How long does 150 take Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon Games. The game features a vast open world with numerous quests, dungeons, raids, and other content for players to explore. One common question many new and returning players have is “How long does it take to reach level 150 in Lost Ark?” In this comprehensive guide, we will provide an estimate for how long it takes most players to reach the max level cap of 150 in Lost Ark.

What is the max level in Lost Ark?

The maximum level cap in Lost Ark is currently level 150. This is the highest level that players can reach by gaining experience through activities like completing quests, dungeons, una’s tasks, island quests, and other content.

Reaching the max level of 150 requires a significant time investment, but allows players to participate in all end-game activities and access the most challenging raid content. However, reaching the level cap is not strictly necessary to enjoy most of what Lost Ark has to offer.

How much XP is required to reach level 150?

According to player estimates, reaching level 150 requires gaining around 1.3 billion XP (experience points) in total. The amount of XP required to level up increases significantly as you progress to higher levels.

For example, leveling from 1 to 50 requires around 100 million XP. But leveling from 100 to 150 requires around 600 million XP. So the XP requirements in the higher levels are much steeper.

This means the journey from level 1 to 150 is not linear, and it will take progressively more time to gain each level at higher levels due to the increased XP requirements.

What are the fastest ways to gain XP?

While there are many ways to earn XP in Lost Ark, some activities reward much more XP than others and are ideal for faster leveling. Here are some of the fastest ways to gain XP:

Main Story and Side Quests

Completing the main story questline along with side quests you come across rewards a significant amount of XP. Make sure to take on appropriate level quests that are near your current level for maximum XP gains.

Chaos Dungeons

Running chaos dungeons is one of the fastest ways to gain XP. They can be completed multiple times per day and offer great XP rewards. Completing chaos dungeons at the highest difficulty you can handle results in the most XP.

Guardian Raids

Guardian raids provide good XP rewards for defeating raid bosses. Like chaos dungeons, guardian raids can be done multiple times per day with weekly lockouts on certain ones. Doing the highest-level guardian raids you can access efficiently farms XP.

Una’s Tasks

Completing daily and weekly Una’s tasks rewards a hefty amount of XP along with other rewards. Prioritizing Una’s tasks on multiple characters helps accelerate XP gains.

Island Quests

Most islands in Lost Ark have extensive questlines that reward lots of XP for first-time completion. Completing as many islands as possible, especially on higher level characters, can provide a sizable XP boost.

Activity Average XP Gained
Main Story Quest 50,000 XP
Side Quest 30,000 XP
Chaos Dungeon 250,000 XP
Guardian Raid 150,000 XP
Una’s Task 100,000 XP
Island Questline 500,000 XP

This table provides estimates of the average XP gained from key activities at higher levels. As you can see, island questlines, chaos dungeons and Una’s tasks provide significant XP boosts and are important to prioritize.

How long does 1-50 take?

For most players who are actively focusing on leveling, it takes 15-25 hours of playtime to go from level 1 to 50 in Lost Ark. This involves efficiently completing main story quests, side quests, chaos dungeons, guardian raids, Una’s tasks, and utilizing XP boosts from stronghold research and foods along the way.

For more casual players who are not rushing, it generally takes 25-40 hours to go from 1-50. The 1-50 journey goes by quickly compared to the much longer grind to 150.

Tips for fast 1-50 leveling

Here are some tips to optimize your 1-50 leveling:

– Always use XP boosts from stronghold and foods if possible
– Minimize time spent in towns/hubs and focus on questing
– Complete chaos dungeons, guardian raids, and Una’s tasks as soon as they are available
– Use the Powerpass boost as soon as possible at level 10
– Stack up rest bonus for maximum XP gains
– Utilize the Tower knowledge transfer at level 48 for a boost to 50

Following these tips will help new characters get through the early levels quickly. The 1-50 grind is just the beginning of the journey to the max level cap.

How long does 50-100 take?

For the average player, it takes roughly 40-60 hours to go from level 50 to 100 in Lost Ark. This phase of the leveling requires significantly more XP than the early levels, so the process is more drawn out.

Efficient players who optimize leveling speed can reach 100 from 50 in around 30-40 hours. However, players who take a more relaxed approach should expect 50-70+ hours from 50-100.

Some key tips for faster 50-100 leveling:

– Maintain XP boosts from foods/stronghold at all times
– Complete Una’s tasks, chaos dungeons and guardian raids daily
– Finish quests on higher level islands
– Use the Tower knowledge transfer at level 95 to save hours
– Stack rest bonus for optimum XP gains

The journey from 50 to 100 is when the XP curve starts ramping up. But the process can be expedited by maintaining XP boosts and focusing on efficient leveling activities.

How long does 100-150 take?

The longest and most arduous part of the Lost Ark leveling process is the grind from 100 to the max level cap of 150. For most players, it will take around 100-150 hours to go from 100 to 150. This is due to the steep increase in XP requirements at higher levels.

