How do I check MTN MTN balance?

Checking your MTN balance allows you to keep track of your airtime and data usage. With just a few simple steps, you can check your MTN balance using different methods like dialing a code, using MTN mobile apps, visiting MTN service websites, or checking directly on your phone. Knowing how to check your balance ensures you don’t run out of airtime or data when you need it most.

Quick Answers

How do I check my MTN balance?
You can check your MTN balance by:

  • Dialing *556# on your phone
  • Using the MyMTN app
  • Visiting the MTN website and logging in
  • Checking your balance directly on your phone

What are the different ways to check MTN balance?
The main ways to check MTN balance are:

  • Dial *556# on your MTN phone
  • Use the MyMTN app
  • Visit the MTN website and login to your account
  • Check directly on your phone in the settings or balance section
  • Call MTN customer care to request your balance
  • Visit an MTN service center to have them check

Is there a code to check MTN balance?
Yes, you can check your MTN balance by dialing *556# on your MTN phone. This will display your airtime, data, and SMS balance.

Checking MTN Balance by Dialing *556#

The easiest way to check your MTN balance is by dialing *556# on your MTN phone and hitting call. This USSD code will instantly display your account balance.

Here is how to check your balance using *556#:

  1. Open the phone dialer on your MTN phone
  2. Dial *556#
  3. Hit the call button
  4. Your balance details will be displayed on the screen

This balance check will show your available airtime, SMS, and data balances. It provides a quick and easy way to check your MTN balance status at any time.

The *556# method works on all MTN mobile phones and does not require any internet access. As long as you have network coverage, you can check your balance within seconds.

Benefits of Using *556#

– Fast and easy way to check balance
– Works on all MTN phones
– Does not require internet access
– Free to use
– Provides airtime, SMS, and data balance

Limitations of *556#

– Only shows current balances
– Does not provide full statement
– Cannot make payments
– Does not work on other network’s SIM cards

Overall, dialing *556# is the quickest and simplest way to check your MTN balance at any time. It is free to use and works anywhere with MTN coverage.

Checking Balance with MyMTN App

Another easy way to check your MTN balance is using the MyMTN app. The MyMTN app is available for free download on Android and iOS devices.

Here is how to check MTN balance on the MyMTN app:

  1. Download and install the MyMTN app on your phone from Play Store or App Store
  2. Open the app and log in with your MTN phone number and password
  3. Go to the account tab
  4. Your airtime, data and SMS balance will be displayed

In addition to checking your balance, the MyMTN app allows you to:

  • View your statement and recharge history
  • Purchase data bundles
  • Recharge airtime
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer airtime
  • Find MTN service locations

Benefits of Using MyMTN App

– Check balance anytime, anywhere
– Provides detailed statement
– Recharge and purchase bundles
– Available on Android and iOS
– Secure and convenient

Limitations of MyMTN App

– Requires downloading app and logging in
– Needs internet access
– More steps than just dialing USSD code
– Must have account registered

The MyMTN app provides the most detailed way to check your full account balance and history. With just your phone and internet connection, you can conveniently manage your MTN account on-the-go.

Checking MTN Balance Online

You can also check your MTN mobile balance online by visiting the MTN website. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to on your internet browser
  2. Click on MyMTN Login
  3. Enter your phone number and password
  4. Click on My Account
  5. Your balance details will be displayed

When logged in on the MTN website, you can view your current balance as well as your full statement history. This offers a comprehensive look at your airtime, data, SMS usage and transactions.

Other services available on the MyMTN website include:

  • Top up airtime
  • Buy data bundles
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer airtime
  • Manage your account

Benefits of Checking Balance Online

– Access full statement history
– Recharge and buy bundles
– Available on any internet-enabled device
– More detailed view of usage

Limitations of Online Method

– Requires internet access
– More steps to login and navigate site
– Must have account registered
– Not as quick as USSD code

Checking your MTN balance online gives you access to the most detailed information on your account. The added functionality also allows you to manage services beyond just checking your balance.

