How many calories are in Arby’s turkey sliders?

Arby’s turkey sliders are a popular menu item, but many people wonder just how many calories are in them. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at the calorie and nutrition information for Arby’s turkey sliders to help you make an informed decision.

A Brief Overview of Arby’s Turkey Sliders

Arby’s turkey sliders feature slices of oven-roasted turkey breast topped with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a tangy smokehouse mayo sauce. They are served on petite slider buns.

The turkey breast provides protein, while the lettuce and tomato add fiber and nutrients. The mini slider buns keep the portion sizes small.

Arby’s turkey sliders come in an order of two or three sliders. The sliders make a good appetizer, midday snack, or mini-meal.

Nutrition Facts for Arby’s Turkey Sliders

The nutrition information for Arby’s turkey sliders is as follows:

Turkey Slider Calories Fat Carbs Protein
1 slider 230 8g 25g 16g
2 sliders 460 16g 50g 32g
3 sliders 690 24g 75g 48g

As you can see, a single Arby’s turkey slider contains 230 calories. It also has 8g of fat, 25g of carbs, and 16g of protein.

When you order two Arby’s turkey sliders, you’ll get a total of 460 calories, 16g of fat, 50g of carbs, and 32g of protein.

And if you order a trio of three turkey sliders, that jumps up to 690 total calories, with 24g of fat, 75g of carbs, and 48g of protein.

Arby’s Turkey Slider Calories in Context

To put the calorie count of Arby’s turkey sliders in context, let’s compare them to some other menu items:

  • Arby’s Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich: 640 calories
  • Arby’s French Dip & Swiss Sandwich: 660 calories
  • Arby’s Crispy Fish Sandwich: 370 calories
  • Arby’s Roast Beef Slider: 300 calories
  • Arby’s Value Size Curly Fries: 460 calories

As you can see, the turkey sliders are lower in calories than sandwiches like the Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon and the French Dip & Swiss. However, they are higher in calories than options like the Crispy Fish Sandwich and Roast Beef Slider.

Two turkey sliders are comparable to the calorie count of an order of value size curly fries. So the sliders make a lighter pairing option if you want to substitute out the fries.

Lower Calorie Options at Arby’s

If you are looking for lower calorie options at Arby’s, here are some recommendations:

  • Junior Roast Beef Sandwich: 340 calories
  • Market Fresh Cranberry Apple Salad with Chicken: 270 calories
  • Roasted Turkey & Swiss Half Sandwich: 330 calories
  • Ham & Swiss Half Sandwich: 280 calories
  • Baked Potato: 230 calories

Arby’s also has lower calorie ‘light menu’ section with options like:

  • Roast Chicken Salad Sandwich: 350 calories
  • Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad: 320 calories
  • Half Oven Roasted Chicken Salad Sandwich: 200 calories

So if you are looking for lighter takes on classic Arby’s sandwiches, check out these menu items.

Tips for Lightening Up Your Arby’s Turkey Slider Order

If you want to enjoy Arby’s turkey sliders but still mind your calorie intake, here are some tips:

  • Order just one turkey slider rather than two or three to cut the calories in half or more.
  • Opt for a side salad instead of fries to save calories.
  • Ask for light mayo or smokehouse sauce on the side and use sparingly.
  • Skip the slider bun and eat the turkey and toppings over salad.
  • Order a Beverage & Slider combo and choose a no-calorie drink like diet soda, unsweetened tea, or water.

Making customizations like these can allow you to enjoy the flavors of the turkey sliders while maintaining your nutrition goals.

The Nutritional Benefits of Arby’s Turkey Sliders

While the turkey sliders are higher in calories than some other Arby’s options, they do provide some valuable nutrition.

Benefits of Arby’s turkey sliders include:

  • Protein – The oven-roasted turkey breast provides filling protein to help satisfy hunger.
  • Vitamin A – The tomato and lettuce contain this important antioxidant vitamin.
  • Vitamin C – Again found in the fresh tomato and lettuce.
  • Potassium – The turkey and tomato provide potassium to support nerve signaling.
  • Calcium – The swiss cheese adds a calcium boost for strong bones.

So while higher in calories than a salad, the turkey sliders do deliver important nutrients from quality whole food ingredients.

Comparing Arby’s Turkey Sliders to Other Fast Foods

Arby’s turkey sliders have fewer calories than many other fast food slider options. Here’s how they compare:

Menu Item Calories
Arby’s Turkey Slider (1 slider) 230
White Castle Cheese Slider (1 slider) 260
Krystal Slider (1 slider) 290
McDonald’s Cheeseburger 300
Sonic Jr. Cheeseburger 390
Wendy’s Jr Cheeseburger 290

The Arby’s turkey slider comes in lower than the cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, Sonic, and Wendy’s. It’s also lower in calories than famous sliders from White Castle and Krystal.

So if you’re craving a quick mini-burger, the Arby’s turkey slider is one of your best lower calorie options among major fast food chains.

Should You Eat Arby’s Turkey Sliders If You’re On A Diet?

If you’re following a reduced calorie diet for weight loss, Arby’s turkey sliders can potentially fit into your daily meal plan.

A standard reduced calorie diet recommends around 1,200-1,500 calories per day for women and 1,500-1,800 for men. This is designed to promote a steady 1-2 pound per week weight loss.

Looking at the nutrition numbers above, one Arby’s turkey slider contains 230 calories. So it would use up 15-20% of your daily calorie allowance on a diet. Two sliders would provide nearly a third of your calories for the day.

As an occasional treat, turkey sliders can fit into a reduced calorie diet. Just balance them out by choosing lower calorie foods and beverages for the rest of your day. Also, be mindful of your portion sizes of sliders and condiments.

However, turkey sliders should not become a daily habit on a diet. The calories and fat would quickly add up and make it difficult to meet your weight loss goals.

Other Tips for Enjoying Arby’s on a Diet

If you want to enjoy Arby’s while managing your weight, here are some other tips:

  • Split or share sandwiches with a friend or loved one.
  • Order kid’s size sandwiches which come with less calories.
  • Load up on veggies and limit high calorie condiments.
  • Opt for the ‘under 450 calorie’ section of the menu.
  • Swap out curly fries for a side salad or baked potato.
  • Mix up Arby’s with lower calorie home-cooked meals.

Using strategies like these allow you to indulge in Arby’s in moderation while maintaining a calorie deficit.


Arby’s turkey sliders can be a tasty and protein-packed menu choice. However, with 230 calories each, they are higher in calories than some of Arby’s lighter sandwiches and salads.

Ordering just one turkey slider and pairing it with lower calorie side items can allow you to indulge while controlling calories. The turkey sliders can also fit into a reduced calorie diet plan occasionally as a treat.

By understanding the nutrition numbers for Arby’s turkey sliders, you can enjoy them deliciously as part of an overall balanced diet.

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