How do you buy just ammo in GTA 5?

Buying ammo is an essential part of GTA 5 gameplay, as you’ll need to keep your weapons loaded during missions and firefights. While you can collect ammo from fallen enemies or find it lying around, having a steady supply is important. Luckily, there are a few ways to purchase ammo by itself in GTA 5.

Buying Ammo at Ammu-Nation

The main way to buy ammo is by visiting any Ammu-Nation gun shop. These weapon stores can be found all over the map, with major locations in Los Santos, Blaine County, Paleto Bay, and Sandy Shores.

When inside an Ammu-Nation, walk up to the counter and access the in-game menu. Select the “Ammunition” option to bring up a list of all available ammo types. This includes pistol, SMG, rifle, sniper, shotgun, and throwable ammo.

Scroll through the list and select whichever ammo type and quantity you want to purchase. You can buy any amount, from just a few rounds to the maximum capacity. The ammo prices vary based on type, with pistol and SMG rounds being cheaper than sniper and shotgun shells.

After selecting the ammo, complete the purchase to add it directly to your ammunition stock. You don’t actually see the ammo itself – it’s simply applied automatically to whatever weapons use that type. Then you can exit the store when finished.

Things to Note at Ammu-Nation:

  • You only buy the ammo itself, not any weapons.
  • All ammo prices are set and do not change.
  • Purchasing ammo does not affect your weight or inventory capacity.
  • You can return anytime to buy more rounds.
  • The ammunition menu shows how much of each type you currently have.

So if you ever find yourself low on SMG ammo or shotgun shells, stop by any gun shop to stock up. It’s the easiest and most convenient method for purchasing just ammo.

Ordering Ammo Through Your Interaction Menu

The other way to buy ammo is through your interaction menu. This brings up an order menu that can deliver ammo directly to your location.

First, press the interaction menu button to bring it up (M on PC, down on the D-pad on consoles). Navigate to the “Inventory” section, then select “Order Ammo”.

You’ll now see a list of the different ammo types, just like at Ammu-Nation. Scroll through and choose which type to purchase, and how much of it. The prices are the same.

After ordering, there will be a short wait as the ammo is delivered. A small fee is deducted for the convenience delivery. Soon after, the supplied ammo will be automatically added your current weapon ammunition.

Benefits of Ordering Ammo:

  • Ammo is delivered directly to you
  • No need to visit a gun shop
  • Helpful when low on ammo during missions

Downsides of Ordering Ammo:

  • Costs a little extra for the delivery fee
  • You must wait for the ammo to arrive
  • Can only order limited amounts at a time

Overall, ordering ammo through the interaction menu can be extremely convenient in the right circumstances. Use it whenever you need a quick ammo boost to your location.

Buying Ammo During Prep Missions

In GTA Online’s multiplayer Heists mode, there are special Prep missions to undertake before the main Heist. Some of these Prep missions allow you to purchase ammo in bulk beforehand.

For example, one common Prep mission has you locate a railroad car full of weapons and ammo. Here you can buy extra rounds of certain ammo types like SMG, Assault Rifle, and Sniper. It will supply your team with more firepower going into the main mission.

The Prep missions that allow ammo purchases will automatically deduct the cost from the overall Heist take. So use them to stock up on ammunition before a big job. Having extra ammo is extremely helpful during the intense Heist shootouts.

Tips for Buying Ammo in Prep Missions:

  • Coordinate with your team on which ammo types to buy
  • Try equipping the ammo capacity skills in the Online menu to carry more
  • Don’t go overboard buying ammo you won’t need
  • Use prep ammo buys to supplement your existing stock

Finding Free Ammo Around the Map

In addition to buying ammo, you can also find it for free scattered around the map.

Defeated enemies will drop smaller amounts of ammo that you can collect. Larger ammo pickups can also spawn in certain locations, usually crates or boxes. These will fully refill one type of ammo when picked up.

Places to search for free ammo include:

  • Roof tops
  • Alleys and corridors
  • Enemy gang areas
  • Shootout locations
  • Parking lots and garages

The type of ammo that spawns is random. But with some exploration, you can stock up on rounds without spending in-game cash.

Tips for Finding Free Ammo:

  • Search areas with lots of enemy activity
  • Switch to a weapon you need ammo for to refill it
  • Sniper ammo often spawns on rooftops
  • Check bodies not just for cash but ammo too

Scavenging around for ammo has the bonus of immersing you more into the game world. And saving money on ammo means more cash for other fun purchases.

