How do I make an account on iTunes Store?

Making an iTunes account is easy and allows you to access the expansive iTunes Store to purchase and download music, movies, TV shows, apps, books, and more. With an iTunes account, you can also back up your iOS devices, access Apple services like Apple Music, and integrate across multiple Apple devices. Here is a quick overview of how to make an iTunes account either on a computer with iTunes installed or directly on an iOS device.

Creating an iTunes Account on a Computer

Follow these steps to create an iTunes account on a Mac or Windows computer with the latest version of iTunes installed:

Open iTunes and Go to Account

Launch iTunes on your computer. Click on ‘Account’ in the menu bar at the top left. This will open up an ‘Account’ window.

Click ‘Create New Account’

In the ‘Account’ window, click on ‘Create New Account’ on the left side. This will start the process of creating your new iTunes account.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions

Review and agree to the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions by clicking ‘Agree’. Read through the terms or scroll to the bottom to agree.

Enter Your Information

You will need to fill in your name, email address, and a password to create the account. Make sure you use an active email you have access to, since Apple will send a verification email. Choose a secure password.

Choose Your Country/Region

Use the dropdown menu to select your country or region. This sets where you will access the iTunes Store from and your payment method options.

Verify Your Email

Check the email account you provided. Apple will send an email with a verification code. Copy and paste or enter the code into iTunes to verify.

Enter a Backup Email (Optional)

You can choose to give a backup email address in case you lose access to your primary email. This step is optional.

Set Up Payment Method

To make purchases, you’ll need to add a valid payment method like a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. Enter the information and billing details.

Start Enjoying iTunes and App Store!

Once payment information is entered, your new iTunes account is ready to go! You can now search, purchase, and download items from the iTunes Store and App Store. Your account information, payment methods, and downloads will be available across devices logged into the same Apple ID.

Creating an iTunes Account on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

You can also easily create an iTunes account directly on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device. Follow these steps:

Open the App Store App

From your iOS device, open the App Store app. This is where you can browse and download apps, music, movies and more.

Tap on Your Profile Icon

At the top right, tap on the icon showing your name or profile picture. If not logged in, it will say ‘Sign In’.

Tap ‘Create New Apple ID’

This will start the process to create a new Apple ID which works as an iTunes account. Tap ‘Create New Apple ID’.

Agree to the Terms and Follow On-Screen Prompts

Read and accept Apple’s Terms and Conditions. Then follow the on-screen instructions to add your name, DOB, email, password, location, and payment method.

Verify Your Email

Check the email used and enter the verification code sent by Apple to complete setup.

Start Using Your iTunes Account!

Once verified and payment added, your iTunes account will be ready to use on that iOS device and any other Apple devices signed into the same Apple ID. Download apps, music, books and more!

Benefits of an iTunes Account

Here are some of the top benefits that come with adding an iTunes account to your Apple devices:

Access the iTunes Store and Apple Services

Your iTunes account allows you to search, browse, download, and purchase a huge selection of music, movies, apps, audiobooks, Apple News+, Apple TV+, Apple Music, and more in the iTunes Store across any devices using the same Apple ID.

Store Your Apple Content in the Cloud

Any music, movies, apps, or books you purchase through iTunes are stored in iCloud associated with your Apple ID. This makes them available across all logged in devices.

Automatic Downloads Across Devices

With an iTunes account, any content you download on one device can be automatically downloaded to your other devices too when enabled. This keeps all your Apple content synced.

Re-download Previous Purchases

If you ever need to re-install something on a new device or re-download after accidentally deleting, you can always access your previous iTunes Store purchases for free.

Manage Subscriptions

Services like Apple Music, Apple News+, and Apple TV+ require an iTunes account. You can start and manage these subscriptions conveniently in one place.

Family Sharing

Your iTunes account can be linked with family members for Family Sharing. This allows you to share content like music and apps with your family while maintaining separate payment methods.

