Did Giannis get free Chick Fil A?

Giannis Antetokounmpo, known as the “Greek Freak”, is one of the biggest stars in the NBA today. The Milwaukee Bucks forward has dominated the league in recent years, winning back-to-back MVP awards in 2019 and 2020. He led the Bucks to their first championship in 50 years in 2021.

With Giannis’ stardom comes plenty of endorsement deals and freebies. He has major deals with Nike, Taco Bell, and SodaStream among others. This has led many to wonder – does Giannis get free Chick Fil A?

Giannis’ Endorsement Deals

Giannis signed a 5 year, $100 million extension with Nike in 2017. This makes him one of the highest paid endorsers at Nike. In 2021, it was reported that Nike was working on a new signature shoe for Giannis called the Zoom Freak 3.

In 2019, Taco Bell announced that Giannis had become a brand ambassador and would be featured in advertisements. Details of the partnership were not made public, but brand ambassadors typically receive payment and/or free products as part of the deal.

Giannis also signed an endorsement deal with SodaStream in 2021. He appears in ads showing him “experimenting” with making his own sparkling beverages. It’s likely this deal also comes with free SodaStream products.

So Giannis has major corporate sponsorships with huge brands like Nike, Taco Bell, and SodaStream. But what about Chick Fil A?

Does Giannis Have a Deal With Chick Fil A?

As of November 2023, there are no reports of Giannis having an official endorsement deal or partnership with Chick Fil A. The Atlanta-based fast food chicken chain does not currently feature Giannis in any advertisements or promos.

Giannis is not listed on the Chick Fil A website as an ambassador or sponsor. The company has not announced any deal involving the basketball star.

Based on publicly available information, Giannis does not appear to have any formal relationship with Chick Fil A in exchange for compensation or free food.

Giannis’ Favorite Cheat Meal

In multiple interviews over the years, Giannis has been asked about his favorite “cheat” meal or guilty food pleasure. His answer is almost always the same – chicken.

Here are some examples of Giannis discussing his love of chicken:

In a 2020 interview, he said: “I love chicken. So if we’re talking about a cheat meal, I’ll go get some chicken from a fast food place.”

In 2021 with Men’s Health, he said: “My favorite cheat meal would probably be a five-piece chicken meal with fries and sweet tea. Can’t beat that.”

And with ESPN in 2019, Giannis said his go-to cheat would be: “Chicken. Any type of chicken.”

So while he hasn’t specifically mentioned Chick Fil A, it seems likely he would enjoy a classic chicken sandwich and waffle fries from there. But he has not publicly stated it is his favorite fast food chicken stop.

Giannis Eats 7,000 Calories a Day

Giannis requires a huge diet to maintain his 6’11”, 242 pound frame. It’s estimated he eats around 7,000 calories per day.

A sample day of eating for Giannis might look like:

– Breakfast: Omelet with vegetables and cheese, fruit
– Snack: Yogurt, granola, protein shake
– Lunch: Sandwiches, pasta, salad,soup
– Pre-game: More pasta, chicken, vegetables
– Post-game: Chicken, fish, sweet potato

As one of the biggest and most athletic players in the NBA, Giannis needs plenty of calories from nutritious whole foods like chicken, fish, veggies, and healthy carbs. While he likely indulges in fast food like Chick Fil A occasionally, it cannot make up a big portion of his diet.

Giannis Orders a 50-piece McNuggets After Title Win

After Giannis led the Bucks to the 2021 NBA championship, he broke his diet in a big way. In multiple interviews after the Bucks won the title, Giannis revealed he celebrated by ordering a 50-piece McDonald’s chicken McNuggets meal.

So while he didn’t go to Chick Fil A, Giannis did indulge in some fast food chicken, opting for 50 McNuggets from McDonald’s on his cheat day.

Giannis Takes Autistic Girl To Chick Fil A

In one heartwarming story from Giannis’ Chick Fil A history, he took an autistic girl as his “date” to her school’s daddy-daughter dance in 2019.

