an Italian Night Club with around 800 calories or less.

Daily Calorie Needs

To put the 1,180 calories into perspective, this is how it compares to daily calorie needs:

– For a sedentary woman, this is about 60% of a 2,000 calorie diet.
– For an active man, it equals around 40% of a 3,000 calorie diet.
– For a child, it is nearly an entire day’s worth of calories in just one sandwich.

The percentage of recommended daily calories can help customers determine if this sandwich fits into their nutritional plan or if they should make modifications. People with higher calorie needs or those who are very physically active likely have more room to enjoy the full Italian Night Club compared to those with lower calorie diets or largely sedentary lifestyles.

Nutritional Benefits

Despite the high calorie count, the Italian Night Club does provide some nutritional benefits:

– Contains lean protein from turkey and ham to support muscle growth and satisfaction.
– Provides calcium for bone health from cheese.
– Offers B vitamins including folate, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin from the bread and meats.
– Includes vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese from vegetable toppings like lettuce, tomato and onion.

So while it is a indulgent sandwich choice, the Italian Night Club does deliver a serving of protein, calcium, B vitamins and various vitamins and minerals from its vitamin-rich ingredients. Customers can feel good about the nutrition it provides along with the enjoyment of eating it.

Comparison to Other Menu Items

The Italian Night Club is one of the higher calorie options at Jimmy John’s compared to other sandwiches. Here is how it stacks up against some other popular Jimmy John’s sandwiches:

Sandwich Calories
JJ Gargantuan 890
Country Club 790
Bootlegger Club 760
Vito 690
Hunter’s Club 680
Italian Night Club 1,180

The Italian Night Club is significantly higher in calories compared to sandwiches like the Hunter’s Club or Vito. Choosing one of the lower calorie options can save 400-500 calories compared to the Italian Night Club. For customers monitoring their calories, going with one of the lighter sandwiches may be a better choice.

Low Calorie Menu Options

Below are some of the lowest calorie sandwiches and menu items at Jimmy John’s for customers wanting to minimize their calorie intake:

– Slim 6 Beach Club (340 calories)
– Slim 4 Turkey Tom (360 calories)
– Slim 3 Tuna Salad (260 calories)
– Slim 2 Roast Beef (200 calories)
– Little John (260 calories without mayo)
– JJ Unwich Lettuce Wrap (eliminates bread calories)
– Low-fat Chips (160 calories)
– Pickles (0 calories)

Sticking to slim bread options, low-fat fillings like turkey and tuna, and skipping condiments when possible are the best ways to enjoy Jimmy John’s while watching your calorie consumption.


The Italian Night Club from Jimmy John’s contains approximately 1,180 calories when ordered as a regular sandwich on standard French bread with full toppings. This calorie count is on the higher end compared to other menu options. Consumers can reduce the calories by ordering on slim bread, decreasing meat and cheese, removing dressings, or getting it as an Unwich lettuce wrap. While the Italian Night Club is one of the more indulgent options with its stacks of salami and cheese, customers can still enjoy it in moderation as part of an overall balanced diet. Knowing the calorie information allows consumers to make informed choices to meet their individual nutrition needs and preferences when ordering at Jimmy John’s.

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