How long will Pop On Veneers last?

Pop on veneers, also known as snap on smiles or temporary veneers, have become an increasingly popular way to quickly and affordably improve the appearance of your smile. Unlike traditional porcelain veneers which require drilling into the teeth, pop on veneers are thin, custom-made plastic covers that fit directly over your existing teeth. This makes them a temporary and reversible solution for those wanting to test out the look of veneers before committing to a permanent change. But how long can you expect pop on veneers to last before needing to be replaced? Here’s what you need to know.

What impacts the longevity of pop on veneers?

There are several factors that will impact how long your snap on smiles can last:


Higher quality pop on veneers made from durable plastics and precision-fit to your teeth generally last longer than cheaper versions. Reputable brands using medical-grade materials tend to hold up better.


How well you care for your snap on smiles also affects their longevity. Following the provided wear and care instructions carefully, such as avoiding staining foods and drinks while wearing them, storing them properly when not in use, and cleaning them as directed will help extend their lifespan.


How often, and how rigorously, you wear your pop on veneers will impact how quickly they deteriorate. Daily wear or wearing them 24/7 will cause them to show signs of use sooner than occasional, short-term use.


An improper fit can shorten how long snap on smiles last. Teeth shifting over time can cause once well-fitted veneers to become loose, while ill-fitting veneers may become damaged or wear down faster.


Certain lifestyle factors and behaviors, such as a very acidic diet, grinding or clenching teeth, or chewing on hard objects can prematurely damage snap on veneers.

How long do pop on veneers typically last?

With ideal conditions and proper care, here are some general guidelines for how long pop on veneers can last before needing replacement:

1-3 months

Lower quality pop on veneers purchased online or from a non-dental provider may only last 1-3 months with daily wear before cracks, stains, or other damage appears.

3-6 months

Average quality snap on smiles from a trusted dental provider can last 3-6 months with careful daily wear and good oral care.

6-12 months

High quality pop on veneers custom-fit by your dentist and made from durable medical-grade materials can last approximately 6-12 months with daily wear before needing to be replaced.

1-2 years

With very occasional wear such as a few times a month only for special occasions, well-made pop on veneers may last 1-2 years.

2-3 years

There are a few select brands that may allow pop on veneers to last 2-3 years with limited part-time wear. But this is less common.

Factors that can shorten the lifespan

While typical pop on veneers may last 6-12 months under regular daily use, there are some factors that can shorten their lifespan significantly:

Flaws in the original mold or fit

Ill-fitting snap on smiles due to inaccurate molds or poor design will likely damage or come loose much sooner. Having them professionally fitted by a dentist helps avoid this issue.

Weak, damaged, or lost teeth

If teeth have large cavities, cracks, are worn down, or are missing, it compromises the stability and fit of snap on veneers making them last for shorter periods.

Grinding or clenching teeth

People with bruxism who grind or clench their teeth, especially at night, will likely wear down, crack or break their pop on veneers much faster.

Very acidic foods and drinks

Frequent consumption of highly acidic foods and beverages wears away plastic veneers quicker. Citrus fruits, juices, tomatoes, wine, and soda are common culprits.

Athletic mouthguard use

The clamping pressure from wearing a mouthguard during sports can strain and damage snap on veneers.


Tobacco smoke and nicotine can stain and deteriorate plastic veneers rapidly decreasing their lifespan.

Dry mouth conditions

A chronic dry mouth leaves less saliva to protect teeth and veneers leading them to break down faster.

Teeth shifting

As teeth shift naturally over time, even slightly, once well-fitted snap on veneers will become loose and prone to falling off or straining.

Tips for making pop on veneers last

To maximize the lifespan of your snap on smiles, follow these tips:

Have them professionally fitted

Well-made molds and a precision fit by a dentist help pop on veneers withstand daily wear and prevent damage from looseness or accidentally biting down on them.

Wear them part-time

Only wearing snap on veneers when needed for a special event or occasion limits their exposure to potential damage compared to full-time wear.

Care for them properly

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, storage and care. Use recommended tools and solutions, and minimize exposure to heat, chemicals, and discoloring foods and drinks.

Practice good oral hygiene

Keep natural teeth clean and plaque-free to ensure snap on veneers fit snugly and don’t trap bacteria leading to decay.

Get any dental issues treated

Cavities, cracks, grinding and other untreated dental issues compromise the fit and stability of snap on veneers making them not last as long.

Visit your dentist regularly

Seeing your dentist every 6 months helps catch any teeth shifting or emerging dental problems early so veneers can be refitted or replaced in a timely manner.

What happens when pop on veneers wear out?

