How many calories are in small sonic pickle fries?

Sonic Drive-In is a popular fast food restaurant chain that is well known for serving American classic dishes like hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries. One unique menu item that Sonic offers is their pickle fries – thinly sliced pickle chips that are breaded and deep fried. Pickle fries have become a cult favorite among Sonic fans due to their tangy, crunchy taste. However, like most fried foods, pickle fries are high in calories and fat. For those watching their calorie intake, it’s important to understand how many calories are in Sonic’s pickle fries. In this article, we will examine the calorie and nutrition information for Sonic’s small order of pickle fries to help you make informed menu choices.

Calorie Content of Sonic’s Small Pickle Fries

According to Sonic’s official website nutrition information, a small order of Sonic pickle fries contains 350 calories. Here is a breakdown of the calorie content in a Sonic small pickle fry order:

– 350 calories total
– 210 calories from fat
– 28 grams of total fat
– 4 grams of saturated fat
– 0 grams of trans fat
– 0 milligrams of cholesterol
– 770 milligrams of sodium
– 36 grams of total carbohydrates
– 2 grams of fiber
– 2 grams of sugar
– 4 grams of protein

As you can see, the majority of calories in Sonic’s pickle fries (about 60%) comes from fat. This is expected given that pickle fries are breaded and fried. The total fat content is quite high at 28 grams – which is over a third of the recommended daily value. Saturated fat and sodium levels are also considerable.

On the other hand, Sonic pickle fries provide some beneficial nutrients like a small amount of fiber, carbohydrates, and protein. But the overall nutritional value of this fried snack food is low.

Calorie and Fat Comparison to Other Sonic Side Items

To put the 350 calories of a Sonic small pickle fry order into perspective, let’s compare it to some other popular Sonic side dishes:

Sonic Side Item Calories Total Fat (g)
Small French Fries 350 19
Small Onion Rings 500 26
Small Tater Tots 420 24
Mac & Cheese Bites (6 pieces) 460 28

As you can see from the table, a small order of Sonic pickle fries contains about the same number of calories as a small fry – 350 calories. However, the pickle fries have slightly more fat grams at 28g vs 19g in the fries. Onion rings have significantly higher calories and fat than pickle fries, at 500 calories and 26g of fat for a small order. Tater tots are also higher in calories than pickle fries. Mac & cheese bites are the overall highest in both calories and fat out of these fried side items.

So in comparison to other deep fried sides on Sonic’s menu, the pickle fries are on the lower end for calories and total fat. However, they are still quite high in fat and sodium compared to non-fried sides like salads.

Calorie Density of Sonic Pickle Fries

In addition to looking at total calorie content, it’s useful to examine the calorie density of pickle fries. Calorie density measures how many calories are contained in a certain serving or weight of food. Foods that have a high calorie density provide more calories per bite.

A small order of Sonic pickle fries weighs approximately 84 grams. With 350 calories total, that equals about 4.2 calories per gram. By comparison, foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and whole grains typically provide less than 2 calories per gram. So Sonic’s pickle fries are more than twice as calorie dense as more nutritious foods. All of that added calorie density comes from the breading and frying in oil.

The high calorie density of pickle fries means that the calories can quickly add up if you eat a large portion. However, you may feel less full per calorie compared to less dense foods like salads. Understanding the calorie density can help guide appropriate portion sizes. Sticking to Sonic’s defined small serving is best for limiting calorie intake.

Pickle Fries Nutrition Facts Compared to a Whole Pickle

Pickle fries start from sliced whole pickles as the base ingredient. But the breading and frying significantly alter the nutrition facts. Let’s see how Sonic’s pickle fries compare nutritionally to an average whole dill pickle:

Nutrition Facts Sonic Small Pickle Fries 1 Large Dill Pickle (about 4 oz)
Calories 350 14
Total Fat 28g 0g
Carbs 36g 4g
Protein 4g 1g
Fiber 2g 1g
Sodium 770mg 980mg

As you can see, a whole pickle is very low in calories at just 14 calories versus 350 calories in Sonic’s pickle fries. Pickles also contain zero fat, while the fries have a whopping 28 grams of fat. The breading adds a significant amount of carbohydrates and calories to the pickle fries. Sodium levels are actually lower in the fries compared to a whole pickled cucumber. But the higher calories and fat in the fried pickle snack outweigh the sodium difference from a health perspective.

So while both pickles and pickle fries provide the signature tangy, salty flavor, frying the pickles significantly impacts the nutritional profile. The fresh whole pickle is the much healthier choice if you’re aiming for low calories and fat. The pickle fries are a high calorie fried food.

