How many calories are in a 24 oz Twisted Tea half and half?

Twisted Tea is a popular flavored malt beverage made by the Boston Beer Company. It comes in a variety of flavors, including half and half, which is a blend of half iced tea and half lemonade.

Quick Answer

A 24 oz can of Twisted Tea half and half contains approximately 228 calories.

Calories in Twisted Tea Half and Half

The number of calories in Twisted Tea half and half depends on the can size:

Can Size Calories
12 oz 114 calories
16 oz 152 calories
24 oz 228 calories

As you can see, a 24 oz can contains 228 calories. The calories come from both the malt beverage base as well as the sugar added to sweeten the iced tea and lemonade flavors.

Calorie Breakdown

Let’s break down the sources of calories in a 24 oz can of Twisted Tea half and half:

  • Malt beverage base: 150 calories
  • Sugar: 78 calories
  • Total: 228 calories

The malt beverage base itself contains calories from the fermented malted barley used to brew it. The added lemonade and iced tea flavors also contain high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener, which adds significant calories from sugar.

Alcohol Content

In addition to calories from carbs and sugar, Twisted Tea contains alcohol which also provides calories:

  • Alcohol content: 5% ABV
  • Grams of alcohol: 14 grams
  • Calories from alcohol: 98 calories

The alcohol content of Twisted Tea half and half is 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). There are 14 grams of alcohol in a 24 oz can. Since alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, the alcohol adds about 98 calories to the total 228 calories per can.

Nutritional Value

Here is the full nutritional breakdown for a 24 oz can of Twisted Tea half and half:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 228
Carbohydrates 38 g
Sugar 31 g
Protein 1.5 g
Fat 0 g
Alcohol 14 g

As you can see, the majority of calories come from carbohydrates and sugar. There is a modest amount of protein and no fat. The alcohol content provides additional calories as well.

Carbohydrate Sources

Where do the carbohydrates in Twisted Tea half and half come from?

  • Malted barley: Twisted Tea is brewed from a base of malted barley, which provides complex carbs from the grains.
  • High fructose corn syrup: This is added as a sweetener for the iced tea and lemonade flavors.
  • Natural sugars: The lemonade contains sugars naturally present in lemon juice.

So the combination of malted barley, added corn syrup, and natural lemonade sugars contributes to the high carbohydrate and sugar content of Twisted Tea half and half.

Vitamins and Minerals

While Twisted Tea does not provide a significant amount of vitamins and minerals, here are some of the micronutrients found in a 24 oz serving:

  • Vitamin C: 10% DV
  • Niacin: 10% DV
  • Vitamin B6: 6% DV
  • Magnesium: 5% DV
  • Zinc: 5% DV

The lemon juice provides a good amount of vitamin C. The malted barley provides B vitamins like niacin and vitamin B6. There are also small amounts of minerals like magnesium and zinc from the brewing ingredients.

Twisted Tea Half and Half Flavors

Twisted Tea half and half comes in a variety of rotating seasonal flavors. While the calorie counts may vary slightly by flavor, here are some examples and their nutrition facts:

Flavor Calories
Raspberry 220
Peach 230
Mango 225
Passionfruit 215

As you can see, calories range from 215-230 per 24 oz can depending on the fruit flavor added. But all flavors have a similar calorie density since they are based on the same malt beverage and sweetener blend.

Diet Twisted Tea

For a lower calorie option, Twisted Tea also offers a diet version sweetened with Splenda instead of high fructose corn syrup. Here is how Diet Twisted Tea compares:

Beverage Calories (24 oz)
Twisted Tea Half and Half 228
Diet Twisted Tea 100

As you can see, switching to the diet version saves you 128 calories per can. The tradeoff is that Diet Twisted Tea contains the artificial sweetener sucralose (Splenda) rather than real sugar.

Twisted Tea Can Sizes

Twisted Tea half and half comes in a variety of can sizes. Here is the calorie comparison:

Can Size Calories
12 oz 114
16 oz 152
24 oz 228
25 oz 238

The 12 oz can is considered one serving size and contains 114 calories. The popular 24 oz “tall boy” size contains 228 calories. There is also a 25 oz single-serve can with 238 calories per container.

