How do I check my Lowes store credit balance?

If you have a Lowes store credit card or Lowes credit account, you may want to check your remaining balance from time to time to keep track of your spending. Checking your Lowes credit balance is easy and can be done through a few different methods, both online and in store.

Here are some quick answers to common questions about checking your Lowes store credit balance:

Can I check my Lowes credit balance online?

Yes, you can check your Lowes credit balance online by signing into your Lowes credit account through the Lowes website or mobile app. This allows you to view your remaining balance, payment history, available credit, and more from your computer or mobile device.

How do I sign in to see my Lowes balance online?

To sign in and check your Lowes credit balance online, go to and click “My Account” in the top right corner. From there, click “Sign In” and enter your Lowes credit account username and password. Once signed in, you will see your account dashboard with your current balance displayed.

Can I check my balance on the Lowes mobile app?

You can also check your Lowes credit balance using the Lowes mobile app, available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Simply download the app, open it, and sign in with your Lowes credit account credentials. Your balance will be shown on the main account screen within the app.

What if I don’t know my Lowes credit login info?

If you don’t have or don’t remember your username or password for your Lowes credit account, you can go through the account recovery process online to reset your credentials. Click “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” and follow the prompts to retrieve or reset your login information.

Can I check my balance in a Lowes store?

Yes, you can check your remaining Lowes credit balance by visiting the customer service desk at any Lowes store location. Let the customer service representative know you would like to check the balance on your Lowes account. They will look up your account and provide you with the current balance amount.

How often should I check my Lowes credit balance?

It’s recommended that you check your Lowes credit balance about once a week or so when you have an active account. Keeping up with your remaining balance helps you track spending and avoid going over your credit limit. Be sure to review after any large purchases at Lowes as well.

Can I receive alerts when my Lowes balance changes?

Yes, Lowes can provide balance alerts that notify you via email or text message when your credit account balance reaches certain thresholds, such as 50%, 75%, 100% of your credit limit. You can set these up through your online account or by calling customer service.


Checking your Lowes store credit card balance is quick and easy through the online account portal, mobile app, or at a store location. Keeping tabs on your balance helps you manage your spending responsibly. Sign up for balance alerts if you want to receive notifications when your balance changes substantially.

How to Check Your Lowes Credit Balance Online

Checking your Lowes credit card or account balance online through the Lowes website is the fastest and most convenient way for most customers. Here are step-by-step instructions for checking your Lowes balance online:

1. Go to

Start by navigating to the main Lowes website at This allows you access to your online Lowes credit account.

2. Click “My Account”

At the top right corner of the Lowes homepage, click on “My Account” to access the login portal.

3. Click “Sign In”

On the My Account page, click the blue “Sign In” button to sign into your Lowes online account.

4. Enter your username and password

Type in the username and password associated with your Lowes credit account. If you can’t recall your credentials, you can go through the account recovery process.

5. View your account dashboard

Once signed in, you will be brought to your Lowes account dashboard displaying your balance, available credit, recent purchases, and other details.

6. Locate your balance

Your current balance owing on your Lowes credit account will be shown in the top left corner of the dashboard. This is your up-to-date Lowes store credit balance.

Checking Your Lowes Credit Balance on Mobile

In addition to the Lowes website, you can download the Lowes mobile app to easily check your credit balance on your smartphone or tablet when on the go. Here’s how:

1. Download the Lowes app

First, download the official Lowes mobile app from the App Store if you have an iPhone, or Google Play Store if you have an Android device. Search “Lowes” and look for the app icon below.

2. Open the app and sign in

Launch the newly downloaded Lowes app on your phone or tablet. On the home screen, tap “Sign In” and enter your Lowes online account credentials to access your balance.

3. View your credit account info

After signing in, your credit account dashboard will display with your balance, available credit, recent purchases, and more.

4. Check your balance

Scroll down and locate your “Current Balance” shown under Account Summary to see your up-to-date Lowes store credit remaining balance.

Checking Your Balance at a Lowes Store

You can also check your Lowes credit balance in person at any Lowes retail location by speaking with a customer service representative.

1. Locate customer service

Inside the Lowes store, locate the customer service desk, usually near the front entrance. Look for signs pointing you to customer service.

2. Inform representative you want to check your balance

Let the customer service rep know you need to check the balance on your Lowes account. They will be happy to look this up for you.

3. Provide your account information

The representative will ask for your name and account number to pull up your Lowes credit details. This information is needed to verify your identity.

4. Receive your account balance

Once the customer service rep has pulled up your Lowes account, they will provide and inform you of your current balance owing on the account.

5. Thank the representative

Thank the customer service representative for their assistance in providing your Lowes credit account balance. This in-store option is useful if you need to check your balance while shopping.

Understanding Your Lowes Credit Balance

When checking your remaining Lowes store credit balance, there are some key things to keep in mind:

Credit limit

Your credit limit is the maximum amount you can owe on your Lowes account at any time. Your balance cannot exceed this pre-approved limit.

Current balance

Your current balance is the total amount you currently owe Lowes, including all recent purchases, fees, and interest charges. This is unpaid spending.

Available credit

Available credit refers to the remaining credit you have to use, equal to your credit limit minus your current balance.

Making payments

When you make a payment on your account, your balance decreases by that payment amount, freeing up additional available credit.

Going overlimit

If your balance grows higher than your credit limit, you will have gone “overlimit” and your account may be suspended until the balance is reduced.

Here is an example of how these Lowes credit factors relate to each other:

Credit limit $1,000
Current balance $750
Available credit $250

In this example, the customer has a $1,000 credit limit. Their current balance is $750. So their available credit is $1,000 – $750 = $250.

Tips for Managing Your Lowes Credit Balance

To responsibly manage your Lowes store credit account, here are some tips:

Pay on time

Be sure to pay at least the minimum amount due on your statement each month by the due date to avoid late fees and interest.

Pay more than minimum

Try to pay more than just the minimum payment to reduce your overall balance faster.

Avoid maxing out credit

Keep your balance well below your credit limit at all times to manage your credit utilization.

Set up alerts

Use the balance alerts feature to receive notifications when your balance reaches certain thresholds.

Review transactions

Review your transaction history routinely to ensure there aren’t any fraudulent or erroneous charges.

Consider financing options

Only finance larger purchases through Lowes credit if needed and affordable based on your budget.

Other Lowes Credit Account Features

In addition to checking your balance, the Lowes credit account provides other useful features:

Online statements

View and download monthly statements from your online account to monitor spending.

Account management

Update your personal info, change auto-pay settings, and manage notifications online.

Payment options

Pay your bill online, by phone, by mail, set up autopay, and enroll in paperless billing.

Purchase protection

Get extended warranty coverage on eligible purchases and price match guarantees.

Exclusive offers

Take advantage of cardholder discounts, savings, and financing offers from Lowes.


Checking your Lowes credit account balance regularly is a key part of managing your account and overall finances responsibly. Thankfully, Lowes makes it quick and convenient to check your remaining balance through the online account portal, mobile app, or by visiting a store. Keep your balance below the credit limit and make payments on time each month. Take advantage of tools like balance alerts to stay on top of your Lowes credit spending and available credit at all times.

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