How do I check inventory at LEGO store?

Quick Answers

There are a few quick ways to check inventory at a LEGO store:

  • Call the store directly and ask an employee to check stock levels of a particular set
  • Visit the store in person and look on the shelves or ask an employee
  • Check the store’s inventory online if they have that capability set up

Knowing what sets are in stock can help you plan your LEGO shopping and ensure you get the sets you want. Depending on demand, LEGO stores may sell out of popular new sets quickly. Calling ahead or checking online can save you a trip if the item you want is out of stock.

Checking Inventory by Phone

One easy way to check if a LEGO store has a particular set in stock is to call the store directly. Here are some tips for checking LEGO inventory over the phone:

  • Find the phone number for your local LEGO store online or look it up in your contacts if you’ve called them before.
  • Call during normal store hours when employees are available to assist you.
  • When an employee answers, let them know you want to check if a specific LEGO set is in stock at that location.
  • Have the LEGO set number handy – this will help the employee look it up in their system.
  • Write down the set name and number before calling so you can provide the specifics.
  • The employee will be able to tell you if that particular set is in stock and available for purchase.

Calling ahead saves you time and the trouble of going to the store only to find out your desired set is sold out. The employees who answer the phone can quickly check the computer system for inventory availability of any sets you are looking for.

One caveat – store inventory levels can change quickly. Just because a set shows as in-stock when you call doesn’t guarantee it will still be available by the time you reach the store. Calling ahead provides a good indication, but it’s not a guarantee.

Visiting in Person

Going to your local LEGO brand retail store is a fun experience, but also a great way to check inventory in person before purchasing. Here are some tips for checking inventory levels at the store:

  • Bring a list of LEGO sets you want to purchase so you don’t forget item numbers or details.
  • Look on the shelves first to see if your desired sets are in stock and available.
  • Scan the packaging on the shelves – sets that are out of stock will often show an out of stock or “not available” indicator.
  • Ask a sales associate for help finding sets or checking stock in the back.
  • Employees have access to current inventory levels and can advise if more stock is expected.
  • Don’t assume a set on shelves is the last one – there may be more in stock.
  • Inquire about upcoming promotions or retirements to help plan your LEGO shopping.

Visiting the LEGO store allows you to see firsthand what sets are available. If the item you want is sold out, employees can look up stock levels and upcoming availability. This also gives you a chance to find new and exciting sets you may not have known about otherwise.

Checking Inventory Online

Many official LEGO stores now provide the option to check store inventory right on their website. This can save you a lot of time by letting you see what’s in stock before you head to the store. Here are some tips for checking LEGO inventory online:

  • Find your local LEGO store’s website and look for a “Check Store Inventory” link or “Stock Status” indicator.
  • Enter a LEGO set number or keyword search to pull up inventory for specific sets.
  • Sets will show as “In Stock” or “Out of Stock” for that store location.
  • Call the store to confirm inventory if a set is shown with limited quantities available.
  • Filter by set type like Lego City or Lego Star Wars to only see related inventory.
  • Save item numbers for sets you want and check back periodically for status updates.

The online inventory check will provide real-time availability of LEGO sets at that store location. This can save a lot of time by avoiding unnecessary trips for out of stock items. Just be aware that inventory levels can change throughout the day as sets sell out.

Tips for Checking LEGO Inventory

No matter how you choose to look up LEGO inventory status, here are some useful tips to make the process easier:

  • Have set numbers, names and descriptions handy when inquiring.
  • Be flexible if the set you want is out of stock and ask about replacements.
  • Call, check online or visit the store closer to when you intend to make your purchase.
  • Ask employees if they can hold or reserve an item that is low in stock.
  • Sign up for alerts or email notifications of restocks for hard-to-find sets.
  • Check inventory regularly as new shipments and restocks occur periodically.
  • Consider calling other stores in your area if your local store doesn’t have the set.
  • Ask when new stock is expected for sold out items to plan your next visit.

With thousands of different LEGO sets available, inventory is constantly fluctuating. Being flexible and using multiple methods to check availability will help you hunt down the perfect set successfully.

