How do you check the balance on a Jersey Mike’s gift card?

Jersey Mike’s gift cards allow customers to prepay for sandwiches and other menu items at any Jersey Mike’s location. The cards can be purchased in-store or online and make great gifts for Jersey Mike’s fans. Checking the balance on a Jersey Mike’s gift card is easy whether you have the physical card or bought it online. Here’s a quick rundown of how to check your gift card balance:

  • If you have the physical card, check the receipt or packaging for a website and/or toll-free number to check the balance.
  • Go online to the Jersey Mike’s gift card portal and enter the gift card number to view the balance.
  • Call the toll-free number on the back of the gift card and follow the automated prompts to check your balance.
  • Ask the cashier at any Jersey Mike’s location to check the balance for you.

Keep reading for more detailed instructions on each method.

Checking Balance on Physical Jersey Mike’s Gift Card

If you have the plastic Jersey Mike’s gift card, start by looking on the back for a toll-free customer service number and/or website listed for balance inquiries. The toll-free number will connect you to an automated system where you can check your balance by entering the card number.

The website listed on the card will take you to the Jersey Mike’s online gift card portal where you can login or enter your gift card number to view the balance online. Entering the card number online is the quickest way to check the balance 24/7 without calling.

If there is no website or number listed on your card, you can check the balance by asking the cashier at any Jersey Mike’s location. They can swipe the card to pull up the balance on their register. Just be sure to have the physical card with you for the cashier to check.

Checking Balance by Calling Toll-Free Number

To check your Jersey Mike’s gift card balance by phone:

  1. Locate the toll-free customer service number on the back of the gift card.
  2. Dial the toll-free number from any phone.
  3. Listen to the automated greeting and follow the prompts to check your card balance.
  4. When prompted, enter the full gift card number on the back of the card.
  5. The automated system will tell you your current card balance after verifying the number.
  6. Write down or take note of the balance.
  7. Follow prompts to check any other card balances or return to the main menu.

Calling the toll-free number is useful if you don’t have web access or prefer using the automated phone system. Just be sure to have your gift card number handy to enter into the system. The automated attendant will walk you through the steps to check your balance and provide any other card details.

Checking Balance Online

Checking your Jersey Mike’s gift card balance online is fast and easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to on any web browser.
  2. Select “Check Balance” on the top menu.
  3. Choose to login or check balance without logging in.
  4. If logging in, enter your username and password. If not, select “Check Balance without Login.”
  5. Enter the full gift card number.
  6. Enter the security code if prompted.
  7. Select “View Balance.”
  8. Your current balance will be displayed on the next screen.
  9. Logout or return to the homepage when finished.

Checking online allows you to view the balance anytime without having to call. You can also see card details like the purchase date and expiration. Make sure to have the gift card number handy to enter into the balance check form.

Checking Balance at Jersey Mike’s Location

Any Jersey Mike’s store can look up your gift card balance at the register. Stop by a location when they are open and ask the cashier to check your card balance.

Hand them the physical gift card and request they swipe it to check the balance. The cashier will swipe your card through the point-of-sale system to pull up the current balance. They can print a receipt showing the balance if you need a paper record.

Checking your balance at a Jersey Mike’s store is simple and only takes a few minutes. Just remember to bring the physical card with you for the cashier to swipe at the register.

Jersey Mike’s Gift Card FAQs

Can I reload my Jersey Mike’s gift card?

Yes, Jersey Mike’s gift cards can be reloaded with additional funds both in-store and online. To reload in stores, just ask the cashier to add money to your card at checkout. Online, login to your gift card account and use a credit card to add funds. There is a $5 minimum for reloading cards.

Do Jersey Mike’s gift cards expire?

Jersey Mike’s physical and digital gift cards expire 6 months from the purchase date. When your card expires, any unused balance is forfeited. Make sure to check the expiration and use your card within 6 months.

Can I get a replacement for a lost or stolen card?

If your Jersey Mike’s gift card is lost, stolen or damaged, call the toll-free number on the back of the card to report it. You will need to provide the card number and other details. Jersey Mike’s can issue a replacement card with any remaining balance transferred over.

Are there fees for using my gift card?

Jersey Mike’s does not charge any fees for using their gift cards or checking the balance. You can use the full value of the card without incurring extra fees when making purchases.

Can I use my gift card online or for delivery orders?

Yes, Jersey Mike’s gift cards can be used for online orders on the Jersey Mike’s website or app. Enter your gift card information at online checkout to redeem the value. Cards can also be used for delivery orders over the phone.

Ways to Check Balance Without a Physical Card

Don’t have the gift card with you? You can still check the balance if you have the card number. Here are some options:

  • Call the toll-free number – Card number is required
  • Check online – Login to account or enter card number
  • Use Jersey Mike’s app – Add card to app wallet to view balance
  • Visit a store – Ask cashier to look up by card number
  • Check receipt – Original gift card receipt may show number

As long as you have the gift card number, you don’t necessarily need the physical card to check the balance. The online portal, phone system, and in-store registers can lookup balances by card number alone. You can even add the card to digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay to monitor the balance from your smartphone.

