How many calories are there in a strawberry margarita?

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A strawberry margarita can contain anywhere from 300 to over 800 calories depending on the recipe, ingredients, and serving size. On average, a 12 oz strawberry margarita made with typical ingredients contains around 500 calories.

Calories in Different Strawberry Margarita Recipes

The number of calories in a strawberry margarita can vary widely based on the specific ingredients and amounts used. Here is the calorie count for some common strawberry margarita recipes:

Basic Strawberry Margarita

Ingredient Amount Calories
Tequila 2 oz 120
Triple sec 1 oz 100
Lime juice 1 oz 8
Strawberry puree 1 oz 15
Simple syrup 1 tsp 17
Total 260

A basic 12 oz strawberry margarita made with 2 oz tequila, 1 oz triple sec, 1 oz lime juice, 1 oz strawberry puree, and a teaspoon of simple syrup contains around 260 calories.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Ingredient Amount Calories
Tequila 1.5 oz 90
Triple sec 1 oz 100
Lime juice 1 oz 8
Strawberries 5 medium 25
Ice 1 cup 0
Total 223

A 12 oz frozen strawberry margarita made with 1.5 oz tequila, 1 oz triple sec, 1 oz lime juice, 5 medium strawberries, and 1 cup of ice contains around 223 calories.

Strawberry Margarita with Sour Mix

Ingredient Amount Calories
Tequila 2 oz 120
Triple sec 1 oz 100
Sour mix 4 oz 160
Strawberry puree 1 oz 15
Total 395

A 12 oz strawberry margarita made with 2 oz tequila, 1 oz triple sec, 4 oz pre-made sour mix, and 1 oz strawberry puree contains around 395 calories. The sour mix adds a significant number of calories.

Strawberry Margarita from a Restaurant or Bar

Margaritas ordered at restaurants or bars can have wildly varying calorie counts depending on the recipe and serving size. Most restaurants serve margaritas in glasses ranging from 12-20 oz. Some common calorie counts:

Margarita Type Serving Size Calories
On the rocks 12 oz 450-700
Frozen 16 oz 700-1,000
Monster/Jumbo 20+ oz 800-1,300

As you can see, a restaurant strawberry margarita can range from 450 calories for a 12 oz on the rocks version to over 1,300 calories for a huge 20+ oz monster margarita. Frozen and giant margaritas should be avoided if you are concerned about calories.

Factors that Impact the Calories in a Strawberry Margarita

There are several factors that influence the calorie content in a strawberry margarita:

Base Ingredients

The three base ingredients that have the biggest impact on calories are the tequila, orange liqueur like triple sec, and any sour mix or juice.

Tequila by itself is relatively low calorie at around 100 calories per shot. Orange liqueurs like triple sec or Cointreau are more caloric, with around 100 calories per ounce. Sour mix can vary in calories based on the recipe, but often adds significant calories through added sugar. Fresh citrus juice is the lowest calorie option for sour flavor.

Using higher proportions of low calorie ingredients like 100% agave tequila and fresh lime juice can help lower the calories in a margarita.


Any added sugars will boost the calorie content of a margarita. Simple syrup and agave nectar are common sweeteners, and adding just a teaspoon of simple syrup can add 15-20 calories. Pre-made sour mixes also frequently contain high calorie sweeteners.

Going light on added sugars or avoiding them altogether by using fresh fruit to sweeten the margarita naturally will provide the lowest calorie options.

Fruit Purees

Fruit purees add flavor and sweetness to margaritas. Most are relatively low calorie, with around 15 calories per ounce. However, some pre-made purees or fruit syrups contain added sugars. Check ingredient labels and choose products without added sugars. Limiting the puree to around an ounce per drink will keep calories down.

Glass Size

The serving size has a direct impact on the calorie count. A 12 oz margarita will have less calories than a 20 oz giant margarita. Choosing a reasonable glass size helps control portion size and calories. Many restaurants serve huge margaritas that can pack 500 calories or more per drink.

Low Calorie Strawberry Margarita Options

Here are some tips for making lower calorie strawberry margaritas:

– Use 100% agave tequila instead of a cheaper blended tequila. Avoid sugary margarita mixes, powdered drink mixes, and premade sour mixes which all tend to be high in calories.

– Only use 1 ounce of a triple sec or orange liqueur. Cointreau and Grand Marnier are commonly used.

– For sour flavor, use fresh lime or lemon juice instead of sour mix.

– Avoid adding simple syrups or agave nectar to sweeten the drink. Instead, use fresh strawberries or a puree sweetened with natural fruit juice.

– Use soda water or seltzer instead of orange juice or other fruit juices to add volume without adding calories.

– Choose a 12-14 ounce glass instead of a giant 20+ ounce margarita glass.

– Make a lighter “skinny” version with lower calorie ingredients. Swap ingredients like liqueurs, juices, purees, and simple syrups for the lowest calorie options possible.

