How do I track my MetroCard?

If you use a MetroCard to ride the New York City subway and bus system, there are a few ways to check your MetroCard balance and track your spending. Having an understanding of how much money is left on your card and where it was used can help you manage your transit budget and avoid getting stuck without fare at a subway turnstile or on a bus.

Check Your MetroCard Balance

The easiest way to check your MetroCard balance is to swipe your card at any subway station through a MetroCard Fare and Toll Machine. These machines are located near station booths and entrances. When you swipe your card, the screen will display your current balance along with information on your last five transactions.

You can also call the MetroCard Customer Service Hotline at 1-877-323-7433 to check your balance. You will need to have your MetroCard available when you call so you can provide the 16-digit card number.

Register Your MetroCard Online

For ongoing access to your MetroCard balance and transaction history, you can register your card on the MyMTA website. This will link your MetroCard to an online account that allows you to check your balance and view transaction details any time from a computer or mobile device.

To register your card on MyMTA:

  1. Go to the MyMTA website and click on “Register Your Card.”
  2. Enter your MetroCard’s 16-digit card number and other required information like your ZIP code.
  3. After registering, you can log in to view your MetroCard details and set up notifications for when your balance gets low.

Using the MYmta Mobile App

Another option is using the MYmta app on your iOS or Android device. This mobile app allows you to manage your MetroCard digitally, including checking your balance and recent trips without having to swipe your card.

To set up your MetroCard on the MYmta app:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Tap “Activate Your Card” and enter your MetroCard number and personal details.
  3. You can then view your balance, turn on balance notifications, and see transaction history.

Understand Your MetroCard Transaction History

When you check your MetroCard balance online or through the MYmta app, you’ll be able to view detailed transaction histories that show you how your balance has changed over time. Here are some key details to look for:

Types of Transactions

There are a few basic types of MetroCard transactions:

  • Fares – These are standard subway or bus rides that deduct money from your balance based on the MTA’s fare pricing.
  • Refills – Additional money added to your MetroCard balance, such as at a ticket vending machine.
  • Transfers – Free transfers between subways or buses within a certain time period.

Transaction Location Information

For every transaction, the transaction history will show information on where your MetroCard was used. For fares, this will include details like the subway station or bus route where you tapped your card.

Times and Dates

The date and time will also be recorded for each transaction. This can help you confirm when and where your MetroCard has been used over time.

Fare Amounts

For fare transactions, you will see how much money was deducted from your MetroCard. The amount depends on factors like whether you took the subway or bus and if a transfer discount was applied.

Troubleshooting Balance Issues

If you notice any irregular activity on your MetroCard such as money missing from your balance or transactions at unfamiliar locations, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately by calling 1-877-323-7433 so the card can be deactivated.
  • If your address has changed, call to update address information to prevent issues if cards are mailed to you.
  • Notify the MTA customer service hotline of any unauthorized charges.
  • Register your card online or through the mobile app so you can closely monitor transaction activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view my MetroCard’s transaction history?

You can view your full MetroCard transaction history by registering your card on the MyMTA website or MYmta mobile app. You can also see your last five transactions by swiping your card at any subway station MetroCard machine.

How far back can I see MetroCard transaction history?

On MyMTA, you can view up to two years of transaction history for your MetroCard. The MTA periodically purges older transaction data.

Can I dispute a fraudulent or incorrect MetroCard charge?

Yes, you can dispute transactions on your MetroCard by calling 1-877-323-7433. You will need to provide information on the date, time, location, and amount of the transaction in question.

How can I check a MetroCard balance without swiping the card?

You can check your balance at any time without your physical card by registering your MetroCard on the MyMTA website or MYmta app and viewing the balance there. You can also call 1-877-323-7433 to check by providing your card number.

How do I transfer money from one MetroCard to another?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer funds from one MetroCard to a different MetroCard. You would need to use up the balance on the first card, and then add funds to the new card you wish to use.

Tips for Tracking Your MetroCard

  • Register your card online or on the mobile app to access real-time balance data.
  • Set up notifications to be alerted when your balance is low or reaches $0.
  • Routinely check transaction histories for unfamiliar activity.
  • Call customer service for help with any issues – don’t just rely on station agents.
  • Consider topping up your card online to avoid having to wait in station lines.
  • Carry a backup form of transit payment in case your MetroCard gets lost or demagnetized.

Using MetroCards on Other Transit Systems

In addition to the New York City subway and bus system, MetroCards can sometimes be used to pay fares on other regional transit networks. Here are some examples:

PATH Trains

The PATH transit system connecting New York City and New Jersey accepts MetroCards as payment. You tap your MetroCard the same way you would for a subway or bus ride.

AirTrain JFK

You can use MetroCards to ride the AirTrain rail line to JFK Airport. Some restrictions may apply so check with the MTA for details before traveling.

Roosevelt Island Tram

To ride the Roosevelt Island Tram aerial cable car, you can swipe your MetroCard at the entrance as payment. Discounted fares are offered for seniors and disabled riders.


On Nassau County’s NICE bus system, MetroCards are accepted for payment on some express bus routes to New York City.

Newark Light Rail

Within Newark, New Jersey, the Newark Light Rail system allows riders to tap MetroCards to pay fares at stations and on board trams.

MetroCard Perks and Discounts

Using a MetroCard can provide access to reduced fares and bonus perks across New York City’s transit network:


With a MetroCard, transfers between subways and buses are free as long as you tap your card again within 2 hours of your initial fare payment.

Unlimited Ride MetroCards

Unlimited ride MetroCards offer discounted weekly or monthly fares for unlimited trips at a fixed price. These can save money for frequent riders.

Senior and Disabled Discounts

Reduced fares on buses and subways are provided to seniors age 65+ and people with qualifying disabilities through discounted MetroCards.

Student Fares

Full-time students of any age can obtain lower fares by purchasing Student MetroCards validated by their school each semester.

MetroCard Type Discount Cost
7-Day Unlimited 17% off base fare $33
30-Day Unlimited 21% off base fare $127
Senior/Disabled Half base fare $1.35 subway
$0.75 bus
Student MetroCard Half base fare $1.35 subway
$0.75 bus


Tracking your MetroCard activity helps you better understand your spending and catch any unauthorized use. Register your card online through MyMTA or use the MYmta app to access up-to-date balances and transaction histories. Routinely checking your card details gives you the insight you need to manage your transit budget and get the most from your MetroCard.

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