If you don’t have the card number, check the original gift card receipt or purchase confirmation email for reference. Receipts often print the card number which you can then use to check online or by phone.

Using Your Jersey Mike’s Gift Card

Once you’ve checked your balance, it’s time to use your Jersey Mike’s gift card! Here are some tips for redeeming your card:

  • Present gift card when ordering in-store or give card number for phone/online orders
  • Use card to pay for any menu items – sandwiches, chips, drinks, catering trays
  • Card value is applied before tax and after any coupons/discounts
  • Split payment between card and another form if order exceeds balance
  • Check new balance on receipt or by rechecking after purchase
  • Register card online to easily reload, track transactions, and receive promotions

Gift cards are applied as a form of tender like cash or credit card. The card value reduces the total purchase amount before tax is calculated. Make sure the cashier swipes or enters your gift card at the beginning of the transaction.

You can also split a payment between your gift card and another form of payment if your order exceeds the card balance. The cashier can process the transaction using the card first, then collect the remaining amount due.

Registering your card online makes it easy to track purchases, reload the balance, and receive special offers. You’ll have access to your card information any time you login to your account.

Check Balance on Multiple Jersey Mike’s Gift Cards

If you have more than one Jersey Mike’s gift card, you may need to check balances on all of them. Here are some fast ways to check multiple card balances:

  • Call toll-free number – Check cards one after the other in same call
  • Check online – Switch between cards in same login session
  • Use gift card scanner apps – Scan all card barcodes to view balances
  • Visit Jersey Mike’s – Ask cashier to check each card swiping in order
  • Take photo of each card number – Reference photos to check cards separately

The most efficient way is to call the toll-free number or check online. You can seamlessly toggle between multiple cards in the same call or login session without having to start over each time.

Gift card scanner apps like Gift Card Granny also let you scan the barcodes on each card one after the other to quickly pull up the balances. Or visit Jersey Mike’s and have the cashier swipe each card to check.

Keeping a photo of the card numbers can also come in handy for checking balances down the road. Simply reference the photos to lookup each card individually.

Third Party Gift Card Balance Checkers

In addition to Jersey Mike’s official balance options, there are also third party gift card balance checker websites and apps. These let you enter gift card numbers from various merchants to lookup balances.

Some popular third party balance checkers include:

  • mobile app

These aggregators provide a handy hub to check balances for many different gift card brands. Just be aware that third party sites may ask for personal information or charge fees. Always double check the balance using Jersey Mike’s official channels.

How Jersey Mike’s Gift Cards Work

Understanding how Jersey Mike’s gift cards work can help ensure you use them properly and maximize the value:

  • Purchased in-store or online in preset denominations like $10, $25, $50
  • Can be used to pay for orders at any Jersey Mike’s location
  • Balance reduces with each redemption but cards can be reloaded
  • No fees or expiration date if card used within 6 months
  • Registered cards allow holders to view transaction history and redeem rewards
  • Lost or stolen gift cards can be replaced with remaining balance transferred

Jersey Mike’s gift cards operate similarly to prepaid debit cards with a set value drawn against for purchases. The key is using the cards within 6 months and registering them to take full advantage of features like balance lookups and reload. Checking the balance periodically ensures you know how much is left to spend on delicious Jersey Mike’s subs!

Checking Balance on Other Restaurant Gift Cards

The process for checking gift card balances is similar across most major restaurant chains. Here is how to check balances for some other popular restaurant gift cards:


  • Check online at or via Starbucks app
  • Call 1-800-STARBUC (1-800-782-7282)
  • Inquire at Starbucks register


  • Check online at or via Chipotle app
  • Call 1-877-625-6981
  • Ask cashier in-store


  • Check online at
  • Call 1-800-284-8788
  • Inquire at Chick-fil-A restaurant

Panera Bread

  • Check online at
  • Call 1-877-736-7262
  • Ask associate at Panera location

The options are generally: check online, call a customer service number, or ask an employee in-store. Some brands like Starbucks also allow checking via their mobile app for added convenience.

Troubleshooting When Unable to Check Balance

In some cases, you may run into issues checking the balance on your Jersey Mike’s gift card. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Double check the gift card number entered online or over the phone
  • Try clearing browser cookies/cache if having issues online
  • Call customer service if errors or problems checking balance
  • Ask cashier to try swiping card again if unsuccessful in-store
  • Try third party balance checker as an alternative
  • Confirm card has not expired over 6 months
  • If still not working, contact Jersey Mike’s for assistance

The most common reasons for trouble checking balances are incorrectly entering the card number or technical errors online/by phone. Trying an alternate method usually resolves many issues. Just be sure to double check the number for typos whenever entering it.

If problems persist, reach out to Jersey Mike’s customer service for help troubleshooting. They can investigate issues reading your card and assist if you need a replacement.


Checking your gift card balance at Jersey Mike’s is fast and straightforward. Whether you purchased the card in-store or online, options like calling the toll-free number, checking online, or asking an employee make it easy to see your current balance. Remembering to check periodically allows you to track usage and never be caught short at checkout. With proper care and timely usage, a Jersey Mike’s gift card provides delicious sandwich purchases for months to come!

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