How big of a container do I need for a 25 pound bag of flour?

When buying flour in bulk, it’s important to properly store it to maintain freshness and prevent spills. A 25 pound bag of flour takes up a significant amount of space. Choosing the right storage container size ensures you can easily scoop out flour when needed while keeping the remainder sealed and contained.

Quick Answer

For a 25 pound bag of flour, you’ll need a container that can hold at least 6-8 gallons in volume. A plastic food storage container or bin that is around 18-22 inches long x 12-15 inches wide x 6-8 inches deep will suffice.

Factors That Determine Container Size

There are a few key factors that will determine what size container you’ll need for storing a 25 pound bag of flour:

  • Flour volume – A standard 25 pound bag of flour yields about 9-10 quarts in volume. This equates to 2.25-2.5 gallons.
  • Headspace – You’ll want to leave some headspace at the top of the container when sealed. 3-4 inches of headspace allows you to scoop flour out easily.
  • Flour settling – Flour naturally compacts and settles over time, especially when stacked with other heavy items. A too-small container may become overly full.
  • Accessibility – The container should be large enough to fit your scooping utensil or measuring cups easily.

Taking these factors into account, a 6-8 gallon capacity container provides ideal storage space for a 25 pound bag of flour.

Recommended Container Sizes

Here are some common container sizes that work well for storing a 25 pound bag of flour:

Plastic Food Storage Bin

  • 18 gallon bin – Approx. 18″ x 12″ x 6″ (L x W x H)
  • 20 gallon bin – Approx. 18″ x 15″ x 8″
  • 22 gallon bin – Approx. 19″ x 15″ x 10″

Plastic food bins often have snap-on lids to keep flour sealed. Rectangular shapes easily fit in cabinets or on shelves. Some are made to stack for compact storage.

Food-Safe Bucket

  • 6 gallon bucket – Approx. 12″ diameter x 10″ height
  • 8 gallon bucket – Approx. 13″ diameter x 12″ height

Gamma-seal lids provide an airtight seal and easy access. Round buckets may not store as compactly on shelves.

Food Storage Container

  • 3 gallon container – Approx. 10″ x 15″ x 7″
  • 5 gallon container – Approx. 12″ x 15″ x 10″
  • 6 gallon container – Approx. 18″ x 12″ x 8″

Durable plastic containers designed for pantry storage. Variety of shapes and sizes. Lids keep flour fresh.

Tips for Storing Flour

Here are some tips for proper storage and handling of flour once you’ve transferred it to a storage container:

  • Keep flour in a cool, dry place. Avoid temperature extremes.
  • For maximum freshness, use flour within 6-8 months.
  • Keep flour container tightly sealed.
  • Avoid introducing moisture into flour.
  • Store flour off the floor on shelves or racks.
  • Rotate stock using older flour first.
  • Scoop flour out rather than pouring to reduce spills or waste.
  • Store flour away from strong odors that it can absorb.

Storing Other Bulk Dry Goods

The same principles used for storing a 25 pound bag of flour can help determine what size container you need when buying other bulk pantry staples like:


A 25 pound bag of sugar takes up about the same volume as flour. Use a 6-8 gallon container.


Rice settles more than flour or sugar when stored. A 7-10 gallon container allows extra headspace.


Beans are less dense than flour or rice. Use an 8-12 gallon container for 25 pounds.

Pet Food

A 25 pound bag of kibble needs a 10-12 gallon container depending on kibble size.

Container Material Considerations

Storage containers for flour and other food staples come in a variety of materials. Each has pros and cons:

Material Pros Cons
Plastic Inexpensive, transparent, variety of sizes Can retain odors, prone to scratches
Glass Nonporous, won’t retain odors Heavy, can shatter if dropped
Stainless Steel Durable, won’t absorb odors More expensive, heavy

For most home kitchens, a food-grade plastic bin or container is the easiest, most affordable option for storing a 25 pound bag of flour.


Why do I need such a big container for a 25 lb bag of flour?

While a 25 pound bag of flour may seem small, it actually takes up a fair amount of space – around 2.25-2.5 gallons. When you factor in headspace, settling, and accessibility, you need a container that’s 6-8 gallons to have room for an entire bag.

Can I store flour in its original bag?

It’s not recommended. The bags flour comes in are not totally airtight or moisture-proof. Transferring to a rigid, sealable plastic, glass, or stainless steel container will keep flour fresh longer.

How long does flour last in the pantry?

All-purpose white flour stored properly in an airtight container will stay fresh for 6-8 months. Whole wheat flour keeps for 3-6 months. Flour stored for longer than that will slowly lose its freshness and flavor.

Can I fit two 25 lb bags in one container?

It’s not advisable to double up two 25 pound bags in one container. That amount of flour would quickly outgrow the recommended 6-8 gallon container size needed for one bag. Store each bag separately.

Should I refrigerate or freeze flour?

Refrigerating or freezing isn’t necessary for short term storage under 6 months. If storing longer, the freezer can extend shelf life. Allow frozen flour to come fully to room temperature before opening to prevent condensation.

The Bottom Line

When purchasing flour in bulk 25 pound bags, be sure to transfer and store it properly to maintain freshness and quality over time. Allowing about 6-8 gallons of capacity provides ample room for a 25 pound bag of flour. Invest in a sturdy, sealable plastic bin, bucket, or canister that will keep your flour fresh for months to come.

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