How do you keep store bought crickets alive?

Keeping store bought crickets alive can be tricky, but is certainly possible with the right care and setup. Here are some quick tips to get started:

Provide proper housing

Crickets need an enclosed space with adequate ventilation. A plastic bin or tank with holes poked in the lid works well. Add egg cartons, cardboard tubes, or paper towels for hiding spots and climbing enrichment.

Keep them at the right temperature

Crickets thrive at about 70-80°F. Use a heating pad or lamp to maintain this. Make sure they don’t overheat.

Give them food and water

Crickets need a constant supply of food like commercial cricket food, vegetables, or dry dog/cat food. Provide a shallow dish of water filled with pebbles so they don’t drown.

Keep their home clean

Spot clean waste daily and do a full substrate change weekly. This prevents ammonia buildup which can be toxic.

Watch humidity

Low humidity around 40-60% is ideal. Mist the enclosure when needed. Excess moisture encourages mold.

Isolate sick/dead individuals

Remove and isolate any crickets that look ill or die to prevent disease spread.

Avoid overcrowding

Only keep as many crickets as can move freely in the enclosure. Overcrowding causes stress.

Supplement their diet

For added nutrition, provide fruits, veggies, calcium powder, and cricket quencher gel.

Monitor molting

Crickets are vulnerable when molting. Ensure they have places to hide and hang upside down.

Watch for cannibalism

Crickets may turn on each other if not fed enough. Make sure food is always available.


Following these tips will help ensure store bought crickets stay alive and thrive. Proper housing, temperature, nutrition, and care are key. With the right setup, crickets can live for weeks after purchase.

Tips for housing store bought crickets:

  • Use a plastic bin or tank with ventilation
  • Add egg cartons, cardboard, or paper towels for hiding spots
  • Keep enclosure clean and spot clean daily
  • Mist to maintain 40-60% humidity
  • Avoid overcrowding

Important elements for cricket care:

Element Recommendation
Temperature 70-80°F
Food Cricket food, fruits, veggies
Water Shallow dish with pebbles
Humidity 40-60%

Signs of healthy crickets:

  • Active and moving
  • Good appetite
  • Molting regularly
  • Normal body size
  • Minimal deaths

Signs of unhealthy crickets:

  • Lethargic and still
  • Loss of appetite
  • Irregular molting
  • Smaller or misshapen
  • Increased deaths

Caring for store bought crickets takes attentive husbandry. By following key guidelines for setup, nutrition, and monitoring you can keep your cricket colony alive and thriving!

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