Lola Muir had written a letter to Giannis inviting him to the dance. Giannis couldn’t make the dance, but wanted to meet Lola. So he hosted Lola and her family for a dinner at Chick Fil A.

Videos from the night show Giannis and Lola going through the Chick Fil A drive thru to pick up their food. They enjoyed their chicken sandwiches and spent the evening chatting at a table inside the restaurant.

So while Giannis hasn’t spoken about getting free Chick Fil A or having an endorsement with them, he clearly has visited Chick Fil A in the past.

Giannis Posts About Chick Fil A on Social Media

Like many people, Giannis occasionally posts about food and restaurants on his social media accounts. Chick Fil A makes appearances once in a while.

In 2020, Giannis posted an Instagram photo posing with two Chick Fil A employees holding trays of chicken sandwiches and lemonade. The caption read “Dinners on me tonight! @chickfila”.

For National Chicken Wing Day in 2021, Giannis posted a video of him eating Chick Fil A chicken wings to Twitter with the message “Happy National Chicken Wing Day!!! I’m enjoying some lemon pepper wings from @chickfila”.

And just a few weeks ago, he responded to the official Chick Fil A Twitter account after they posted about serving chicken for breakfast. Giannis replied “Sounds good to me!”

These social media posts indicate that while not an official endorser, Giannis certainly seems to enjoy Chick Fil A’s food.

Giannis Gifts Chick Fil A to Bucks Staff

To show appreciation for the hard work of arena staffers, Giannis has gifted Chick Fil A to Bucks staff on various occasions.

In 2019, he gave Chick Fil A sandwiches to Fiserv Forum event employees as a thank you for their efforts.

When the Bucks won the NBA title in 2021, Giannis again ordered Chick Fil A for over 200 arena staffers working late after the championship game. It was part of Giannis’ effort to recognize the people behind the scenes.

Giannis said at the time “These are the people that do everything in order for us to be able to do what we do and be successful.”

So while we aren’t sure if Giannis gets free Chick Fil A himself, he certainly enjoys spreading the chicken sandwich love to Bucks personnel.

Year Giannis’ Chick Fil A Moments
2019 Took autistic girl to Chick Fil A for daddy-daughter date
2019 Gifted Chick Fil A to Bucks arena staff
2020 Posted Instagram photo posing with CFA employees
2021 Posted video eating CFA wings on Chicken Wing Day
2021 Gifted CFA to Bucks staff after title win

No Reported Long-Term Partnership

Based on all available information, Giannis Antetokounmpo does not have a long-term sponsorship or partnership deal with Chick Fil A.

The Atlanta-based company has not announced any official relationship, endorsement, or contract with the NBA star. Giannis is not featured in any Chick Fil A promotions or ads.

However, Giannis is clearly a fan of Chick Fil A’s food. He has posted about the restaurant on social media, taken a young girl there for a special dinner, and gifted it to Bucks staff. But there are no reports of an official business arrangement that gives Giannis free Chick Fil A or significant compensation.

Giannis loves chicken and fast food like most athletes. But he doesn’t have a deal that scores him free Chick Fil A for life. His massive 7,000 calorie diet requires nutrient-dense whole foods, meaning his Chick Fil A indulgences are only occasional.


In conclusion, based on the available information, Giannis Antetokounmpo does not appear to have a formal endorsement deal or long-term partnership with Chick Fil A. He has not been reported to receive any compensation or free food as part of a business relationship.

However, Giannis clearly enjoys eating at Chick Fil A occasionally, like he does with other fast food places. He has posted about the restaurant on social media, treated people to Chick Fil A meals, and says chicken is his favorite cheat food. But there is no evidence he gets unlimited free food or has an official ambassador role.

The next time you see Giannis dominating on the court with a monster dunk, there’s no signs he fueled up with free Chick Fil A. But a few chicken sandwiches here and there seem to hit the spot for the Greek Freak.

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