How many calories are in a vanilla Frosty Ccino?

A vanilla Frosty Ccino is a frozen coffee drink from Dunkin’ Donuts that combines coffee, milk, and ice blended together into a sweet, creamy beverage. With its velvety texture and robust coffee flavor, the Frosty Ccino has become a popular menu item for Dunkin’ fans looking for an icy coffee treat. However, like most blended coffee drinks, the Frosty Ccino is high in calories due to its ingredients. So just how many calories are packed into a vanilla Frosty Ccino?

The Ingredients in a Vanilla Frosty Ccino

To understand the calorie count of a Frosty Ccino, we first need to look at what goes into it. According to Dunkin’ Donuts, the ingredients are:

  • Coffee
  • Milk
  • Ice
  • Vanilla flavored syrup

The coffee provides the base and primary flavor. Milk gives the drink its creamy, frothy texture. Ice cools the beverage down and allows it to become frozen and blended. Finally, the vanilla syrup infuses everything with its sweet, aromatic vanilla notes.

Knowing these key ingredients gives us insight into where a majority of the calories come from. The main sources are the milk, which contains calories from natural milk sugars (lactose) and fat, and the vanilla syrup, which packs in added sugars.

Nutrition Information for a Small Vanilla Frosty Ccino

According to the Dunkin’ Donuts nutritional information guide, here are the nutrition facts for a small 10 oz vanilla Frosty Ccino made with whole milk:

  • 240 calories
  • 9 g fat
  • 4.5 g saturated fat
  • 35 mg cholesterol
  • 100 mg sodium
  • 33 g carbs
  • 30 g sugar
  • 2 g protein

As you can see, a small vanilla Frosty Ccino delivers 240 total calories. This places it on the higher end for a typical coffee drink, but expected given its indulgent, sweet milkshake-like consistency.

Calories Based on Size

Dunkin’ Donuts offers the Frosty Ccino in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The calorie count increases with each larger size. Here is how the calories compare by size:

Size Calories
Small (10 oz) 240
Medium (16 oz) 340
Large (20 oz) 430

As shown, a medium vanilla Frosty Ccino delivers 340 calories, while the large packs a whopping 430 calories. The small is the most calorie-conscious choice.

Calories with Nonfat Milk

Ordering the Frosty Ccino with nonfat milk is one way to lighten it up. This cuts down on the calories that come from the whole milk’s fat. Here’s how the nutrition info compares:

Milk Type Calories (Small)
Whole Milk 240
Nonfat Milk 190

The small Frosty Ccino with nonfat milk contains only 190 calories compared to 240 with whole milk. That’s a calorie saving of 50 calories simply by opting for nonfat milk.

Ways to Lighten Up Your Frosty Ccino

If you want to enjoy a Frosty Ccino but make it more figure-friendly, here are some easy tips for reducing the calories:

  • Order it with nonfat milk instead of whole milk
  • Ask for less vanilla syrup pumps
  • Request half the usual amount of coffee for less caloric base
  • Opt for a smaller size like the 10 oz small
  • Substitute sugar-free vanilla syrup for some of the sugar savings
  • Top with a light splash of cream instead of having it blended throughout

Implementing some of these adjustments can shave off anywhere from 50-150 calories in your Frosty Ccino. Small tweaks can make a big impact!

Other Factors Affecting Calories

It’s important to note that the calorie information provided by Dunkin’ Donuts is based on the standard recipe. However, the calories can vary depending on:

  • Individual preparation variations from one location to the next
  • Whether you use the in-store cream and sugar dispensers to doctor it up
  • Customizations like extra pumps of flavor or additional toppings

The more you customize your Frosty Ccino with extra pumps of sugary syrup or generous cream and sugar, the more calories you’ll add. To get an accurate sense of calories, your best bet is to avoid heavy customizations.

Comparing With Other Iced Coffee Drinks

How does the Frosty Ccino stack up against other iced and blended coffee drinks calorie-wise? Here’s a comparison:

Beverage (Small Size) Calories
Starbucks Iced Coffee (Grande) 5
McDonald’s Iced McCafe Coffee (Small) 100
Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino (Tall) 240
Caribou Caribou Blend Iced Coffee (Small) 140
Dunkin’ Vanilla Frosty Ccino (Small) 240

The Frosty Ccino has a similar calorie count to other popular blended coffee drinks like the Starbucks Frappuccino. It comes in a bit higher than typical iced coffee beverages that aren’t blended with ice and milk. But overall it fits right in line nutrition-wise with other frozen coffeehouse beverages.

Should You Enjoy It Guilt-Free?

While the Frosty Ccino is high in calories, an occasional indulgence in moderation can be incorporated into a balanced diet. If you simply must satisfy a craving for a velvety frozen vanilla coffee treat, go for the small size with nonfat milk and avoid pumping it up with lots of extra flavor and sugar. Savor your Frosty Ccino, but just be mindful of calories – they can add up fast if ordering a larger size or drinking them frequently.

Overall the Frosty Ccino, with its 240 calories in a small, provides an icy sweet coffee pick-me-up. As an occasional treat, you can enjoy it guilt-free and savor the flavors of vanilla coffee and creamy milk. Just be aware of the calorie impact if making it a daily habit.


A small Dunkin’ Donuts vanilla Frosty Ccino contains about 240 calories using whole milk, or 190 calories made with nonfat milk. The calorie count increases with larger sizes, topping 400+ calories for a large. While high in calories, an occasional indulgence in a small Frosty Ccino won’t break the calorie bank. To lighten it up, opt for nonfat milk, less flavor pumps, a smaller size, and ask for light cream instead of having it blended in. Though a tasty frozen coffee treat, be mindful of calories if enjoying Frosty Ccinos frequently.

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