Does Fedex ship overnight?

FedEx is one of the most popular and reliable shipping companies in the world. They offer a variety of shipping options to meet different delivery needs. One of their most popular services is FedEx Overnight shipping, which guarantees next business day delivery by a certain time.

What is FedEx Overnight Shipping?

FedEx Overnight shipping is the fastest shipping option offered by FedEx for time-sensitive deliveries. With FedEx Overnight shipping, packages are guaranteed to arrive by a specific delivery deadline on the next business day, as long as they are shipped before the cutoff time.

For example, a package shipped on Monday using FedEx Overnight before the shipping cutoff time will arrive on Tuesday by the guaranteed delivery time. The delivery time guarantee varies based on the destination zip code.

FedEx Overnight shipping is ideal for:

  • Critical business documents
  • Parts and supplies to avoid production shutdowns
  • Items needed for an event like a conference or wedding
  • Gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

With FedEx Overnight shipping, you can ship almost any package up to 150 lbs and 108 inches in combined length and girth.

What are the FedEx Overnight Shipping Deadlines?

To receive next-business-day delivery with FedEx Overnight shipping, you must ship your package before the cutoff time at the FedEx location. The exact FedEx Overnight shipping deadlines vary by destination and pickup/drop-off location.

Some common FedEx Overnight shipping deadlines are:

  • Drop off at FedEx Office or FedEx Ship Center – By 7 PM local time
  • Dropoff at FedEx Onsite location – By 8 PM local time
  • Pickup arranged with FedEx – Check pickup cutoff time
  • FedEx SmartPost – By 5 PM local time

During peak holiday shipping times like Christmas, these deadlines are often earlier so double check with FedEx for exact times.

You can find the exact FedEx Overnight deadline for your destination by checking on the FedEx website or contacting your local FedEx office.

What Days Does FedEx Deliver Overnight Packages?

FedEx Overnight packages are delivered by the next business day, Monday through Friday, to most addresses in the United States. No deliveries are made on weekends or major U.S. holidays.

Here are the details on FedEx Overnight business days and holidays:

  • Monday through Friday are considered business days
  • No Saturday or Sunday delivery
  • No delivery on major U.S. holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, etc.
  • Packages are delivered the next business day after a holiday
  • Delivery guarantee is suspended during inclement weather

So if you ship a FedEx Overnight package on a Friday, it will arrive on Monday, unless Monday is a holiday. Then it would arrive on Tuesday.

How Much Does FedEx Overnight Shipping Cost?

FedEx Overnight shipping rates vary based on factors like:

  • Package weight
  • Distance and destination
  • Package dimensions and size
  • Drop-off time
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Residential vs. commercial delivery

On average, FedEx Overnight shipping costs between $20 to $150+ within the U.S., depending on the above factors. Higher weight packages and longer distances will increase the shipping cost. Fuel surcharges also apply.

Here are some examples of FedEx Overnight shipping rates:

Package Weight Zone Rate*
5 lbs 2 (up to 150 miles) $25
15 lbs 4 (201-600 miles) $60
40 lbs 8 (1801+ miles) $150

*Rates are estimates only

Discounts are available for frequent FedEx shippers. You can get an exact FedEx Overnight quote by entering details on the FedEx website or at a FedEx location.

Key FedEx Overnight Shipping Facts

Here are some key facts about FedEx Overnight shipping:

  • Guaranteed next business day delivery by 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 12 PM or 3 PM depending on destination
  • Ships Monday – Friday, not weekends or holidays
  • Deadline to ship is between 5-8 PM in your area
  • Packages up to 150 lbs and 108 inches combined
  • Delivery by noon is available for an extra fee
  • Real-time package tracking available
  • No residential delivery guarantee for some locations like rural areas
  • Highest rates of all FedEx express services
  • Fuel surcharge applies
  • Discounts available for high volume shippers

Does FedEx Deliver the Same Day?

FedEx does not offer routine same-day delivery service. If you need a package delivered the same day, FedEx offers a SameDay service in select areas for urgent shipments:

  • FedEx SameDay City – Door-to-door delivery within hours in select metro areas
  • FedEx SameDay – Within hours between businesses with some residential delivery

To check FedEx SameDay availability and pricing, you need to get a real-time quote on their website or from a FedEx location. SameDay delivery has limited availability and high rates.

