How do I find out how much is on my under Armour gift card?

If you have received an Under Armour gift card, you may be wondering how to check the balance. It’s easy to find out how much money is left on your Under Armour gift card so you can use the full value towards purchases at Under Armour stores or online.

Check Your Under Armour Gift Card Balance Online

The easiest way to check your Under Armour gift card balance is online at the Under Armour website. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner, click “Sign In”
  3. Enter your email address and password to sign into your Under Armour account
  4. Once signed in, click on “Gift Cards” in the top menu
  5. Select “Check Balance”
  6. Enter the gift card number and security code from the back of the card
  7. Click “Check Balance” and your gift card balance will be displayed

Checking your balance online allows you to easily see how much money is left on multiple Under Armour gift cards registered to your account. It only takes a few seconds!

Check Your Balance on the Under Armour Mobile App

In addition to the website, you can also use the Under Armour app to check your gift card balance. Just download the app on your iOS or Android device and follow these steps:

  1. Open the Under Armour app
  2. Tap the “More” menu in the bottom right corner
  3. Select “Gift Cards”
  4. Choose the gift card you want to check
  5. The balance will be displayed

The Under Armour app provides an easy way to see your gift card balance right from your smartphone. This can be convenient if you have the gift card with you while shopping in-store.

Check Your Balance by Calling Under Armour

If you prefer to speak to an Under Armour representative to check your balance, you can call their customer service line. To check your gift card balance by phone:

  1. Call 1-888-727-6687
  2. When prompted, select the option for “Gift Cards”
  3. Provide the gift card number and security code when asked
  4. The customer service agent will let you know your current balance

Calling Under Armour directly allows you to easily get your gift card balance without needing to go online. Customer service representatives are available 7 days a week.

Check Your Balance in Person at an Under Armour Store

You can also check your Under Armour gift card balance when shopping in-person at any Under Armour retail location. To check your balance in a store, simply:

  1. Bring your gift card to the cash register
  2. Provide the gift card to the sales associate
  3. Ask them to check the balance for you
  4. The sales associate will swipe your card and tell you the current balance

Checking your balance at an Under Armour store is easy and only takes a few minutes. This can be a good option if you received a physical gift card and want to check the balance before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Under Armour gift cards last?

Under Armour gift cards do not expire, so you can use them until the balance reaches $0. As long as you register your gift card online, you can keep track of the balance even years after purchasing.

Can I get a replacement Under Armour gift card?

If your original Under Armour gift card is lost or stolen, you can request a replacement by calling Under Armour customer service. You will need to provide the gift card number and your mailing address.

Can I use my Under Armour gift card online?

Yes, Under Armour gift cards can be used to make purchases on At checkout, simply enter the gift card number and security code to apply the balance towards your order.

Can I use my Under Armour gift card internationally?

No, Under Armour gift cards can only be used to make purchases within the United States. They cannot be used for international orders or purchases outside of the US.

Can I use my Under Armour gift card at any store?

Under Armour gift cards are only redeemable at Under Armour retail stores, Under Armour Brand Houses, and on You cannot use them at other retail chains or websites.

Can I get cash back if I don’t use my full gift card balance?

Unfortunately, Under Armour does not provide cash refunds for unused gift card balances. The full balance can only be applied towards merchandise purchases.

Using Your Under Armour Gift Card

Once you’ve checked your balance, it’s easy to start using your Under Armour gift card. Here are some tips:

  • Bring your gift card to any Under Armour store and provide it at checkout to apply the balance.
  • When shopping online at, enter the gift card number and security code at checkout to redeem it.
  • If your total is higher than your gift card’s balance, you can pay the difference with another payment method.
  • Tell the cashier or select the gift card payment option for the full balance so it automatically applies.
  • You can combine multiple Under Armour gift cards towards a purchase to maximize the value.

Using up your Under Armour gift card is a breeze in-store, online, on your phone, or wherever you shop. You’ll enjoy getting new Under Armour gear with your free gift card credit!

Buy an Under Armour Gift Card

If you need a gift idea for the fitness lover or athlete in your life, an Under Armour gift card makes the perfect present. Under Armour offers physical and digital gift cards in a variety of denominations so you can choose the right amount.

Some of the key benefits of Under Armour gift cards include:

  • Can be redeemed online or in Under Armour stores
  • Never expire so they can be used at any time
  • Allow the recipient to choose their own Under Armour gear
  • Are easily emailed or loaded into a digital wallet if sent digitally
  • Ship quickly if sent by mail
  • Allow adding additional value later to increase the balance

Under Armour gift cards can be purchased right on, allowing you to customize your gift card experience. You can select the design, denomination from $10 to $500, and delivery method. Digital gift cards are delivered instantly while physical gift cards ship in 2-3 business days.

Some other places where Under Armour gift cards are available for purchase include:

  • Under Armour retail stores
  • Other athletic retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Grocery and convenience stores
  • Online gift card retailers like

So for any sports fan or athlete, an Under Armour gift card makes a practical gift they’ll appreciate. The ability to shop for their favorite athletic apparel and gear makes it a useful gift for all occasions.


Checking your Under Armour gift card balance is quick and easy by going online, using the mobile app, calling customer service, or visiting an Under Armour store. This allows you to track the balance and get the full value towards Under Armour clothing, shoes and accessories.

Under Armour gift cards also make great gift ideas for the athletes in your life. The cards never expire, ship quickly, and can be conveniently redeemed online or in-store. So next time you need a gift or want to use gift card credit, Under Armour has you covered.

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