Back Up and Restore iOS Devices

Your iTunes account allows you to back up an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iCloud or to your computer. You can also use a backup to restore to a new device or reset device.

One-Click Checkout

Purchase apps, music, movies and books with just one-click when signed into your iTunes account. No need to enter payment and shipping details each time!

Important Account Security Steps

When you have an iTunes account, it’s important to follow good security practices to keep your information safe:

Use a Strong Password

Always choose a strong, unique password for your Apple ID that would be difficult for others to guess. Avoid common words, phrases, or personal info for passwords.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, requiring both your password and a trusted device or security code to sign in. Enable this in your Apple ID account settings.

Update Software and Security Settings

Make sure to keep the software on all your Apple devices up to date. Turn on security features like Find My and erase data options in settings.

Look Out for Phishing Emails

Apple will never ask for your password or sensitive information in an email. Watch out for suspicious emails asking you to verify your account details to avoid phishing.

Change Your Password Periodically

It’s good practice to change your iTunes password every few months to stay secure, especially if you think it may have been compromised. Make sure to use a new strong password.

Be Wary of Public Wi-Fi

Avoid accessing sensitive accounts or making iTunes purchases when connected to unsecured public Wi-Fi. This keeps your information away from prying eyes.

Monitor Your Payment History

Periodically check your iTunes account purchase and billing history for any unauthorized transactions which could be a sign of hacking. Report any suspicious activity.

Tips for Managing Your iTunes Account

Manage your iTunes account properly over time with these helpful tips:

Edit Your Account Information

Update your account details like payment method, email, password, and contact information when needed under account settings. Keep everything current.

Remove Old Devices

If you no longer use a device, make sure to sign out of your iTunes account on it and remove the device from your account list in settings.

Check Purchase History

Review your purchase history to access past invoices, see billing details, check for unwanted purchases, or find a product name/date.

Change Countries

You can update the country/region associated with your iTunes account at any time to access content available in other stores.

Manage Family Sharing

As the family organizer, you can add or remove family members, handle permissions, and review family purchase histories.

Redeem Gift Cards

Add iTunes or App Store gift card balances to your account to use for purchases or subscriptions. Enter gift card codes in your account.

Save Shipping Details

Store your shipping address on your account to checkout faster. You can add multiple shipping addresses and select them at purchase.

Review Billing Statements

Your account has a billing history statement showing invoices, purchases, rents, subscriptions, and taxes. Review for accuracy.

Troubleshooting Common iTunes Account Problems

Here are some troubleshooting tips for common iTunes account issues:

Forgot Password

– Tap ‘Forgot Password’ on sign in screen and follow prompts to reset
– Reset through with account email
– Have reset code emailed or texted if you have Two-Factor Authentication

Can’t Sign In

– Check internet connection
– Make sure using correct Apple ID email
– Ensure Two-Factor Authentication is set up if enabled
– Try signing in on another device
– Reset password if forgotten

Locked Out of Account

– Exceeded sign in attempts – Wait and try again later
– Contact Apple Support to regain access to locked account

Unsuccessful Payment

– Confirm valid payment method on file, update if expired
– Make sure you have sufficient funds if declined
– Contact bank if fraud prevention blocking transaction
– Add new payment method

Unwanted Purchase

– Request refund within 180 days of transaction
– Check account access and change password
– Set up purchase authorization for children under Family Sharing

Can’t Download Previous Purchases

– Ensure signed into correct iTunes account
– Check if item is temporarily unavailable
– Confirm internet connection is working
– Contact iTunes Support for help with download


Having an iTunes account makes it easy to access Apple’s huge collection of music, movies, apps and more across your devices. Simply create an account with your email, password, and payment details either on a computer through iTunes or your iPhone/iPad through the App Store. Be sure to take measures to keep your account secure, update details as needed, and utilize account features like purchase history and family sharing. If any issues arise with account access, signing in, or purchases, there are various troubleshooting tactics and Apple Support to help get your iTunes account back on track.

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