How do I check My Boost Mobile balance?

Having easy access to your account balance is an important part of managing your Boost Mobile service. Being able to quickly check how many minutes, texts, and data you have remaining ensures you stay connected all month long. There are a few easy ways to check your Boost Mobile balance at any time.

Check Your Balance via The Boost Mobile App

The easiest way to check your Boost Mobile balance is by using the Boost Mobile app. The Boost Mobile app is available for both Android and Apple devices and offers account access from anywhere. Here’s how to check your balance using the Boost Mobile app:

  1. Download the Boost Mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Open the app and log in using your Boost Mobile phone number and account PIN.
  3. After logging in, your account dashboard will display your available minutes, texts, and data balances.
  4. You can tap any of the balances to view details on usage or renewal dates.
  5. The app also allows you to make payments if needed to add more minutes or data to your plan.

Using the Boost Mobile app makes checking your balances quick and convenient from your smartphone. The app also provides account management, bill payment options, and other helpful features for Boost Mobile customers.

Check via Text Message

You can also check your Boost Mobile balance by sending a text message from your Boost Mobile phone. Here’s how to check your balance via text message:

  1. Open up the Messages app on your Boost Mobile Android phone or iPhone.
  2. Start a new message to 50000 (65040 on some older plans).
  3. In the message body, type BAL.
  4. Send the message. You’ll promptly receive a reply text with your account balances.

Checking your balance by text is useful when you don’t have access to the app. You’ll get a quick text reply with your available minutes, texts, and data.
The text balance check may not work if you’re roaming off the Boost Mobile network.

Call Boost Customer Support

Speaking to a Boost Mobile customer support representative is another way to check your account balance information. To check your balance by phone:

  1. Call Boost Mobile customer support at 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848).
  2. When prompted, enter your 10-digit phone number.
  3. Then, when prompted, enter your 6-15 digit account PIN.
  4. A Boost representative will access your account and can provide your remaining minutes, messages, and data balances.

Calling in to check your balance allows you to get it straight from the source. Boost support can also answer any other account questions you may have.

Log In to Your Account Online

You can also log in to your Boost Mobile account online to check balances and account details. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Boost Mobile website at
  2. Click Login or Account at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your wireless number and account PIN to log in.
  4. On the account dashboard, your available balances are displayed.

Accessing your account online allows you to check your balances and also manage other account details like payment history, usage details, plan options and more.

Visit a Boost Mobile Store

You can also check your Boost Mobile account balance by visiting a Boost Mobile store. Bring a government issued photo ID and the store representative can pull up your account details.

This gives you access to an account specialist who can check your balances and answer any other questions. Locate a Boost Mobile authorized retailer on the store locator at

Check Your Balance Regularly

No matter how you check your Boost Mobile balance, it’s a good idea to do it regularly. Checking your remaining minutes, texts, and data allows you to:

  • Avoid surprise overages if you’re getting low.
  • Add money or upgrade your plan if you need more.
  • Monitor usage by any additional lines on your account.
  • Confirm your automatic monthly renewal if you have an unlimited plan.

Get in the habit of checking at least weekly to stay on top of your account. Set a reminder on your phone, use the app widget, or add it to your calendar.

Monitoring your balances also assures you that your plan is meeting your usage needs. If you notice you’re constantly low before the month ends, you may want to change to a plan with more data or minutes.

Understanding Boost Mobile Plans

To understand your Boost Mobile balance usage, it helps to be familiar with how Boost Mobile plans work:

  • Pay As You Go – Add money to add talk/text/data. Balances decrease as you use the services.
  • Monthly Unlimited – Unlimited talk/text/data for 30 days. Plan auto-renews each month.
  • Data Add-Ons – Additional high-speed data can be added to any plan.

With Pay As You Go, any add-on data packages, or the growing list of Unlimited plans, Boost Mobile offers flexibility based on your unique usage needs.

Add Money or Make Payments

If checking your balance shows you’re running low, you can easily add money or make a payment to renew your plan. Ways to add money or pay your bill include:

  • Pay online through your account dashboard.
  • Use the Payments option in the Boost Mobile app.
  • Visit a Boost Mobile authorized retailer.
  • Set up Auto Pay to renew your plan automatically each month.

Adding funds or making a payment takes just a few minutes. Once successfully processed, you’ll have instant access to the updated balances.

Leverage Account Tools and Alerts

To help avoid surprise low balances, Boost Mobile provides useful account tools and alerts. Ways to monitor your usage include:

  • App Alerts – Set app alerts at various usage thresholds.
  • Account Dashboard – View usage graphs and details.
  • Usage Controls – Block services when you hit a usage limit.
  • Account Updates – Opt-in for periodic balance update texts.

Using these tools provides visibility into exactly how you use your minutes, texts, and data each month. You’ll never be caught off guard by a zero balance again.

Contact Boost Mobile Support

Boost Mobile customer support is available to answer any other questions about checking your account balance. Contact them at:

  • Phone: 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848)
  • Online chat: Available via
  • Facebook, Twitter, FAQs: @boostmobile

Boost Mobile support can look up your account details, explain your plan usage, upgrade your plan, set up payments and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Switch to a New Boost Mobile Phone

If your current Boost Mobile phone is lost, damaged, or just getting old, you may want to upgrade to a new device. As long as you keep your same phone number and account, switching phones will not affect your plan balances.

Shop the great selection of new Androids and iPhones available for Boost Mobile. You can even bring your own phone as long as it is compatible with the Boost Mobile network.

Troubleshooting When You Can’t Check Your Balance

In most cases, checking your Boost Mobile balance only takes a few seconds. But occasionally, you may run into issues accessing your account. Here is some troubleshooting if you can’t check your balance:

  • Update app or try again – Close and reopen the app or website to refresh data.
  • Verify login info – Double check your wireless number and account PIN.
  • Change password – Reset your account password for security.
  • Contact support – Boost Mobile can access your account if you’re locked out.
  • Switch data connection – Try on a different WiFi or a cellular data connection.

Following troubleshooting steps will typically get you access to check your balances again. But if problems persist, reaching out to customer support is recommended.


Keeping tabs on your available minutes, texts, and data balances is a key part of responsible account management. Boost Mobile offers fast and convenient ways to check your balances 24/7 via the mobile app, online, in stores, or over the phone.

Monitoring your usage regularly prevents any surprises on next month’s bill. And understanding your plan details allows you to upgrade or add money effortlessly when needed.

With the tips provided in this 5000 word guide, you can easily keep track of your Boost Mobile service balances all month long. Stay connected by proactively keeping an eye on your account usage and renewal status.

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