How many Alien Artifacts do you need to get everything?

Alien Artifacts are a valuable resource in Fortnite that are used to customize the Kymera skin. Players can find Alien Artifacts scattered around the island each week to unlock various cosmetic options. But how many Alien Artifacts total do you need to collect to unlock everything for the Kymera skin?

Quick Answer

You need a total of 180 Alien Artifacts to unlock all of the cosmetic customization options for the Kymera skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

How Many Cosmetic Options Are There?

There are a total of 31 customizable cosmetic options that can be unlocked for the Kymera skin using Alien Artifacts. These include:

  • 5 head styles
  • 4 eye styles
  • 5 skin patterns
  • 4 skin colors
  • 3 eye colors
  • 5 face accessories
  • 5 back accessories

With 31 total customizable options, you need to collect enough Alien Artifacts to unlock them all.

How Many Alien Artifacts Per Cosmetic?

Each cosmetic option for the Kymera skin costs 4, 6, 8, or 10 Alien Artifacts to unlock. Here is the breakdown:

Cosmetic Type Artifacts to Unlock
Head Styles 10 each (5 total)
Eye Styles 6 each (4 total)
Skin Patterns 6 each (5 total)
Skin Colors 4 each (4 total)
Eye Colors 4 each (3 total)
Face Accessories 8 each (5 total)
Back Accessories 8 each (5 total)

Adding up the artifacts needed for all 31 customizable options results in a total of 180 Alien Artifacts needed to unlock everything.

Weekly Alien Artifact Amounts

Epic Games releases a new batch of Alien Artifacts to collect each week of the season. Here is how many artifacts were available each week:

  • Week 1 – 15 Artifacts
  • Week 2 – 25 Artifacts
  • Week 3 – 30 Artifacts
  • Week 4 – 20 Artifacts
  • Week 5 – 25 Artifacts
  • Week 6 – 20 Artifacts
  • Week 7 – 15 Artifacts
  • Week 8 – 15 Artifacts
  • Week 9 – 15 Artifacts

This totals up to 180 Alien Artifacts across the 9 weeks of the season.

How to Collect Alien Artifacts

To collect Alien Artifacts each week, you need to locate them scattered around different POIs on the Fortnite map. Each week’s new artifacts will appear as glowing purple objects that you can interact with to absorb the artifact.

The artifacts appear in set locations each week, but only for that week. After the week ends, that batch of artifacts disappears and a new set spawns the next week. So make sure to collect each week’s artifacts before they go away!

Some tips for collecting them effectively:

  • Use guides online to find each week’s artifact locations.
  • Team up with friends and split up to cover more locations faster.
  • Prioritize collecting artifacts early in the week before locations get too busy.
  • Watch challenge guides to complete epic quests that award artifacts.
  • Explore the map thoroughly each week to find artifacts organically.

What to Unlock with Alien Artifacts

Since there are 31 different cosmetic options to unlock, you may be wondering which ones you should prioritize first with your artifacts.

Here are some recommendations on the best Kymera customizations to unlock early with your Alien Artifacts:

  • Head Styles – Choose your favorite head model first.
  • Skin Colors – Unlock some basic skin colors like black, grey, or white.
  • Eye Colors – Pick an eye color that matches your chosen head.
  • Skin Patterns – Get a cool pattern like tiger stripes or camo.
  • Face Accessories – Masks or face paint can add a lot of personality.

Focus on those core elements before the smaller details like eye styles and back bling. This allows you to get a customized Kymera early on before unlocking everything.

What to Avoid Early On

On the other hand, some cosmetic options are lower priority and not worth spending your first artifacts on:

  • Minor eye style changes
  • Back bling – not as visible as other options
  • Subtle skin pattern colors

Save these less important unlocks until after you’ve customized your Kymera’s head, skin, eyes, and face.

Save Up Artifacts Each Week

While it’s tempting to spend your Alien Artifacts immediately each week, it’s smart to save some too. Here are some benefits of saving:

  • Build up a stockpile to unlock expensive items later.
  • Get new unlocks faster when more options release.
  • Mix up your Maya between weeks by re-customizing.
  • No need to rush choosing options as soon as they are available.

Aim to only spend about half of each week’s artifacts so you have leftovers banked for the future. This gives you flexibility down the road.

Tips for Collecting All 180 Alien Artifacts

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you collect the full 180 artifacts needed to unlock all Kymera customization options:

  • Use an Alien Artifacts guide each week to find them all.
  • Play regularly to get artifacts from daily & weekly quests.
  • Team up with friends to quickly scour the map each week.
  • Don’t spend all your artifacts each week – save some.
  • Prioritize artifact collecting early in each week.
  • Make sure to get any free artifacts from promo codes.