Inventory Varies by Location

It’s important to remember that LEGO inventory levels can vary drastically between different retail locations. A set that is sold out at your local store may be readily available at a LEGO store across town. Some tips when checking multiple locations:

  • Call or check online inventory for all LEGO stores in your area.
  • Visit or contact the LEGO store in the largest nearby mall or shopping center.
  • Check inventory at LEGO stores in highly populated areas which may have more stock.
  • Ask employees from one location if they can look up stock at other stores.
  • Be willing to travel a bit farther if another store has the set you want.
  • Compare inventory across your region and order online for store pickup elsewhere.

Checking with multiple LEGO store locations gives you a better chance at finding that hard-to-find or retired set you really want. Inventory management systems let employees look up stock levels at other stores nearby. Leverage the regional inventory database when possible in your hunt for LEGO sets.

Using BrickSeek or Other Inventory Tools

In addition to the official LEGO store inventory website, some third-party tools exist that can help you search for and track LEGO set availability in stores. BrickSeek is one popular inventory checker used by LEGO fans and collectors.

  • BrickSeek does not connect directly to LEGO’s systems but rather aggregated data.
  • Enter a LEGO set number into BrickSeek to see availability info at Target, Walmart, Amazon.
  • Take stock levels shown with a grain of salt as it is not direct from LEGO.
  • Use BrickSeek more for a general sense of availability rather than rely on it.
  • The data can lag behind real inventory numbers but provides a useful estimate.

Beyond BrickSeek, some other LEGO inventory tracker sites and apps to consider:

  • BrickHunter App – View local inventory for many major retailers.
  • BrickEconomy – Provides recent price and inventory data for LEGO sets.
  • BrickCache App – Community-updated local LEGO inventory checker.

These tools provide LEGO fans with more resources to monitor inventory and availability across multiple stores and online shops. But the information may not be fully real-time or accurate, so use them as helpful estimates.

Contacting LEGO Customer Service

The final option to consider when researching LEGO set availability is contacting LEGO Customer Service directly. Here are some tips for reaching out to LEGO for inventory help:

  • Talk to a LEGO agent by phone, email, online chat or social media.
  • Explain you are trying to find a particular retired or hard-to-find LEGO set.
  • Provide the set number, name and description to the customer service rep.
  • Ask if they can check regional or company-wide inventory levels.
  • They may be able to locate certain sets in stock at other stores.
  • Inquire if there are plans to re-launch a retired set you are seeking.

While regular store employees have access to inventory, LEGO’s customer service team can sometimes check availability across a larger footprint. They may be able to pinpoint limited stock of an item you can’t find locally.

Purchasing LEGO Sets In Stock

Once you’ve finally located that coveted LEGO set in stock, you’ll want to purchase it promptly before it sells out again. Here are some tips for acquiring LEGO sets that you’ve verified are in inventory:

  • Act quickly if stock is limited on a set you want – don’t wait.
  • Purchase immediately in store if you verified it is on the shelf.
  • Call ahead to request employees hold a set for you if driving to the store.
  • Order online for in-store pickup using LEGO’s website.
  • Choose expedited or priority shipping if buying directly from LEGO’s online shop.
  • Add an email notification for sold out sets so you know when they are back in stock.

With LEGO’s frequent restocking, most sets will come back in stock eventually even if they sell out quickly. Patience and persistence is key for finding coveted sets. While diligently checking LEGO inventory takes time and effort, the payoff of scoring that sought-after set makes it worthwhile in the end.

Ensuring Inventory Accuracy

When hunting for hard-to-find LEGO sets, keep in mind that even the inventory checking methods listed here are not 100% perfect. Stock levels can change, shipments can arrive late, and seasonal demand impacts availability. A few tips for understanding LEGO inventory accuracy:

  • Online inventory results are useful but not gospel – call stores to confirm.
  • The inventory API data sites rely on can be delayed or have gaps.
  • If a store shows just 1 of a set in stock, it could be a building display.
  • Employees may hold sought-after sets in the back for select customers.
  • Take any third-party inventory results as informed estimates but not certain.