– Order an “on the rocks” margarita instead of a higher calorie frozen version. Or freeze fresh fruit instead of sugary mixers to make a lower calorie frozen drink.

– Be aware that blended margaritas from restaurants and bars often have extra sugars and mixes added beyond the standard recipe. Check calorie counts before ordering when possible.

Nutrition Facts for Strawberry Margaritas

Here is the typical nutrition breakdown for a 12 oz strawberry margarita, based on common recipes and ingredients:

Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 500
Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 50g
Sugar 40g
Protein 0g

As you can see, a typical strawberry margarita is high in calories and carbs, almost entirely from sugar. There is minimal fat or protein.

Lower calorie recipes made with fresh ingredients would have around 100-150 calories, 5-10g carbs, and 2-5g sugar for the same 12 oz portion.

Alcohol Calories in Strawberry Margaritas

The calories from alcohol make up a significant portion of the total calories in a margarita. Here are the calories by alcohol content for a typical strawberry margarita:

Alcohol Calories
1.5 oz tequila 105
1 oz triple sec 100
Total alcohol calories 205

For a margarita containing 1.5 ounces of tequila and 1 ounce of triple sec, the alcohol alone provides 205 calories, or around 40% of the total calories in a 500 calorie drink.

The remaining calories come from the juice, purees, sweeteners, and other mixers. So when trying to lighten the calorie load, reducing the amounts of liqueurs and spirits can have a significant impact.

Comparing Calories to Other Margarita Flavors

Here is how the calories in a strawberry margarita compare to other popular margarita flavors:

Margarita Type Calories (12 oz)
Lime 220
Strawberry 260
Mango 290
Peach 300
Pineapple 310
Watermelon 340

Flavorings like fruit purees add some extra calories, but the base tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice make up the majority of calories in a margarita. So most recipes are relatively close in calories for a standard 12 oz drink.

Calorie Cutting Tips

Here are some tips for reducing the calories in strawberry margaritas:

– Use fresh juice instead of sweetened sour mix – Fresh lime juice saves around 100 calories per drink compared to commercial sweet and sour mixes.

– Reduce orange liqueur – Halve the standard 1 oz per drink to save 50 calories.

– Use less tequila – Start with 1 oz instead of 1.5 oz to save 30 calories.

– Skip the salt or sugar rim – It can add up to 30 calories for just a partial salted glass rim.

– Use less or no sweetener – 1 tsp of simple syrup adds 15-20 calories.

– Make a “skinny” version – Substitute water or diet soda for juices and use sugar-free ingredients.

– Avoid giant servings – Go for a 12 oz drink instead of a 20+ oz monster margarita.

Should You Avoid Strawberry Margaritas When Dieting?

Strawberry margaritas are relatively high in calories and sugar compared to other cocktails and diet-friendly drinks. However, an occasional strawberry margarita can be worked into a healthy diet if you take some precautions:

– Order the smallest available size or ask for a cup instead of a giant margarita glass. Many restaurants automatically serve huge 20-24 ounce margaritas.

– Share a margarita with a friend instead of drinking a whole one yourself. Many restaurants will allow two glasses for a single cocktail order.

– Have your margarita with a lighter meal. Avoid pairing it with calorie-dense foods like chips, dips, and fried foods.

– Alternate with a sparkling water or non-caloric beverage between sips. This helps control portion size and prevent mindless overdrinking.

– Adjust the recipe to reduce calories using some of the tips mentioned earlier like fresh juice and less sweetener.

– Only have one margarita instead of multiple drinks which exponentially increases calories.

One 12 oz strawberry margarita containing around 260 calories can fit into a daily calorie target of 1500-1800 calories. Just balance it out with lighter food choices for the day.

Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Margarita Options

Here are some ideas for lower calorie non-alcoholic strawberry margaritas:

– Strawberry Lime Fresca – Add sliced strawberries and lime juice to soda water.

– Strawberry Limeade – Mix lime juice, strawberry puree, and water. Sweeten slightly with stevia if desired.

– Virgin Frozen Margarita – Blend strawberries, lime juice, and ice.

– Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita – Muddle jalapenos and strawberries, then mix with lime juice and soda water.

Non-alcoholic versions can have around 50-150 calories depending on sweeteners and ingredients used. They provide the fresh fruity flavor of a margarita without the extra alcohol calories.


A strawberry margarita can range from around 260 calories for a basic 12 oz drink to over 800 calories for a giant blended version. On average, a standard restaurant strawberry margarita made with typical ingredients contains approximately 500 calories. The number of calories are influenced by the specific type and amounts of ingredients, sweeteners, glass size, and whether it is on the rocks or frozen. While strawberry margaritas are relatively high in calories compared to other cocktails, an occasional indulgence can be worked into a healthy diet by controlling portions, choosing lower calorie recipes, alternating with non-alcoholic beverages, and pairing with lighter meals. Being mindful of serving sizes and ingredients is key to enjoying a strawberry margarita without overconsuming calories or derailing your diet goals.

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