How many calories are in 2 breakfast sausage patties?

Breakfast sausage patties are a popular breakfast food that can be a convenient and tasty start to the day. However, like many processed meats, breakfast sausage patties are high in calories and fat. Understanding how many calories are in breakfast sausage patties can help guide healthy portion sizes.

Quick Answer

Most breakfast sausage patties contain around 80-120 calories per patty. So 2 average-sized breakfast sausage patties contain about 160-240 calories.

The exact calorie count can vary depending on the brand, specific ingredients, size of the patty, and preparation method. Leaner pork sausage patties tend to be on the lower end of the calorie range, while beef patties or those made with higher fat pork can be over 200 calories for 2 patties.

Breaking Down the Calorie Count

Breakfast sausage patties get a high percentage of their calories from fat. Pork sausage is generally 50-65% fat, while beef sausage can be up to 75% fat.

For a typical 2.6 oz pork breakfast sausage patty:

  • Total Calories: 120
  • Calories from Fat: 90
  • Calories from Carbs: 0
  • Calories from Protein: 30

Since fat contains 9 calories per gram compared to 4 calories per gram of protein or carbs, the high fat content of breakfast sausage significantly increases the total calorie count.

Factors That Impact Calories per Patty

There are a few key factors that cause the calorie counts of breakfast sausage patties to vary:

Type of Meat

Pork sausage generally has slightly fewer calories than beef sausage. Pork also has less saturated fat than beef.

Fat Content

Higher fat sausages mean more calories. Some brands offer reduced fat breakfast sausage with at least 25% less fat and calories.

Portion Size

Calories are directly tied to the weight of the patty. Larger sausage patties over 3 oz will have more calories than smaller 2 oz options.

Added Ingredients

Cheese, maple, applewood smoked, and other flavor additions can increase the calorie count per patty.

Cooking Method

Frying sausage patties adds extra calories from cooking oil. Baking or grilling uses little or no added fat.

Nutrition Facts Comparison

To see how the calories can vary, here is a nutrition comparison between different 2 patty breakfast sausage servings from various brands:

Breakfast Sausage (2 patties) Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Protein (g)
Jimmy Dean (2.33 oz) 180 16 1 8
Oscar Mayer (2.5 oz) 160 13 1 8
Applegate Organic (2.5 oz) 120 9 1 7
Noosa (2.5 oz) 210 16 2 12

As you can see, calories in 2 sausage patties can range from 120 for organic lean varieties up to 210 for premium brand beef patties. Pay attention to fat and protein numbers to estimate calories and choose lower calorie options.

Nutrition Recommendations

The USDA recommends limiting saturated fat to less than 10% of daily calories and keeping total fat intake between 25-35% of calories.

For a 2000 calorie diet:

  • Less than 22g saturated fat per day
  • 55-78g total fat per day

Since most breakfast sausage is high in saturated fat and low in protein, nutrition experts recommend:

  • 3 oz or less of breakfast sausage per day
  • Choosing lower fat varieties
  • Pairing with high protein foods like eggs or Greek yogurt
  • Baking or grilling instead of frying

How Many Calories in Different Serving Sizes

Here is a breakdown of the approximate calories for different serving sizes of breakfast sausage patties:

1 Patty

80-120 calories

2 Patties

160-240 calories

4 Patties

320-480 calories

6 Patties

480-720 calories

As you increase the number of patties, the calories add up quickly. Sticking to 1-2 patties per serving is best for limiting calories and saturated fat intake from breakfast sausage.


Are breakfast sausage patties healthy?

In moderation, breakfast sausage can be part of a healthy diet. Leaner pork sausage and unprocessed turkey or chicken sausage are healthier options than beef patties. Choosing nitrate-free organic patties when possible is recommended.

Are breakfast sausage patties high in fat?

Yes, breakfast sausage is very high in fat, especially saturated fat. Half the calories or more in sausage patties come from fat. Moderating portion sizes is key when eating higher fat breakfast meats.

What is the healthiest breakfast sausage?

The healthiest breakfast sausage options are:

  • Chicken or turkey sausage with no added fat
  • Lean pork sausage with at least 25% less fat than regular
  • Nitrate-free organic sausage

Avoid highly processed beef sausage or patties with cheese or other high fat additions.

Is pork or turkey sausage healthier?

Turkey sausage is slightly healthier, having 20-30% less fat and calories than pork sausage. But leaner pork sausage is still a good option.

The Bottom Line

Breakfast sausage patties can contain anywhere from 80-210 calories each, with most around 100-140 calories per patty. The fat content is what drives up the calorie count, so be mindful of portion sizes. Stick to 1-2 average size patties as part of a balanced breakfast to keep calories under control while still enjoying the delicious flavor.

When comparing brands, look for organic uncured sausage or patties marked "less fat" or "reduced fat". And cooking without adding extra oil will help keep breakfast sausage as a healthier meal choice.

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