Even LEGO store employees will caution that the inventory levels shown in their systems are not flawless. But used wisely, the inventory checking methods here will maximize your chances of LEGO shopping success. Just have reasonable expectations, patience, and enjoy the hunt!

Inventory Impacts LEGO Shopping Strategies

Knowing what’s in stock before you shop is just one part of strategic LEGO shopping. You can maximize your collection and avoid missing hard-to-find sets using these inventory-aware tips:

  • Check inventory regularly as new sets and restocks occur periodically.
  • Be willing to buy immediately when you find a retiring set in stock.
  • Use alerts and notifications for sold-out items you want.
  • Shop early for seasonal sets like LEGO Advent Calendars which sell out.
  • Feel comfortable buying large LEGO sets anywhere as stock is usually plentiful.
  • Consider LEGO seasonal or holiday gifts early as peak demand impacts availability.

Staying on top of LEGO stock levels helps you shop smart. Inventory awareness removes the guess work and frustration. With the right inventory checks, you can confidently build your LEGO collection and maximize discounts on rare specials.

Unexpected Places to Find LEGO Deals

The typical go-to LEGO shopping spots like official LEGO stores, Amazon, Target and Walmart are smart options. But lesser known sources can also yield deals on hard to find sets. Some unexpected places to find LEGO sets in stock include:

  • Ross and TJ Maxx – Discount general merchandise stores receive surplus LEGO inventory.
  • eBay – Vintage and retired LEGO sets turn up in auction listings.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Locals often resell LEGO collections here.
  • Thrift stores – Cheap used LEGO from donations occasionally appears at Goodwill and Salvation Army.
  • Craigslist – LEGO bundles and bulk lots posted for cheap if you don’t mind used.

Along with checking big retailer inventory, keep an eye on these out of left field sources. That rare LEGO find may be waiting at a steep discount if you know where to look and get lucky with timing.

Evaluating LEGO Set Retirement Dates

Unlike most products which disappear from shelves when stock sells out, LEGO has a unique habit of “retiring” sets after a few years. This increases the collectibility of older sets. Evaluating retirement risk can help guide LEGO shopping urgency.

  • Licensed sets like Star Wars models usually retire within 1-3 years.
  • Original LEGO sets like City last around 3-5 years typically before retiring.
  • Check sites like Brickset which estimate retirement dates based on age.
  • If a set is nearing the end of its typical lifespan, stock up while you can.
  • Shop immediately if you notice a “retiring soon” label on LEGO set packaging.
  • Discounts mean a retirement is usually imminent.

Knowing LEGO set lifetimes helps you avoid missing a desired set that suddenly retires. Especially with licensed kits, act fast once a retirement is suspected. Checking inventory status of aging sets ensures you secure them before disappeared forever.

Insider Tips for LEGO Shopping Success

Becoming a savvy LEGO shopper requires going beyond just inventory checks. Here are some additional insider tips:

  • Shop LEGO’s online outlet for discounted retiring sets.
  • Check LEGO clearance sections in August as summer sets retire.
  • Be willing to buy large retired sets used and replace any missing pieces.
  • Buy small sets at full price so you can part them out later.
  • Read LEGO fan blogs and forums for restock news and release leaks.
  • Stack LEGO promos and seasonal sales from retailers when available.

With smart shopping tactics, persistence, and the right tools, you can overcome LEGO stock challenges. Stay diligent in your hunt for rare sets but also be willing to pay when you find them in stock. Checking inventory directly and via helpful LEGO fan sites will serve you well on your journey to build an amazing LEGO collection.


Keeping up with LEGO inventory status takes a bit of work, but is extremely rewarding for fans. By utilizing the techniques here like calling stores, monitoring online inventory and being willing to hunt down hard-to-find sets, your LEGO collection will grow steadily. What matters most is combining inventory checks with smart shopping strategies, persistence and a little luck. Know the tricks like set retirement dates, promos and off the beaten path sources too. With the right mindset and these inventory tools at your disposal, you will be a LEGO shopping expert in no time!

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