Those who play efficiently with XP boosts active can potentially reach 150 from 100 in 80-120 hours. But players who take a more casual approach will likely need 150-200+ hours from 100-150.

Here are some tips to optimize the 100-150 grind:

– Run Una’s tasks on multiple alts for Leapstone rewards to hone gear
– Complete chaos dungeons and guardian raids daily on your main
– Leverage the Tower knowledge transfer at level 140 to accelerate gains
– Utilize any XP boosts from events or cash shop to speed up gains
– Finish all one-time island quests in this range for big XP rewards

Reaching 150 requires persistence through the long, slow grind. But utilizing the range of XP sources and boosts available makes the journey faster.

What is the total estimated time to 150?

Based on the estimates for each level range, here is an approximation of the total time it takes to reach the max level of 150 in Lost Ark:

Level Range Time Estimate
1-50 20 hours
50-100 50 hours
100-150 120 hours
Total 190 hours

For an average player focusing on leveling, it will take approximately 190 hours of playtime to go from level 1 to reach the max level cap of 150 in Lost Ark.

This is just a rough estimate, and the actual time can vary significantly based on playstyle and optimization of XP gains. Some players may be able to grind to 150 in around 150 hours, while more casual players may need 250+ hours to max out their character level.

Regardless, the journey to 150 requires extensive time and persistence. But reaching the max level opens up end-game raid content and other activities for devoted players.

Tips for faster overall leveling to 150

Here are some tips to help accelerate your overall journey to max level based on the experience of advanced players:

– Maintain XP boosts from stronghold, food, and cash shop at all times
– Prioritize Una’s tasks, chaos dungeons and raids over other content
– Create multiple alts to work on Una’s tasks in parallel
– Use knowledge transfers at 48, 95, and 140 to optimize gains
– Push main story just enough to unlock key content/XP sources
– Utilize rest bonus by being offline when not grinding
– Complete one-time islands on higher level characters only

Leveling to 150 can feel like a long grind, but optimizing your approach makes reaching the max level much faster. Stay focused on efficient XP sources and make use of every boost available.

How long for a casual player?

For a more casual Lost Ark player who does not rush through content and plays a few hours a day or less, reaching level 150 could easily take 300+ hours.

Casual players may spend more time exploring, roleplaying, socializing, or engaging in misc activities that don’t provide much XP. They are also less likely to use XP boosts from the cash shop or stronghold.

A casual timeline to 150 may look more like:

Level Range Time Estimate
1-50 40 hours
50-100 80 hours
100-150 200 hours
Total 320 hours

For casual players, the journey to max level is more about enjoying the ride rather than rushing to the end. Taking time to soak in the vast world and story of Lost Ark results in a longer but rewarding trip to 150.

Does higher item level speed up leveling?

Yes, having a higher item level on your gear does noticeably speed up the leveling process in Lost Ark. Higher item level gear results in more damage and survivability, allowing you to kill enemies and clear quests/content faster.

For example, a player with an average item level of 1000 will clear chaos dungeons, guardian raids, and quests much quicker compared to a player at 600 item level. The higher damage output and ability to pull larger groups accelerates the experience gain.

Gear progression and leveling go hand in hand. Investing in honing/upgrading gear makes leveling faster. And reaching higher levels gives better gear upgrade materials as rewards.

However, skill, mechanics knowledge and character builds also play a key role. A skilled player can level quickly even with low gear, while an unskilled player may be slow even with high item level gear.

Does using XP boosts make a big difference?

Using XP boosts from stronghold research, foods, cards, cash shop items and other sources can dramatically accelerate leveling speed in Lost Ark.

Most XP sources in the game reward a base amount of XP. XP boosts then apply an increased percentage to that base XP.

For example:

XP Source Base XP 10% XP Boost 20% XP Boost
Chaos Dungeon 250,000 275,000 300,000

As this table shows, even a moderate XP boost of 10-20% from foods/stronghold can provide tens of thousands of additional XP per activity. This bonus XP compounds heavily over the hundreds of hours spent leveling to 150.

Maintaining the maximum possible XP boost uptime results in reaching max level potentially dozens of hours faster. XP boosts are hugely impactful for fast leveling.


Reaching the max level cap of 150 in Lost Ark requires a significant time investment. For most players, the journey takes around 190 hours if actively focusing on efficient leveling methods.

Casual players can expect the journey to 150 to take 300+ hours. But the experience can be rewarding by not rushing through content.

Using XP boosts from all sources, honing gear to higher item levels, and focusing on level-appropriate quests, Una’s tasks, chaos dungeons and raids will optimize leveling speed.

Lost Ark’s vast open world rewards dedication. Reaching max level opens up all the end-game and advanced raid content for devoted players. The road to 150 is long but paves the way for hundreds of hours of future adventure.

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