Using the Ammo Drop Pickup

There’s one final way to grab ammo by itself besides buying it or finding it. Throughout Los Santos are special ammo crate pickups.

These glowing ammo icons appear randomly while you’re exploring the city on foot or by vehicle. Simply drive or walk over an icon to automatically collect the ammo. You’ll see a message confirming pickup of the random ammo type.

The ammo drop pickups are indicated on your minimap too. So keep an eye out for icons while moving around Los Santos. Each one gives a free and instant ammo top up.

Notes About Ammo Drops:

  • They contain a random ammo type each time
  • Multiple pickups may appear at once
  • New drops will continue to spawn after collecting
  • Great way to passively stock up while on the go

Make collecting these floating ammo drops a habit, especially when wandering far across the map. They offer easy supplemental ammo income throughout your gameplay.

Stealing Ammo from Enemies

Want ammo without paying a single dollar or wasting time searching? Then consider stealing ammo directly from hostile NPCs and players.

Many computer enemies will have ammo on them which you can loot after taking them down. Focus on targets like:

  • Gang members
  • Security guards
  • Police officers
  • Merryweather soldiers
  • Armed civilians

Aim for enemies using weapons similar to your own to have a better chance at grabbing compatible ammo. With good timing during a shootout, you could potentially restock bullets in the midst of combat.

You can also attempt to steal ammo from other online players in GTA Online deathmatches and free roam. Load into large sessions and ambush someone after they’ve bought supplies. Just be ready for retaliation!

Tips for Stealing Enemy Ammo:

  • Verify they have ammo before engaging
  • Try luring enemies to secluded areas
  • Snipe players right after visiting Ammu-Nation
  • Enemies with lots of ammo will flash an ammo icon

While risky, snatching ammo from NPCs or rival players cuts out the store middleman. Use your street smarts to get those free rounds.

Maximizing Your Ammo Capacity

Now that you know all the ways to grab ammunition, make sure you can actually hold plenty of it. Ammo capacity is limited by default, but can be increased.

Buy armor and ammo capacity skill upgrades in GTA Online. Leveling up these passive skills boosts your maximum ammo carrying amount for all weapons.

There are also smaller capacity upgrades for specific weapons unlocks at Ammu-Nation. Purchase the extended mags and ammo upgrades when available.

Finally, always equip the ammo upgrade when customizing weapons in the gun shop. This attachment instantly raises ammo capacity.

More ammo capacity means less frequent purchases and reload stops. Follow these tips to maintain an ample ammunition supply at all times.

Using Cover and Movement to Conserve Ammo

When engaged in heated firefights, be smart about ammunition consumption so you don’t burn through rounds too fast.

Stay behind cover as much as possible to let shields recharge rather than needing health refills. Don’t blindly spray at enemies hoping to eventually hit.

Strafe between multiple pieces of cover and pop out for quick shots. Have an escape route planned if you need to run. Fire selectively instead of holding the trigger.

With practice, you’ll waste less ammo taking down targets. You’ll develop an accuracy and lethality allowing preservation of hard-earned bullets.

Switching to Melee Weapons

Need to save ammunition in a close quarters fight? Put away the guns and take out a melee weapon instead.

GTA 5 has a wide selection of deadly melee weapons like knives, bats, hammers and more. Equip your favorite lethal blade or bludgeon.

Then when engaged in interior combat where reloading is difficult, bash opponents with swift melee attacks. Not only does this eliminate ammo costs, but delivers brutal and personal finishing moves.

Combining rapid cuts, crushing blows, and well-timed dodges allows dealing with enemies without firing a single round. Embrace melee combat as an ammo-free alternative.


That covers all the key strategies on acquiring ammunition by itself in GTA 5. With these tips, you’ll stay stocked with rounds no matter the situation:

  • Buy at local Ammu-Nation gun shops
  • Order ammo delivery through your interaction menu
  • Purchase extra ammunition during prep missions
  • Collect free ammo spawns around the map
  • Grab ammo drops randomly scattered across Los Santos
  • Steal from defeated enemies whenever possible
  • Increase your overall ammo capacity
  • Use smart tactics to conserve ammunition in combat
  • Utilize melee weapons to save bullets

Every pistol round, shotgun shell, and rocket matters in GTA Online. Manage your ammunition well and you’ll have plenty of firepower when needed.

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