Checking Directly on Your MTN Phone

Most smartphones also allow you to check your MTN balance directly on the device itself:

On Android phones:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Mobile Networks or SIM Cards
  3. Select your MTN SIM
  4. You will see your balance details

On iOS iPhones:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Phone or Mobile Data
  3. Select your MTN SIM
  4. Your balance will be shown

The balance check displays your available airtime, data, SMS balances. On some phones, you may need to tap on each balance to see the amounts.

Benefits of Checking on Your Phone

– No need to dial USSD code
– Don’t need app or internet
– Quick and easy
– Balance visible on device


– Only shows current balance
– Limited info compared to app/website
– Varies between phone models
– Not available on basic phones

Checking your MTN balance directly on a smartphone provides a straightforward way to view your current airtime and data amounts without any extra steps. However, it does not offer the detailed history and account management available through other methods.

Calling MTN Customer Care

You can also find out your MTN balance by calling the MTN customer care center and speaking to a representative.

  1. Dial 100 for free from your MTN number
  2. Select your language option
  3. Follow the prompts to speak to an agent
  4. Request them to check your MTN account balance
  5. They will provide details on your current balance

In addition to checking your balances, MTN customer service can assist with:

  • Answering questions about your account
  • Helping resolve issues or errors
  • Processing transactions like airtime recharge
  • Making changes to your account

Benefits of Calling Customer Care

– Get detailed balance information
– Resolve account issues
– Make account changes
– Access customer support


– Requires calling and waiting in queue
– Limited service hours
– Rep may lack quick access to account
– Fewer self-service options

Contacting MTN’s customer service center provides a personalized way to check your balance and get any account support you may need. However, calling does take more time compared to self-service options.

Visiting MTN Service Center

You can visit any authorized MTN service center or retail store to have an agent check your balance in person.

Here is the process to check your balance at an MTN outlet:

  1. Locate an MTN service center or retail store
  2. Bring a form of ID and your phone
  3. Ask the agent to check your balance
  4. They will verify your account details and provide your balance
  5. You can also request account transactions or support

Benefits of Visiting Service Center

– Personalized support
– Staff can assist with transactions
– Get account questions answered
– Access MTN products/services


– Limited locations and hours
– Requires traveling to outlet
– Wait times to access agent
– Does not provide online services

Visiting an MTN center allows you to speak to knowledgeable representatives in person for any account needs. However, it is less convenient than self-service options you can access anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does checking my MTN balance deduct airtime?
No, checking your MTN balance using USSD, the mobile app, or directly on your phone does not deduct any airtime. These are free balance checks. However, calling customer care to request a balance check may deduct airtime.

Why can’t I check my balance?
If you are unable to check your MTN balance, here are some possible reasons:

  • No network coverage in your area
  • Trying to use an invalid USSD code
  • SIM card issue or damage
  • Incorrect account password or PIN
  • Account currently suspended

You can try moving to an area with better signal, verifying the USSD code, removing and reinserting the SIM card, resetting your password, or contacting MTN customer support.

How often should I check my MTN balance?
It is advisable to check your MTN balance regularly, especially if you frequently use mobile data or make calls. Ideally, check your main account balances at least once a week. If you are low on airtime or data, check more frequently before purchasing bundles or recharging.

Can I check my balance without airtime?
Yes, you can still check your MTN balance even with zero airtime by using options like USSD, mobile app, online, or visiting a service center. As long as your account is active, you can check your balance status.

Do all MTN SIM cards work with balance checks?
Most methods will work on any active MTN SIM card. However, some additional services like mobile apps or online account access require registering your SIM card with MTN first. As long as you have an MTN SIM card that can make calls or use data, you can check the balance.


Checking your MTN balance is quick and simple through various convenient methods. By dialing *556#, using the MyMTN app, visiting the website, checking your phone, or contacting customer service, you can easily keep track of your airtime, data, and SMS balances.

Monitoring your balances regularly allows you to efficiently recharge airtime or data when running low. Keeping tabs on your usage also helps avoid any surprises on your statement.

Whichever method you choose, knowing how to check your MTN balance gives you greater control and visibility over your mobile account. With these simple steps, you can stay connected and make the most of your MTN network access.

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