If you need quick within hours delivery, UPS also offers same day delivery in many areas. To get reliable same day delivery, look for couriers like Instacart or check with local courier services.

Does FedEx Deliver on Weekends?

No, FedEx does not offer routine weekend delivery. FedEx Overnight and other FedEx express services only deliver Monday through Friday. No residential or commercial packages are delivered on Saturdays or Sundays.

There are a few exceptions where FedEx may deliver on weekends:

  • If a package was supposed to be delivered on a Friday but was delayed, they may attempt weekend delivery
  • For an extra fee, you can request special weekend delivery in some areas
  • Certain FedEx Custom Critical deliveries may occur any day of the week

For the vast majority of shipments, however, you can only expect FedEx deliveries Monday through Friday. If you need weekend delivery, check with UPS or a local courier for availability.

Does FedEx Deliver on Holidays?

FedEx does not make routine deliveries on major U.S. holidays. These include holidays like:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Some exceptions where limited FedEx service may be available on holidays:

  • If a package was supposed to be delivered before a holiday but delayed
  • Critical or emergency medical deliveries through FedEx Custom Critical
  • Extra fee holiday pickups for FedEx Express services in some areas

But in general, no regular FedEx deliveries on major U.S. holidays. Packages are delivered the next business day.

Other Holiday Considerations

During the holiday peak shipping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, FedEx has adjusted service. It’s important to check for:

  • Earlier holiday shipping deadlines
  • Higher rates due to volume
  • More limited delivery guarantees
  • Closures on certain holidays like Christmas Eve

Check FedEx for any service advisories before shipping during the holidays to avoid issues.

Does FedEx Deliver to PO Boxes?

FedEx generally does not deliver to U.S. Post Office P.O. boxes. If you want to ship to a P.O. box, you need to use USPS Priority Mail Express or USPS Priority Mail.

There are a few exceptions where FedEx may deliver to P.O. boxes:

  • FedEx Custom Critical – For urgent critical items
  • FedEx First Overnight – Next day by 8 AM for an extra fee
  • FedEx International MailService – From U.S. to PO boxes overseas
  • FedEx SmartPost – Final USPS delivery to PO box

Outside of these situations, you need to use a physical address for FedEx shipments, not just a P.O. box number.

Alternatives to FedEx Overnight Shipping

If you need a fast shipping option but FedEx Overnight isn’t right for your needs, here are a few alternatives to consider:

  • UPS Next Day Air – Similar next day by 9 AM delivery from UPS
  • UPS Same Day – Within hours delivery available in many areas
  • USPS Priority Express – Next day shipping; often cheaper but slower than FedEx
  • DHL Express – International express delivery services
  • Local Courier – Within hours delivery when speed is critical
  • FedEx 2 Day – 2 business day delivery is much more affordable
  • Ground Shipping – Cheapest/slowest for less urgent packages

Compare all options to find the best match of speed and affordability for your specific shipping needs.

Key Things to Know About FedEx Overnight Delivery

Here are some key things to remember about FedEx Overnight shipping:

  • Guaranteed next business day delivery by early/mid-day
  • Monday through Friday, no weekends or holidays
  • Ships from most FedEx locations if sent by cutoff time
  • Heavier packages can be expensive to ship overnight
  • Get exact quotes online or at local FedEx
  • Fuel surcharges apply to FedEx Overnight
  • No delivery to P.O. boxes allowed
  • UPS, USPS have next day air options as well
  • Local couriers an option for same day urgent delivery

With proper planning and meeting deadlines, FedEx Overnight shipping is a fast, reliable choice for critical business packages and documents needing to arrive the next business day.


FedEx Overnight shipping is the best option when you need a package to arrive early the next business day. By shipping before the FedEx Overnight deadline in your area, you can have confidence your package will get to its destination on-time.

Be aware that FedEx Overnight does not operate on weekends or major U.S. holidays. There are also some restrictions like not delivering to P.O. boxes. Check FedEx for exact delivery guarantees, restrictions and quotes in your area.

If you need same day delivery or service on weekends, other courier options like UPS Same Day or USPS Priority Express may be able to assist. But for reliable next business day early delivery across the country, FedEx Overnight is an excellent choice.

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