Over time with consistent wear, even high quality pop on veneers will eventually show signs of damage such as:

  • Discoloration or stains
  • Chipping, cracking or splitting
  • Wearing down of the plastic
  • Distortion in shape or fit
  • Becoming loose or falling off

Rather than waiting until extensive damage occurs, it’s recommended to replace pop on veneers about every 6-12 months with daily wear. For occasional short-term use, most snap on smiles can last 1-2 years before needing a replacement set.

Some additional signs it’s time to get new veneers made include:

  • They don’t fit securely or feel tight anymore
  • You notice gaps, lifts or movement when smiling or talking
  • You accidentally bite down on them while eating or they come off when chewing
  • You have new cavities, cracks or other emerging dental issues

The process for getting replacement snap on veneers involves having new dental impressions made to capture any changes to the shape of your teeth. New personalized veneers are then manufactured in 1-2 weeks and custom-fitted to your smile.

Can pop on veneers be repaired?

Unlike traditional porcelain veneers that can be patched or bonded when chips and cracks occur, the thin plastic of snap on veneers can’t readily be restored once damaged. However, minor repairs are possible in some cases to extend their wearability for a short time before needing full replacement. Options include:

Spot bonding

For small cracks or chips at the edges of a pop on veneer, dental bonding material can be applied to fill in the area. This provides a temporary seal but won’t restore full integrity or strength.

Tooth-colored coating

Applying a tooth-colored nail polish or model paint to the underside of a veneer can conceal discoloration, stains, or cracks from showing through to the front. Needs to be reapplied periodically.

Light filing

Lightly filing down sharp edges or distorted areas may improve the fit and comfort slightly if they are irritating your gumline or tongue. Should not be overdone.

For more significant damage like large cracks, breaks, or improper fit due to shifted teeth, repairs are unlikely to provide an adequate solution. Getting new custom snap on veneers is the recommended approach.

Considerations for long term wear

While pop on veneers provide a temporary cosmetic smile makeover, those wanting to permanently improve the look of their smile have a few options:

Traditional veneers

Porcelain dental veneers are customized shells bonded directly onto the front surface of teeth. Though more expensive, they are designed for long-term wear of 10-20 years.

Clear aligners

Clear aligner therapy, like Invisalign, can straighten slightly crooked teeth for an improved smile. Aligners are worn for 6-24 months before revealing your new smile.

Professional whitening

In-office whitening treatments can brighten the natural shade of your teeth by up to 8 shades for a dazzling smile you show off without veneers.

Dental bonding

Bonding improves minor flaws by applying tooth-colored material directly onto the teeth. Less expensive but less durable than veneers.

Dental crowns

Crowns are fitted caps placed over damaged or discolored teeth to rebuild and restore them for a natural, permanent smile.

Should pop on veneers be worn at night?

Most dentists recommend removing your snap on veneers at night before bed and storing them properly. Reasons include:

  • Prevents wearing down, cracking or breaking from unconscious grinding and clenching while sleeping
  • Allows your teeth and gums to rest overnight after continual daytime wear
  • Keeps veneers clean and free of bacteria that can build up with 24/7 use
  • Helps preserve the lifespan and condition by limiting hours of exposure

Storing veneers properly at night involves:

  • Gently rinsing with lukewarm water before removing
  • Placing in recommended storage case or container
  • Keeping free of moisture, away from heat, and not touching other veneers
  • Cleaning thoroughly before reinserting in the morning

Are pop on veneers right for you?

If you’re considering snap on smiles, assess if they make sense for your needs and lifestyle.

Pop on veneers may be a good option if you:

  • Want to temporarily improve your smile for a special event/occasion
  • Are looking for an affordable, non-invasive smile makeover
  • Have minor spacing or alignment issues
  • Want to test out the look and feel before committing to permanent veneers
  • Need a quick cosmetic fix and don’t mind replacing them periodically

Snap on veneers may not be the best option if you:

  • Are very rough on your teeth or have dental issues like bruxism or gum disease
  • Lead an active lifestyle requiring mouthguard use
  • Have severe tooth damage, decay, or misalignment
  • Want a permanent smile makeover that lasts for many years
  • Dislike having to remove and reinsert veneers daily

Discuss your specific case with your dentist to decide if pop on veneers are suitable for your needs and expectations.


Pop on veneers provide a quick, non-invasive smile transformation that can last approximately 6-12 months with proper care and daily wear. Higher quality veneers, following good use and cleaning practices, minimizing damaging habits, and getting regular dental checkups can all help extend the lifespan of your snap on smiles. Replacing them annually is recommended for people who wear their veneers daily. While inexpensive and temporary, pop on veneers need maintenance, care and replacement to keep your smile looking its best.

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