Other Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts

While this article focuses specifically on Twisted Tea half and half, here is a quick look at the nutrition facts for other Twisted Tea flavors:

Twisted Tea Original

  • Calories: 190 per 24 oz can
  • Carbs: 25g
  • Sugar: 21g

Twisted Tea Light

  • Calories: 133 per 24 oz can
  • Carbs: 8g
  • Sugar: 2g

As you can see, Twisted Tea Original contains more calories and sugar than the half and half blend. Twisted Tea Light is the lowest calorie option at just 133 calories per can.

Alcohol and Calories

It’s important to note that the alcohol content adds significant calories to Twisted Tea’s nutritional value. Here is how Twisted Tea compares to other malt beverages:

Beverage (12 oz) Calories
Twisted Tea 114
Mike’s Hard Lemonade 220
Smirnoff Ice 228
Bud Light beer 110

While Twisted Tea is lower in calories than most flavored malt beverages, it’s still significantly higher in calories compared to a light beer like Bud Light. So the tradeoff for a flavored alcoholic drink is higher calorie and sugar content.

Low Calorie Alternatives

If you’re looking for lower calorie alcoholic options, here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Vodka soda/seltzer – Under 100 calories
  • Light beer – Around 100 calories per 12 oz serving
  • Dry wines – 100-125 calories per 5 oz glass
  • Diet Twisted Tea – 100 calories per 24 oz can

Vodka mixed with seltzer or soda water minimizes calories from carbs and sugar. Light beers keep alcohol calories moderate. Dry wines are relatively low in calories. And switching to Diet Twisted Tea slashes calories compared to the regular versions.

Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

If you want to avoid alcohol but enjoy the flavors of Twisted Tea, consider these non-alcoholic alternatives:

  • Iced tea – starting around 100 calories for 24 oz
  • Diet iced tea – <10 calories for 24 oz
  • Flavored sparkling water – 0 calories for 12-16 oz
  • Diet lemonade – <15 calories for 12 oz

Unsweetened iced tea, flavored sparkling waters, and diet lemonade allow you to enjoy refreshing flavors without all the added calories and alcohol. Brewed iced tea combined with a squeeze of lemon is an easy home alternative to Twisted Tea. Herbal teas are another great option with minimal calories.

Is Twisted Tea Good for You?

While Twisted Tea has more vitamins and antioxidants than some other malt beverages, it is still a relatively high calorie and sugary drink. Here are some pros and cons of Twisted Tea’s nutrition profile:


  • Contains antioxidants from brewed tea
  • Provides some B vitamins from the malted barley
  • Lower in calories than most malternatives like Mike’s Hard Lemonade


  • High in sugar and calories for a single serving
  • Minimal nutritional value from vitamins and minerals
  • Source of empty calories from alcohol

While Twisted Tea has some nutritional pros, the high sugar and alcohol content outweigh any potential benefits. The vitamins and antioxidants found in brewed teas can more easily be obtained from unsweetened options.

Twisted Tea and Weight Loss

Can you drink Twisted Tea on a diet? Here are some tips for enjoying Twisted Tea in moderation while trying to lose weight:

  • Stick to Twisted Tea Light or Diet Twisted Tea to reduce calories
  • Limit yourself to one serving size (12 oz can)
  • Avoid excessive intake which can lead to weight gain over time
  • Account for Twisted Tea calories within your daily calorie budget
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help metabolize the alcohol

While Twisted Tea won’t aid in weight loss, it can be integrated into a healthy diet in moderation by selecting lower calorie options, controlling portions, and accounting for the calories in your daily intake.


A 24 oz can of Twisted Tea half and half contains approximately 228 calories, with the majority coming from carbohydrates and sugar. The alcohol contributes significant “empty” calories as well. While Twisted Tea provides more taste and antioxidants than a light beer or vodka soda, it is still a high calorie flavored malt beverage without much nutritional value. Enjoy Twisted Tea in moderation as part of a balanced diet, or opt for low or non-alcoholic alternatives to keep calories in check.

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