How big is male Muto?

The male Muto monster, introduced in the 2014 Godzilla movie, is a towering beast that presents a formidable challenge to Godzilla himself. But exactly how tall and large is the male Muto? Let’s take a look at what the films, related media, and experts behind the scenes have revealed about the dimensions of this colossal creature.

The Male Muto’s Height in the 2014 Film

In the 2014 Godzilla movie, the filmmakers intentionally did not provide exact height measurements for the monsters. However, some clues allow us to estimate the general size range of the male Muto:

  • The male Muto is depicted as roughly 2/3 the height of Godzilla in the film. Godzilla’s height in the MonsterVerse film series is generally cited as around 350-400 feet tall.
  • Scenes of the male Muto show him towering over ships, buildings, and other objects that indicate his massive scale.
  • The film’s production designer, Owen Paterson, said the male Muto was envisioned as “350-400 feet” in height.

Based on these sources, it seems the male Muto stands in the ballpark of 250-350 feet tall in the 2014 Godzilla movie. While not as tall as Godzilla himself, he still dwarfs most buildings and normal objects.

Comparisons to Godzilla’s Height

As mentioned, the male Muto is intended to be notably smaller than Godzilla. Some more specific estimates on how they compare:

  • The male Muto is around 2/3 the height of Godzilla, who is cited as 350-400 feet tall in the MonsterVerse.
  • If Godzilla is 380 feet tall, the male Muto would be approximately 253 feet tall, or about 67% of Godzilla’s height.
  • One artist estimated the male Muto is 78% the height of Godzilla based on anatomical proportions.

So while individual estimates vary, the general consensus is that the male Muto stands between 250-350 feet tall, or around 65%-78% of Godzilla’s own imposing height in the MonsterVerse.

Official Stats from Godzilla Movie Books

While the 2014 film did not give definitive heights, some related media have provided official stats:

  • The film’s official tie-in book Godzilla: The Art of Destruction states the male Muto is 350 feet tall and 550 feet long.
  • Another book, Godzilla: With Light and Sound! gives an height of 300 feet for the male Muto.

These sources, approved by the filmmakers, peg the male Muto’s height between 300-350 feet tall. The lower 300 feet figure may represent earlier concepts, when the Muto was envisioned as smaller compared to Godzilla.

Evolution of the Muto’s Size in Early Concepts

Some insights into the male Muto’s changing scale come from concept art of the monster:

  • Early concept art depicted the male Muto as Godzilla-sized or larger. The filmmakers eventually opted to make him smaller to establish Godzilla as the “alpha.”
  • The male Muto’s wings originally wrapped around his entire body cocoon-style, making him appear more massive.
  • Some concept art labeled the male Muto as 300 feet tall, matching the lower height estimate cited earlier.

This concept art illustrates how the filmmakers played with the male Muto’s size early on before settling on the approximately 300-350 feet range seen on screen.

Breakdown of Size Estimates for Male Muto

Source Male Muto Height Estimate
2014 Godzilla film 250-350 feet tall
Compared to Godzilla’s height 65-78% of Godzilla’s 350-400 feet
Godzilla: The Art of Destruction book 350 feet tall
Godzilla: With Light and Sound! book 300 feet tall
Early production concept art 300 feet tall label seen

As shown in this table, while the estimates range from 250-350 feet tall based on the source, the overall consensus places the male Muto in the 300-350 foot range in terms of his canonical height.

The Male Muto’s Height Compared to Real-World Objects

To better visualize just how gigantic the male Muto is intended to be, we can compare his estimated 300-350 foot height to real-world structures and objects:

  • The male Muto is over 50 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty, which stands 305 feet tall.
  • He is nearly 4 times taller than an 11 story building at 100 feet tall.
  • The Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas is 36 stories at 465 feet tall, still over 100 feet shorter than the Muto.
  • The male Muto is estimated to be taller than the outer walls of the Colosseum in Rome, which stand at 164 feet tall.

These comparisons illustrate that the male Muto is intended to absolutely dwarf ordinary man-made structures. He represents a threat capable of destroying buildings and landmarks with ease.

Objects Compared to Male Muto’s Height

Object Object Height Male Muto Height Comparison
Statue of Liberty 305 feet Male Muto ~50 feet taller
11 Story Building 100 feet Male Muto nearly 4x taller
Bellagio Hotel (36 stories) 465 feet Male Muto over 100 feet taller
Colosseum Outer Walls 164 feet Male Muto estimated taller

This helps provide some real-world context for conveying just how imposingly large the male Muto is intended to appear on screen.

The Muto’s Size Compared to Other Titans

In addition to dwarfing human structures, the 300-350 foot tall male Muto also stands as one of the larger Titan threats in the MonsterVerse films:

  • The female Muto is slightly larger than the male at ~400 feet tall.
  • King Ghidorah, Godzilla’s arch-nemesis, stands at 521 feet tall, substantially bigger than the male Muto.
  • The Skullcrawler Titans are comparatively small, estimated at under 100 feet in height.
  • Rodan is one of the few Titans in the same size class as the Muto, with a wingspan of 871 feet.

So while not the largest Titan around, the male Muto is intended to be one of the larger and more physically imposing creatures in the MonsterVerse universe.

Heights of Titans Compared to Male Muto

Titan Height Size Comparison to Male Muto
Female Muto ~400 feet tall Somewhat larger
King Ghidorah 521 feet tall Substantially larger
Skullcrawlers <100 feet tall Much smaller
Rodan 871 foot wingspan Similar size class

This gives a sense of where the male Muto falls in the pecking order of massive Titans in terms of his physical scale.

Key Takeaways on the Male Muto’s Size

To summarize the key details on the canonical height of the male Muto:

  • The male Muto stands between 250-350 feet tall based on visuals in the 2014 film.
  • He is approximately 2/3 the height of Godzilla himself in the MonsterVerse.
  • Official licensed books cite the male Muto’s height as 300-350 feet tall.
  • The male Muto dwarfs human structures such as buildings and landmarks.
  • He is one of the larger Titans, though still smaller than some like Godzilla and King Ghidorah.

While individual estimates vary somewhat, the overall consensus places the male Muto in the 300-350 foot tall range. This makes him an undeniably colossal creature that poses a critical threat to humanity in the context of the fictional work.


The male Muto introduced in the 2014 Godzilla movie stands as a terrifyingly massive beast intended to wreak havoc on human cities and infrastructure. While never given an exact official height, analysis of the film and related media places the male Muto in the estimated range of 300-350 feet tall.

This towering height provides the foundation for establishing the male Muto as a serious threat, as he dwarfs man-made structures and contends with other larger-than-life Titans like Godzilla himself. The filmmakers intentionally made the male Muto huge but still discernibly smaller and less dominant than Godzilla, providing a vivid way to dramatize the power dynamics of the Titans.

Ultimately, the enormous 300-350 foot stature of the male Muto gives tangible form to the film’s vision of a gargantuan prehistoric creature that modern humans are suddenly faced with combating. His sheer size and scale amplify the stakes and tension of the spectacular Godzilla action sequences pitting the King of the Monsters against the immense male Muto in an epic clash of Titans.

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