Effect of Condiments and Dips on Pickle Fries Calories

When you order Sonic pickle fries, keep in mind that any added condiments or dips will further increase the calorie count. Here are some popular condiment choices and how many calories they would add to your small pickle fry order:

– Ketchup (1.5 oz packet): 45 calories
– Ranch dressing (1.5 oz packet): 135 calories
– Fry sauce (1.5 oz packet): 90 calories
– Chipotle ranch (1.5 oz packet): 135 calories
– Honey mustard (1.5 oz packet): 140 calories

As you can see, condiments like ketchup add a relatively small amount of extra calories. But going for sauces like ranch, chipotle ranch, or honey mustard can tack on 130-140 more calories to your pickle fry order. That’s nearly half as many calories as the fries themselves!

If you do want to enjoy a sauce with your pickle fries, ask for it on the side and use sparingly to limit excess calorie intake. Or choose lower-calorie options like mustard, barbecue sauce, or buffalo sauce instead of creamy dressings. Skipping the condiments altogether will keep your pickle fry order the lowest in calories.

Nutrition Tips for Enjoying Sonic Pickle Fries

Here are some tips for enjoying Sonic’s pickle fries in a healthy way while keeping calories under control:

– Stick to the small size. The small order provides a satisfying portion for most people watching calories. Size up and you’ll get nearly double the calories.

– Skip the dipping sauces or use sparingly. Sauces like ranch, chipotle ranch, and honey mustard add a significant amount of extra fat and calories.

– Pair with lower calorie sides like a salad. Having pickle fries alongside a healthier side can help balance your meal.

– Split your order with a friend. You can get a taste for half the calories by splitting a small order.

– Make pickle fries an occasional treat. Their high calorie and fat content makes them best reserved for a once-in-a-while indulgence.

– Drink water or unsweetened tea instead of soda. Skip the sugary soft drinks to avoid excess empty calories.

By following these tips, you can keep your pickle fry order in check calorie-wise and integrate them into an overall healthy diet. Moderation and portion control are key when enjoying decadent deep fried treats from Sonic or any restaurant.

Should You Avoid Sonic Pickle Fries If Watching Your Weight?

Pickle fries are certainly not the most diet-friendly menu option, but does that mean you need to avoid them completely if you’re watching your weight? Not necessarily. Here are some factors to consider:

– Calories can fit into daily goals. The 350 calories in a small order may work into your day’s calorie budget, depending on your diet approach. Just account for them accordingly.

– Occasional treats are okay. Depriving yourself of ALL indulgent foods can backfire. Having pickle fries occasionally can satisfy cravings in moderation.

– It’s your total diet that matters most. No single food will make or break your weight loss success. What matters is your overall balanced eating pattern.

– Fried foods are fine in moderation. Blanket avoiding all fried foods is unrealistic for most people. More important is controlling portions and not over-indulging.

– Pick healthier sides and toppings. Ordering a side salad instead of fries and choosing lower-calorie sauces can offset pickle fries’ nutritional downsides.

– Pay attention to portion distortion. Many restaurants serve large portions that encourage overeating. Stick to Sonic’s small size to control portions.

– Activity helps burn extra calories. Pairing pickle fries with exercise, like a walk around the neighborhood, can help balance the splurge meal.

So an occasional indulgence in pickle fries is unlikely to sabotage your weight loss efforts. Just be mindful of portions, choose healthier accompaniments, and keep your overall eating balanced.

Healthier Pickle-Flavored Snack Alternatives

If you love the pickle flavor but want a lower-calorie snack, here are some tasty alternatives to satisfy that craving:

– Refrigerator pickles – Make your own quick fresh pickles at home with just cucumbers, vinegar, spices, and a little salt.

– Pickled vegetables – In addition to cucumbers, try quick-pickling carrots, cauliflower, radishes, green beans, or other veggie favorites.

– Fresh veggie sticks with Greek yogurt ranch dip – Dip raw vegetables like carrots and celery into protein-rich Greek yogurt blended with ranch seasoning.

– Air-fried pickle chips – Lightly bread pickle chips then air-fry instead of deep-frying for a lower-fat crispy pickle.

– Pickle brine popsicles – For the adventurous, freeze pickle juice mixed with a little yogurt or pureed fruit for a tangy, electrolyte-rich treat.

– DIY pickle popcorn – Toss air-popped or light microwave popcorn with a little pickle juice and olive oil for an easy snack.

– Pickle and pita chips – Spread Greek yogurt on a whole wheat pita, top with veggies like shredded carrots, and a few pickle slices. Cut into wedges.

Be creative and think beyond just pickles to satisfy that craving in a healthier way. Just avoid deep-frying for best nutrition.


Sonic Drive-In’s pickle fries can be a tasty indulgence with their unique, crispy fried pickle flavor. However, their high calorie and fat content means they are best enjoyed in moderation. A small order contains 350 calories and 28 grams of fat. Condiments like ranch and honey mustard can add 140 more calories. For better nutrition, pair pickle fries with healthier sides, watch your portions, and skip the creamy sauces. While not diet food, enjoying Sonic’s pickle fries occasionally can be part of an overall balanced diet. Just be mindful of your total calorie intake.

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