Stick with it each week using those tips and you’ll easily get all 180 artifacts before the season ends!

What If I Miss Some Artifacts?

Don’t worry too much if you happen to miss out on some Alien Artifacts during certain weeks. Here are some options if you end up short:

  • Wait until next season – artifacts may become available again.
  • Team up with friends who have extras to share.
  • Focus on unlocking your favorite options first.
  • Unlocking all 31 cosmetics will be difficult but still possible.

While you ideally want to get all 180 artifacts, getting the majority of them will still allow you to customize your Kymera with your top chosen options.

Artifact End Date

You can collect Alien Artifacts to unlock Kymera cosmetics until the end of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. This season is scheduled to end on September 12, 2021.

That means you have until September 12 to collect artifacts and customize your Kymera before that artifact currency expires. Make sure to get all the artifacts you can before then!

Will Alien Artifacts Carry Over?

Any unused Alien Artifacts you have leftover at the end of Fortnite Season 7 will NOT carry over when Season 8 begins. Epic has confirmed that these artifacts will expire.

So make sure you spend all of your collected artifacts on Kymera unlocks before Season 7 ends. Don’t let any artifacts go to waste!

Kymera Customization After Season 7

While Alien Artifacts will go away at the end of this season, that doesn’t mean you won’t still be able to customize your Kymera skin in the future.

Epic has said they plan to enable Kymera customization through another method starting in Season 8 and beyond.

We don’t know yet what this new unlock system will be. It could potentially involve collecting a new currency, completing certain challenges, or purchasing unlocks with V-Bucks. More details should be provided closer to the end of Season 7.

But either way, don’t worry about “locking in” your Kymera look before the season ends. You will still be able to change and customize it in future seasons through additional (yet to be announced) methods.

Item Shop Skins vs Battle Pass Skins

It’s important to note the difference between item shop skins like Kymera and battle pass skins you unlock through leveling up each season.

Item shop skins can continue to be customized across seasons even if their original unlock currency expires. This is because people directly purchase these skins with V-Bucks.

But battle pass skins are tied to their seasons and can’t be customized further once that season ends. So always make sure to unlock battle pass skin options before the season ends.

Will There Be More Customizable Skins?

The customizable Kymera skin has been a huge hit in Fortnite Season 7. It’s very likely Epic will create more skins like this in future seasons that can be customized and unlocked over time.

Some potential options for future customizable skins include:

  • Alien or robot characters
  • Animal or creature characters like dragons
  • Series/theme characters like Marvel or anime
  • Seasonal characters for events like Halloween or Christmas

No official details have been revealed yet about customizable skins beyond Kymera. But they have proven very popular this season, so expect more like this in the future!

Is Kymera Worth Unlocking?

Overall, the Kymera customizable skin is one of the best rewards on the Chapter 2 Season 7 battle pass. Collecting all of the Alien Artifacts to fully unlock Kymera is highly worth it.

Reasons why Kymera is worth unlocking:

  • Let’s you create a unique custom skin.
  • Has tons of cool style options to mix and match.
  • Fun to collect artifacts and slowly unlock options each week.
  • Clear unlock goals and rewards for playing regularly.
  • A new take on unlockable video game skins.

For both the gameplay experience and the end result skin, putting in the time to get all 180 Alien Artifacts for Kymera is very much worth the effort.

How Long Does Kymera Take to Unlock?

It will take you the entire duration of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 to collect all 180 Alien Artifacts needed to fully unlock Kymera. This season will run for 9 weeks total.

If you play regularly each week for around 3-5 hours to complete challenges and find the artifacts, you can easily collect them all over the course of the season.

Here is an estimate of the time investment needed each week:

  • 15 minutes to view artifact location guides
  • 2 hours for artifact collecting
  • 1-2 hours for weekly challenges awarding artifacts

Add that up over the 9 weeks and you can expect to spend around 30-45 hours total unlocking everything for Kymera by the end of Season 7.


Customizing the Kymera skin with Alien Artifacts is one of the major goals for players during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. You will need to collect a total of 180 artifacts over the course of the season to unlock all 31 cosmetic options.

Be sure to collect each week’s artifacts, save some extras to bank, and use guides to find them all. This will ensure you can fully deck out your Kymera with the maximum amount of cool styles and options by the time Season 7 ends.

The customizable Kymera skin has proven extremely popular. We can likely expect more skins like this in future Fortnite seasons that let you unlock customizable options over time through special currencies and challenges.

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